How does International Indian School in Abu Dhabi ensure holistic growth through music education in children?

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

Being educated in music is like a gift that keeps on giving. From honing their singing skills, to choosing to learn how to play an instrument, the world of music has a match for every child. That being said, we also need to consider that a reliable, consistent and patient teacher is needed to help children learn the fundamentals of music. 

Owing to the many advantages that children stand to learn from music education, a number of schools have started incorporating music education as an integral part of their curriculum. Concerned parents have only the best interests of their young ones in mind. 

Therefore for such parents who are trying to  find an institute that is able to impart the right knowledge to their child is a very challenging task. 

This is because only the right support can help a child in identifying their potential for music based on their natural inclinations. Before we understand the many benefits that music education has to offer, let’s take a look at how Abu Dhabi has grown to provide the best international schools offering interdisciplinary education across subjects such as music.

Education in Abu Dhabi

The UAE’s Ministry of Education introduced a slew of reforms many years ago that focused on ensuring all-round development of children’s minds. These reforms were introduced with the primary understanding that providing holistic education leads to children having well-rounded personalities. When backed by their skills learnt in school, students can further become contributing members of the society. 

As the capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is home to a number of world-class educational institutes. With comprehensive curriculums to highly-learned teachers, top-notch schools in Abu Dhabi focus on imparting a variety of knowledge that equip students with all the necessary skills they need to take on the world. 

The quality infrastructure across campuses enables extra-curricular activities such as sports, literature and music to flourish in each and every individual. Listed below are a few advantages of gaining quality music education that can help parents understand the positive changes they can expect in their children’s growth.

Benefits of Music in Child Development:

1. Improves memory

One of the properties of music is that it sounds melodious through repetition. This function aids students in growing their capacity to learn as the principle of repetition slowly gets embedded into their subconscious. As a result, students are not only able to grow their ability to remember but they are also able to understand that the key to having a strong memory lies in practicing something with the same focus and concentration they use while learning music.

2. Enhances motor skills

When learning to play any instrument, children need to learn how to coordinate their hands, eyes and ears. For example, learning how to play the guitar not only needs a student to have an understanding of the various notes involved but also needs them to have better hand and eye coordination in order to play the right tune. 

In this way, their motor skills are continuously getting enhanced every time they practise playing music. With improved motor skills, the students' self-belief also increases as they are able to be in-charge of themselves and their instruments without having to rely on the help of their teachers all the time.

3. Teaches teamwork

Another aspect of music that assists children in learning social skills is that it encourages students to learn and collaborate with their peers to discover new genres or explore playing instruments together to learn new styles. 

As they go about participating in instrumental performances as a team, students start learning the importance of relying on their classmates to enhance the beauty of music. This aspect helps them learn the intricacies of forming enduring relationships in their future with people who can help them learn new ways to develop their own talents. 

4. Sparks creativity

The very nature of music as an art form is that it encourages divergent thinking among children. Children learn to be more creative in their daily life and are able to understand the difference between conventional and non-conventional ideas due to their exposure to different types of music. 

In fact, listening to the lyrics or paying attention to detail when playing any instrument ensures that children are actively on the look-out for something that is not part of their daily routine. Thus, they are able to understand concepts from a different point of view, get rid of their rigid thought process and find innovative solutions for problems.

5. Improves language skills

Learning music can have a significant impact on a child’s capacity to understand language. The highs and lows noticed in music’s rhythmic patterns help children get better at pronunciation as they are able to understand which syllables in a word need to be stressed in a certain way. It improves their rate of learning a language as music activates the same brain centres that are also used for language development.

6. Improves work ethics

Getting better at learning an instrument or improving one’s singing skills demands a lot of practice. As students are exposed to this need for consistency in putting efforts, they are able to understand the value of putting in the right amount of time to achieve quality results. 

As they keep practising daily, students are able to develop a strong, disciplined routine and are therefore able to manage their time better. This work ethic further plays a huge role in their life after school where they practically reap the benefits of having a solid work ethic.

The Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi is considered to be one of the best educational institutes in the city for its ever-improving curriculum and modern facilities. Led by a staff of extremely professional teachers, its educational framework is based on the award-winning 9GEMS programme. 

This framework successfully brings together various aspects of learning together such as academic learning, excellence in sports, focus on extracurricular activities, excellence in visual and performing arts, emphasis on personality development and more.

Music forms an integral part of this educational framework. In order to help students boost their creativity and focus on skill development through music education, GIIS is also home to the Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music. Here, GIIS has collaborated with renowned Indian Composer Shekhar Ravjiani to help students identify their musical talents and hone their skills. Equipped with music and radio studios, GIIS ensures that the best facilities are in place for all its students. 

Beyond singing or playing an instrument, this initiative also encourages children to learn the mixing of audio and composing so that they don’t miss out on the required knowledge any musician would need while pursuing their dreams. From offering personalised programmes to regularly scheduled student teacher interactions, this endeavour aims to unlock the hidden potential of every child to the fullest.


With a multitude of benefits, it’s safe to say that music education has positive effects on a student’s personality for the entirety of their life. Moreover, the need for highly-experienced teachers is also met in most premier educational campuses across Abu Dhabi. Therefore, parents can be confident that their children’s learning experience will be taken care of very well. Most concerned parents enrolling their young ones into such schools can remain assured that their child’s holistic development will always remain top priority.

GIIS communications team

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