Scholarships  at GIIS Abu Dhabi

We are Global Indian International School: An international school in Dubai. At GIIS, we have introduced various GIIS scholarship awards for school students who have proven their mettle in academics and other fields such as science, sports, leadership, visual and performing arts, community service, etc.

Aligning with our vision to become a ‘School of Tomorrow’, we have carefully designed scholarship programs to encourage, harness, and promote the talent of:

1) Academically distinguished students.
2) Students with a scientific temperament who have shown promising signs of scientific brilliance and innovation.
3) Students who have achieved great heights in all other fields as described in the scholarships we have mentioned below.

Eligibility for Students to Achieve Scholarship

The Global Indian International School scholarship awards are open to all students. Every student who meets the scholarship criteria is eligible to apply for it. We believe in promoting healthy competition amongst our students and are always open to rewarding high school scholarships to the most fitting and deserving candidates.