How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of KG School

GIIS communications team
Dec 2, 2021

While there is a lot of excitement prior to the beginning of every new school year, the first day of kindergarten can be extremely overwhelming for both the child and parents. The first day of KG school is one of the biggest milestones in a child’s academic life.

With the schools going virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first day of nursery school can be even more exciting and memorable now.

Be it a real classroom or an online session, there are a lot of ways that will help parents to prepare their kids for the first day of KG school.

Visit the School & Try Meeting the Class Teacher

It is important that you let your child get familiar with the school building and the teachers. If your kid has been to the school before along with you, it would make them cope better on their initial days of school as they would be familiar with at least the school building.

New places can often be scary for children if they aren’t accompanied by their parents. Meeting the teacher would help them find a familiar face while being in a group of strangers.

Attend the Orientation (if any)

Most of the nursery schools in Abu Dhabi offer orientation for parents and children so that children can get acquainted with other students and teachers. The orientation may also include a short school tour which will prove beneficial for the child. Moreover, parents can also learn about what to expect and what their child’s day will entail.

Read Good Books a Night Before

Kids may have anxiety a night prior to their first day. They may get worried about making friends, fitting in, and finding their way to the washroom. Books can help in soothing those worries and can prove to be one of the best ways to prepare kids for the first day of school.

Some of the recommended books are The Night Before Preschool, The Kissing Hand, and Wemberly Worried. These books will help in calming down the jitters among the toddlers prior to their first day in KG school.

Practice Getting Ready

Let’s face it, the pandemic has made all of us lazy. Most of us have lost track of our regular schedule and just laze around in our pyjamas all day. It’s the same for our kids too. Therefore, it is important to start practising waking up early at least a week prior to the beginning of kindergarten.

Wake up the kids at least 2 hours prior to school time so they have ample time to get ready, eat breakfast, throw a tantrum or two, and reach school on time. Your child may take some time to adjust to the new busy morning schedule.

The key to making your child comfortable with the whole experience is by focussing on making the unknown known as far as possible.

Make Them Learn Basic Skills

Children learn basic skills in kindergarten. Nursery school is where life-long habits form. But it is always best to prepare them beforehand so that it gets easier for them.

Research suggests that children who have already mastered a few basic skills feel more comfortable among their peers. Indulge in a colouring game with your kid or count numbers in a fun way with them. This will ignite curiosity among them, while also encouraging them to look forward to the new upcoming chapter of their life.

Ask for Their Food Preference

Ask your child what they would like to take for lunch with them to school. Make their favourite dish for the first day so that they look forward to it. You could make this even more fun by taking your child grocery shopping and buying their favourite things. You could also put in a surprise snack for them to feel that going to school can be really fun.

Be Prepared for Some Tears

Many children cry when their parents drop them off at the school’s gate. It is natural. But it is important to deal with the situation maturely and not get carried away with your child’s emotions or your child may make this a habit to seek attention.

Console them quickly and tell them you will be there to pick them up after school hours, leaving the rest for the teachers to take care of. Your child will soon forget about it once he/she gets inside the school and sees new things and people.

Go School Shopping

Nothing makes kids more excited than the word shopping. Let them choose their own school bag, pencil box, lunch box, water bottle, and stationery items. This will make them feel important and special.

Rehearse Self-Care Skills

Young children should know how to take care of themselves when they are in school. This includes dressing, washing hands, going to the washroom, sneezing into a tissue or handkerchief, putting things into their bags, etc. Knowing these basic things would make your child more confident. Little kids can take care of themselves, we just need to show them how.

Give Them a Family Picture

Since you cannot be with your kids at school, a photo can help them relax. Although this isn’t necessary, having a family picture can be quite comforting for children. You can also make a small portable family album for your kid to carry along wherever they go.

Your kid’s first day at KG school should be a memorable experience for you and your little one. Remember to relax. If you’ll be happy and confident, your child will portray the same. So let your child explore the new learning environment and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

GIIS communications team

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