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We offer an extensive primary schooling curricula that introduces our students to superior learning opportunities.

Grade 1-5
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Created for the overall development of the students through ingenious teaching and learning methodologies.

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Primary schooling in Abu Dhabi

Children need a strong foundation during their primary education to prepare them for the challenges of international education in the future. The primary education system in Abu Dhabi offers a curriculum that lays the groundwork for those students who may wish to follow different branches of education in their future. Highly qualified primary school faculty make brilliant use of contemporary facilities to provide students with international standards of education in their primary years and prepare them for a bright future.

CBSE Primary Programme

One of the most favoured disciplines of study for Indian and International students is CBSE. The Abu Dhabi Primary School is a frontrunner in offering the CBSE curriculum with the help of their highly skilled faculty and top-class facilities.

Alongside our best primary schooling curriculum, we offer our students a wide range of co-curricular activities that help them hone their innate talents and also acquire new skills that help in an all-round cognitive development. With equal importance given to the languages as well as Mathematics and the Science stream, the Abu Dhabi Primary School finds favour amongst International students pursuing CBSE education at the primary school level.

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We give equal importance to the performance of students of every grade. This makes the GIIS one of the top primary schools in Abu Dhabi. We are proud to announce that our students have been obtaining top ranks as well as admissions in some of the leading universities around the world.

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Why Parents forechoose Abu Dhabi Primary School

Academics and Teachers

Our well-experienced educators are proficient in the international primary school set-up. Their expertise in their subject areas as well as the disposition required to deal with students who need their attention and counsel makes them on par with only the best. They keep themselves abreast of the latest teaching methods through courses and workshops. They are highly skilled to impart knowledge in an international environment.

Spiral Learning Method

We follow a unique approach to teach the varied subjects and the related concepts. We use the Spiral Learning Method that rises in the form of a spiral structure. The concepts we introduce at our institution grow higher and deeper as the students move to higher grades. This method helps our students become better learners and ensures a high-quality education.

Bridge Programme

Our primary school admissions in Abu Dhabi are open throughout the year. For students who join us in the middle of an academic year, we offer the unique Bridge Programme that helps them cope with the syllabus and catch up with their classmates. Our well-trained faculty at GIIS offers the necessary guidance and support to students and help them to be at par with the rest of their class-fellows within a limited time period.

Add-Ons - Value Added Programmes

Our primary school students are provided with excellent opportunities for a strong foundation that inculcates in them the purpose of life with the help of valuable programmes specially created for young students.

The exceptional STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Hey Math! Programmes help our students research the subject concepts through active participation and hone their mathematical skills with the help of technology. This unique program reinforces their learning potential and builds their critical and analytical thinking capabilities.

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Parent Testimonials

GIIS Testimonial - Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney
"The schools emphasis on fair competition and recognising talent has instilled confidence in my son to excel."
Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto

What our Parents Have to Say

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Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities

At the best primary school in Abu Dhabi, we aim at overall development and growth of young children by providing excellent opportunities that stimulate them physically, mentally and intellectually. Our exceptional range of ECA and CCA promote a healthy competitive personality amongst the students that further creates confident, intelligent and creative citizens for the future.

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