International Secondary School Curriculum in Abu Dhabi

Our Middle Years Programme focuses on the cognitive, emotional and spiritual development of 11 to 14 year-olds.

Our Secondary School is more than the sum of its parts - which include a comprehensive curricula, assessments, value-added programmes, events and many other array of activities, that allow students to grow into well-rounded individuals.

The Secondary School also fosters 21st century skills preparing the students for their journey towards university.


We follow the Central Board of Secondary Education Programme - a respected and rigorous curriculum which is designed to challenge and stimulate student growth to help them reach the highest standards of their achievement.

By introducing technology in education, we are giving our students larger canvas to paint their educational story and develop a depth of knowledge across the spectrum, even while ensuring that universal values and ethics are instilled in the right amount through tenets of morality and tolerance, so that they make meaningful contributions to the society.

Academic Support Activities

GIIS Academic Support Activities

We aim to build a rapport between teachers and students to provide an ideal learning environment which is interactive and holistic. The variety of academic and activity-based programmes we provide enrich our students' values and knowledge.

It includes everything from theme-based morning assemblies which dwell on topics of national and international importance; Leadership Lecture Series wherein students interact with industry experts and famous personalities for inspiration and drive; competitions and field-trips which encourage healthy rivalry and help physical, mental and spiritual growth; and lastly  inter-house activities which emphasise programmes that nurture holistic development of students.

These exposures within and outside the classroom help students explore new areas of learning.

Bridge Programme

Our Bridge Programme is an important feature which allows our students to start at any time during the school term and receive the assistance they need to catch up with their peers. Rest assured that your child will be learning with his/her classmates as quickly as possible.

This specialised programme exists to help students of all grade levels make up for lost time, complete important lessons and classwork, and catch up academically with their regular class.

Add-ons - Value Added Programmes (GCIE)

Our academic add-ons are programmes that give additional boosts to a student's learning curve through targeted studies, helping them focus on additional areas and concepts at no extra cost.

We provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) related material that helps students understand key concepts in the subject by creating working models of these concepts; use online tools like HeyMath! to hone their mathematical skills and conduct detailed assessments through which the teachers understand every child’s strengths and weakness in particular subjects.

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2019 CBSE 10 Result Comparison


% of students scoring 90% and above


School Average


Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) include honing inherent skills in students like performing arts, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. These activities balance the learning environment in the school and allow students to be well-rounded individuals who can excel at anything, and be ready to face the world as global citizens. There are also course enrichment activities conducted in class after each concept (like quizzes, group projects or short tests).




Table tennis





Co-Curricular Activities

For our students, the rigour of academics is well-balanced by proper exposure to sports through Co-curricular activities, physical education and a Cricket Academy.




External Examination Assessments & Achievements

Assessment in the secondary school is based on the assessment policy of CBSE.

Students take the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education at the end of Grade X.

We provide our students various platforms to improve and polish the knowledge gained in classrooms.

We work in conjunction with reputed national and international educational organisations to facilitate student participation in various exams as per their choice and interest. There are Reading Assessments, Olympiads in Math, English, Cyber, Science etc., ASSET, PISA, Detailed Assessment, Question a Day etc.

Our emphasis on external examination for every student from Grade 1 onwards for Science, Math and English is to ensure that the students get something extra in their learning journey to strengthen their academic foundation.

Communication and Interaction

We make sure that parents are involved in the education and growth of their children at every step.

All information about the student is shared with the parent through our customised portal - myGIIS - which acts as a communication platform between the two sides. Apart from this stay updated with:
• Classroom Dojo
• School Website and Facebook

Newsletters and emails are sent periodically, while each parental query is responded to within 24 hours – unless it is punctuated by a weekend, public holiday or vacation.

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9 GEMS(TM) Holistic Educational Framework

Over and above academic excellence, our award-winning 9GEMS framework promotes values like discipline, creativity, sportsmanship, leadership and respect – many based on universally admired teachings.

This enriched learning experience helps develop our students into refined, morally upstanding citizens of the world; and better prepares them for the myriad challenges of their adult lives.

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Intra-School & Inter-School Events

"Intra-School & Inter-School Events "

School events are a good platform to showcase students' talents and abilities. Which is why we encourage everyone to participate in all events conducted in the school like Annual Day, Sports Day, Overnight Camps, Curiosity Month etc.

We believe that no child should be left behind, and should be given equal and all opportunities to prove and improve themselves. Many programmes are introduced under House activities each week, which are a way for students to express themselves through performances, activities or projects.

Problem Solving Ability Development through action research:

Every class from Grade 1 onwards would form an action research  which will have every student of the class as its member. Each quality circle will identify a problem or area for improvement and work on it with a systematic plan.

STEM & Design Technology

In this age of digital transformation, our aim is to create opportunities for students to enhance their science, maths and creative skills, to prepare them well for new-age challenges.

We offer the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme to enhance their scientific and innovation skills. These programmes are integrated with regular concepts which are taught in the curriculum.

Our Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a specially created space to develop leadership skills in students, give them the opportunity to learn new things, think out of the box, create products using their skills in  science, math and creativity.

Gifted & Talented

High performing students, who are especially gifted in scholastic and co-scholastic terms, are treated as Gifted and Talented. Under this programme, students are provided with Advanced Learning Plans to help stimulate their genius.

Heartfulness Meditation

All students from Grades 1 to 11 practice Heartfulness Meditation and Relaxation session for 10 minutes on a daily basis to help them relax and improve their attention and concentration abilities.


Inclusive education is what we strive to provide. Which is why students with mild to moderate special needs are also provided with placements and treated without discrimination.

Special provisions and additional support is provided wherever required, but overall the student is involved in all daily school activities as much as possible.

Assessment Designs

Periodic Test 1 – 20 marks per subject covering about 25% of syllabus.
- Half Yearly Examination – 80 marks per subject covering about 50 % of syllabus.
- Periodic Test 2 – 20 marks per subject covering about 25% of remaining syllabus.
- Final Examination – 80 marks per subject covering 100% of Term 2 and 10 to 30% of term 1 syllabus.

GRADES 9-10:
- Pre mid-term – 20 marks per subject covering about 25% of syllabus
- Mid-term test – 80 marks per subject covering about 50 % about of syllabus
- Post mid-term – 20 marks per subject covering about 25% of remaining syllabus
- Final examination – 80 marks per subject covering 100% of syllabus