Why should parents consider an Indian International School for their children in Abu Dhabi?

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Jun 21, 2021
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Today’s world demands a lot more from young school students than it did two decades ago. These days, children are not only expected to have a good command over academic disciplines but also over non-academic subjects. 

While it’s good for students to achieve all-around development of their knowledge base, skills, values and personality, it’s also necessary that they are taught in the right learning environment to ensure that their attitude towards learning remains bright and positive. 

While an international school would be beneficial in matching up to these expectations, Indian parents living in Abu Dhabi ought to ensure that they have done their research before zeroing in on the right school for their children that also equips them with Indian values. Let’s proceed by first understanding the educational landscape in Abu Dhabi.

International Schools in Abu Dhabi

A high number of expatriates have settled in the city of Abu Dhabi. With over 28% being Indian, there are a number of international schools that provide education with just the right mix of global and Indian values for the city’s large Indian population. 

However, by virtue of being surrounded by people from 200 nationalities, these international schools are well-versed with offering education that takes into account the vast diversity of cultures seen in Abu Dhabi. 

In fact, securing admission into one of these schools can help Indian parents ensure that their children are driven by a value-added curriculum that helps them succeed beyond the school environment. Given below are the benefits of sending your children to an Indian International school.

Benefits of choosing an Indian International School:

1. Modern curricula

The world has changed a lot more in the first twenty years of this century than it did in the entire 20th century. Therefore, it is important that parents send their children to a school that has an adaptive curriculum that evolves with the times. 

The educational frameworks relied upon in International schools are always adapting to include the latest advancements made not only in academic subjects but in extra-curricular activities too. At Indian schools, the CBSE programme devised by India’s board of education is one of the several curricula that is implemented. This curriculum ensures that students study rigorously while also developing their skillsets.

2. Highly-trained teachers

The recruitment of teachers in international schools is subjected to high standards of analysis. From the teacher’s academic background to their proficiency in imparting knowledge to wide-ranging personalities of children observed in a classroom, everything is scrutinized to make sure that the teaching staff is able to educate children while also following methodologies that are synonymous with the school’s philosophy. 

In Indian International schools, teachers having an Indian background make it possible for them to teach children more efficiently. They are able to communicate the problems being taught in class with contextual examples that can easily be understood by Indian children.

3. State-of-the-art infrastructure

In a city like Abu Dhabi, the quality of infrastructure is considered to be one of the very best among cities across the world. So whether it be an Indian international school or an American international school, the infrastructure for learning adheres to Abu Dhabi’s world-class standards. 

In most of these schools, the educational campus is built to harness the benefits of the latest technology. One such example is the use of facial recognition techniques that students can use to mark their attendance and it also helps the school know the individual location of students on its premises.

4. Access to International opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an international school is that students are well-versed with the diverse cultures seen across the world owing to the diverse community they grow up with, in their classrooms. The wide range of academic and non-academic teachings prepares children to be a contributing member of any region in the world as their skills and base of knowledge have prepared them to be self-reliant in every aspect. 

Furthermore, the CBSE curriculum implemented in Indian schools unlocks access to international opportunities as premier universities in every corner of the world consider this curriculum to be one of the most robust learning programmes. 

Apart from the access to opportunities provided by the globally-accepted curriculum, the values inculcated in the environment of an Indian International school help students be compassionate, non-confrontative individuals and this works wonders in helping them gel well with people anywhere they choose to go.

How can parents enrol their children into Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi?

Once you have decided about a prospective school, parents can fill up the enquiry form that is available on the school website. The parents will be contacted by members of the admission department where they can learn more about everything that the school has to offer. After having their queries answered, parents can visit the campus in person or schedule a virtual counselling session to explore the facilities that the school provides to all its students. 

An assessment round is taken for the children to understand factors like the apt level they need to be enrolled in. Once done with these steps, parents can then submit the application form provided to them along with the payment of fees for the first term of the respective academic year. The final step involves submitting all the necessary documents that are needed for record-keeping purposes before the child can finally start attending school.

And also check the information about Indian International school fees in the school’s website before you make a final decision.


To summarise, parents in Abu Dhabi ought to avail the best education for their children that is backed by a high-quality educational framework. If their children are to be prepared to be successful members of the global community, then choosing a school that focuses on imparting holistic education is very necessary.

GIIS communications team

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