An In-depth Guide to Choosing the Best CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

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Dec 2, 2021
CBSE School
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Abu Dhabi is one of the top centers for education in the United Arab Emirates. It is the capital city of a country that has deemed education as the fundamental right of every citizen. The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge is responsible for all educational initiatives and offers the best quality education with curricula that are recognized throughout the world.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the curricula followed by many international schools in Abu Dhabi. Developed in India, this curriculum follows a practical approach to education and aims at the holistic development of the students.

With an equal focus on academics and extracurricular activities, it offers a wide array of opportunities to build a strong foundation for the brilliant future of every student.

For citizens of Abu Dhabi as well as expats, choosing the ideal school can be a tough proposition. However, one of the simplest ways to decide is by opting for a school that follows the CBSE curriculum.

CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi are some of the best institutions for children. Right from Montessori to the higher secondary section, these schools focus on the students and their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Here is an in-depth guide to choosing the best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi.


Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution. Teachers, who are passionate about their duty towards their students and instilling the right values in their students, are the most important aspect of a child’s educational journey.

Without the ceaseless support and unconditional love of their teachers, students will find it difficult to navigate their academic journey. Highly qualified and well-trained teachers not only impart knowledge but also inspire and encourage their students to follow their dreams and fulfill their goals.

Teachers at the best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi ensure individual attention to their students. They motivate their students to give their best in every endeavor and cheer them up throughout their journey.

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The curriculum followed in the top CBSE school in Abu Dhabi is tailor-made for the overall growth and development of the students. Academic performance is of great importance to these schools, but the happiness quotient of their students matters the most to these institutions.

The CBSE curriculum follows a practical approach to education and does not approve of rote learning. Students are encouraged to think independently, analyze, and apply the concepts for better understanding. They are inspired to freely express their ideas and opinions, which helps them assimilate the concepts, boosts their reasoning skills, and also increases their confidence.

The CBSE subjects include History, Geography, Mathematics, Applied Sciences, and Technology, And the extracurricular activities include Humanities, Performing Arts, Sports, and Physical Education. Students are encouraged to choose their paths based on their capabilities and interests. This freedom kindles curiosity in young minds and develops a life-long love for learning.

Academic Success

One of the easiest ways to pick the best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi is to observe the academic success of the students. When students perform brilliantly, it reflects on the happy and motivating environment of the school. It also depicts the stimulating relationship between the teachers and the students.

Extraordinary results of a school also speak of a relaxed atmosphere, where students are not burdened by the need to perform but encouraged to simply do their best.

A curriculum that instills confidence and develops a love for learning and exploring generates such excellent results. All of it goes to prove that exceptional academic success is one of the benchmarks of an ideal school.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular and co-curricular activities need special mention in this in-depth guide to choosing the best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi. Without these activities, the academic life of students would be incomplete.

CBSE is a curriculum that gives great importance to activities beyond academics. It follows the old proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities evoke happiness and enthusiasm in children. With participation in these activities being mandatory, every child gets an opportunity to participate and discover their latent skills.

Be it the performing arts, sports, or creative activities, students are exposed to various experiences. These activities also teach students the importance of teamwork, brotherhood, and sportsmanship.

Furthermore, extracurricular activities open doors to multiple opportunities and vocations to consider as careers in their future life. This is how the top CBSE school in Abu Dhabi works towards the holistic development of its students.


Tuition fees can often make education unaffordable to many parents. And that is why the best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi offers scholarships to its deserving students. These scholarships ease the financial burden of the parents and offer students the confidence to keep going on their chosen paths. It takes away a lot of stress and gives the students the freedom to concentrate on their studies.


The facilities offered by an educational institution are also an important yardstick to consider when selecting the right school for children. The top CBSE school in Abu Dhabi has a modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities for today’s generation. Well-designed interiors, spacious outdoors, modern technology for efficient functioning, and a multicultural environment are ideal for the students to study and explore their talents.

The safety and security of students and the staff are of utmost importance, too. Choose a school that follows modern safety methods to ensure the wellbeing of its stakeholders. Providing an extra layer of security is of great importance to a place that is like a second home to children.


When selecting an ideal school, it is important to consider all the above factors. Each being an important part of a child’s academic journey, one can’t be more careful. Excellent academic success is the touchstone of a school’s standard. But the infrastructure of a school plays an important role, too.

Highly trained faculty, curriculum, and extracurricular activities, all play a part in the success of a school as well as a child’s academic experience. Therefore, parents must consider every aspect before making the final decision.

GIIS communications team

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