Safety  and Security System
at GIIS Abu Dhabi

Running a large school campus in Abu Dhabi with more than 3500 students is a huge responsibility which comes with its own set of challenges.

GIIS has taken adequate measures to ensure that students and teachers have adequate layers of security from the moment they enter the campus to the time they leave. Each level is a combination of the traditional and the modern, and has been implemented after proper thought and consideration.

Secured Entry and Exits

A traditional guard house is the first and basic level of security in our campuses which keeps vigil 24x7 at the gates, regulating the entry and flow of visitors into the premises.

Besides this, biometrics-operated turnstiles have been installed at all the gates around the campus to ensure that only authorised persons enter with proper identification. The turnstiles work only on tapping of the specially-made identification card for all staff and students. This ensures that all the gates are monitored at all times.
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Facial Recognition

This feature has been introduced keeping the students at the heart of our design philosophy as well as the safety of students.

A futuristic international school in Abu Dhabi needs modern infrastructure to ensure the job is done on an accurate scale. Installing facial recognition machines solves two purposes: Students, of GIIS Abu Dhabi, can mark their attendance with Facial Recognition, while their digital footprint ensures that the school knows where they are in the premises.

It also ensures that the classroom doors are secure and cannot be accessed by outsiders who are not recognised by the facial machines. The machines thus serve as a locking system for classrooms.

Identification Cards

The traditional Identification Cards are a third layer of security in the campus. Our teams at the best school in Abu Dhabi have created the NextGen Smart Cards which combine the latest biometric and facial technologies to provide highly safe, secure and seamless digital experience.

Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi ‘side notification system also allows students to carry out digital transactions using the ID card like tapping for daily attendance in the classroom, access to special studios and cashless payments for food and beverages at all the cafeterias around the campus.

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GIIS Abu Dhabi Identification Cards

More than 300 access control points are placed around the campus with more than 150 facial recognition systems in place for internal access.

Closed Circuit Security Cameras

More than 600 CCTV cameras have been deployed across the campus, including at all entry-exit points, which monitor in-campus movements round the clock.

The security cameras  are a higher level of safety for students of Global Indian International School, and their belongings, monitoring the movement of visitors in the campus as well as of the students. Cameras are also present inside the classrooms.

Such level of vigilance at Indian schools of Abu Dhabi, ensures that the students feel a sense of security once they enter the campus and the parents can be rest assured that all events and activity in the campus will be monitored.

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