What is the Admission Process in Top 3 Indian International Schools of Abu Dhabi?

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Jan 27, 2023
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The number of Indian expatriates is growing in Abu Dhabi as more and more Indians are relocating in search of better job opportunities and better education for their children. Therefore, many top-notch schools have been started in the recent decade in Abu Dhabi. New methods of teaching mathematics and science have been introduced, and more activity-based learning has been adopted. 

Also, due to the closer political connection between India and the gulf it is easier for Indian expats to settle down in Abu Dhabi. Many Malayalees, Tamilians, Gujaratis, and North Indians are already citizens of the UAE. And for this diverse community, the process of admission in Abu Dhabi’s Indian schools has been made easier. The admission is so simple that any parent can comprehend quickly and have their child enrolled easily. 

Read on this list to know the admission process in the most reputed schools in Abu Dhabi

Enrollment Requirements

As mentioned earlier, since parents from across the globe are seeking admission in Abu Dhabi city, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge has adopted specific guidelines for the enrollment of students in private schools.


Here are the rules and primary requirements that need to be considered while applying for admission to an Indian International school in Abu Dhabi

Students of any race, ethnicity, or gender are entitled to apply to the school. 

The parents and guardians are allowed to visit the school before registration. 

If the parents/guardians wish to re-enrol the student for the next school year, the school must accept the application. Unless the rejection of the application is justified by the student’s behavioural problem. 

Schools should accept kindergarten students (KG-1 or KG-2), without conducting placement tests or interviews.

Students applying for admission from first grade to twelfth grade need to take placement tests and interviews for assessment of their performance. 

Documents required for registration 

Parents or guardians must submit a registration form containing the complete contact details of the student and parents/guardians. The basic details required: Full name in Arabic and English, nationality, date and place of birth, and address.

Emirates ID card. 

In the global pandemic situation, even a vaccination card or medical record is required. 

In the case of students transferring from another school, the academic reports of documents of previous years are necessary.

Any other documents deemed necessary by the school. 

Admission process for Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

At GIIS, the admission process is made much easier for parents and guardians. We know the hassle, so we don’t want you to sweat for your child’s admission. So we keep it straightforward. 

The registration process starts in August and ends in January every year. The school has a four-step admission process that is easy to follow: 

Step 1: Apply online by filling up the form and submitting the required documents. 

Step 2: Counselling and Assessment, a session with the students to understand how prepared they are for academics, co-curricular activities, and collaboration with global students.  

Step 3: Registration Fee Payment, which confirms a seat for your children. This fee is non-refundable. 

You can reach out for admission queries to our kind staff. They’ll guide you at every step of the admission process in Global Indian International School. 

Send your questions at admissions.abudhabi@globalindianschool.org, or make a phone call at +971 54 995 3456, or +971 52 218 1585.

Studying at GIIS, Abu Dhabi

GIIS is undoubtedly one of the best Indian International schools in Abu Dhabi. Our school has several technologically advanced facilities like Robotics, Audio-Visual rooms, and GCIE (Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship). We have specialized pre-primary classrooms, a swimming pool for kids too, with individual practise rooms for better concentration, and choir rooms as well!


We love watching children playing with one another and participating confidently in school programmes. We also have indoor sports rooms, math labs, craft labs, and advanced science labs. Our school is firm in values and beliefs and we continue to instil moral values in children since their day one at school. 

Kindergarten students have a unique curriculum called GMP (Global Montessori Plus), a program customized by Maria Montessori, a world-renowned teaching method that involves learning in creative and innovative ways. GIIS follows the Indian CBSE curriculum and we have won multiple awards over the years for our dedication and organisational abilities. 

The first step taken towards educating a child is very crucial—and simple too! That’s why we help parents by saving their time and relieving them from the stress of researching the admission process. 

So take the first step, fill up the registration form at, https://abudhabi.globalindianschool.org/admissions/admissions-process

We’re here to bring out the best in your child—for now, and forever!

GIIS communications team

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