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Dec 24, 2020
Education Tips

A child’s education is something that parents are constantly worried about. In this age of success and thriving, education has taken the driver’s seat and thus it needs to be treated as such. It plays a crucial role and a big deciding factor for the future of these children. Education is paramount and there are debates about it. Everyone agrees to the fact that good and sound education is always beneficial in the long run. What parents suffer these days is, how to get their child into the habit of studying? And how will they be able to help in increasing the knowledge graph of their child?

If these are the questions that concern the parents then this article is for all those people who struggle with the same questions in their minds. Competition has become tougher than ever before and knowledge is the only key to keep a child on track for their future.

This article will act as a one-stop solution to raise the child’s knowledge and prepare them for the best future.

Make learning fun

It is rightly said that children learn better when they are taught in a fun and playful manner. Boring classrooms are a thing of the past and innovative technologies and ideas have taken the charge in today’s day and age. It is important for parents to find out ways where they can provide their children with fun activities where they can learn and play as well. A trip to a historical place, a ride to the nearest museum which speaks about history will teach the classroom subjects in a much better way. The school should take students on educational trips where they can actually learn and have fun at the same time. 


We are all living in the digital age and digitization has seeped into almost every aspect of our lives. It has become a part of our day to day activity thus, it is only wise to include digital technologies in studies as well. This will also act as a break from the monotony of classroom books and notebooks as well. Make use of software, videos, e-learning books, audio-books, podcasts to teach and increase the knowledge of the child. The internet has also blessed us with the resources where students can take online quizzes, and worksheets. 

This whole experience is very enriching and rewarding at the same time. Rather than the child spending long hours playing video games, the parents can encourage them to use their mobile devices and laptops to study. Visual and audio aids are one of the mushrooming ways in which a child can learn and develop their knowledge to a great extent. These audio and visual mediums create a much more interactive and a new way of learning.


The atmosphere created at home is very important. It is important for a parent to create an atmosphere that allows the child to study. Children should be encouraged to read, read, and read even more. This can be easily inculcated in them by creating a good reading space in the house. It is very important to develop the habit of reading from a very young age. Reading helps in developing a rich vocabulary, deepening their understanding and knowledge. Keep the house stocked with reading materials. It can range from magazines, classic books, comics, personal development books, and anything and everything that the family enjoys reading. It is also advisable that the entire family should regularly spend at least half an hour to an hour dedicated to reading. Children are good at picking up what they see their parents doing. So if the parent is engaging in reading habits on a daily basis, the child will pick up that habit very quickly.

The key here is to make the reading part fun and not frustrating for the children. It is good to give space and time for the children to develop the habit. Small and gradual steps will help in encouraging the child to read on a daily basis. Give the children the power to select what interests them.


Apart from the normal studies that a child does. It is also very important to indulge in various activities. Choosing an extracurricular activity according to their liking and preference will give them the flexibility to enhance their skills. Also in today’s time, activities play a very important role in a child’s overall development. Recruiters not only look at the academic credibility of the child but also at the extra activities they are taking part in. It is always good to have a hobby which they can brush up while in school and throughout their college life. This will help them lead a very happy and productive life ahead. It is important for a parent to guide their child through the learning process but it is also equally important to give the child the driving seat when they are on the learning path. Let the child choose what they like doing the most. It is a good idea to let them choose the activities which develop their liking.

Share enthusiasm

The child will get motivated if they see their parents enjoy learning something new. Learning should not be meant for a child to do. Learning does not come with an expiration date. People acquire skills and knowledge throughout their lives and thus it is only an advantage to always keep learning. It is always smart to stay right ahead of the curve. If the child sees their parents really interested in learning, they will also get motivated to do so. A trip together to the library once in a while, watching a documentary together, watching the news on TV together, reading newspapers, or writing a diary together. These can be really helpful in developing a love for learning. The parent should be a part of the new discoveries and ideas that the child makes. Being a part of the process will boost their confidence and make them perform even better. 

Focus on learning

More than focusing on grades, marks, and standings, it is better to focus more on how much the child is learning. So instead of asking about marks and scrutinizing them, ask about what they have learned in school that day. Explain to the child that marks do not matter more than learning something. Marks and other assessments cannot determine the knowledge one acquires. So, do not give a strong emphasis on marks. It is important to learn and understand which will help the child in the future. The child should know that they are not being watched at every step and they are allowed to make mistakes. That is how children learn.


Celebrating achievements no matter how small they are is very important. Allowing small rewards will push them to do better which in turn will improve their performance. Parents can reward their children by giving them a treat if they have achieved a certain goal, they can take them for a movie or a play day with their friends. These small acts of love and encouragement will boost the morale of the child in leaps and bounds. Children need constant encouragement and motivation to keep doing better which will help them to be on track. 

Focus on strengths 

Rather than discouraging the child from their weaknesses, it is always a better idea to focus on strengths. Focusing on strength is furthermore important in a child’s knowledge graph. It is a vital factor for them to develop emotionally, and academically. It is a form of positive reinforcement that pushes the child in a positive direction. This will motivate the child to keep learning and progressing. Everyone has their weaknesses and strengths and thus focusing more on the strengths will definitely yield better results in the future. 

Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi campus is one of the most renowned Indian schools in Abu Dhabi. With the school’s exemplary job at learning and teaching in innovative and new ways. This Indian school in Abu Dhabi truly believes that knowledge is king. With quality education and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the school offers holistic and overall development of the child. They prepare the children in such a way that they are at par with any international child in the world. The good school curriculum is the one that blends education with activities in a unique manner. They are prepared for the outside world from the beginning. They are taught the skills which are actively in demand in today’s society. With a blend of curriculum and innovation, GIIS proves to be a one-stop destination for a child and their parent to take the knowledge graph to the next level. 

Knowledge is the key to success and it is important to make children equipped with as much learning as possible. It is alright to not know everything, but it is important that what they know is absolutely perfect. Thus, by following these simple steps, one can help the knowledge graph of their children reach sky-high limits. 

GIIS communications team

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