Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE) at GIIS Abu Dhabi

Activities outside the curricula which helps in the physical and emotional development of students

MASTER - Next Generation Learning

The MASTER programme is aligned with empathetic innovation to develop solutions for real-life and future challenges through specialised topics.

Spark Island

Every week a challenge is put up for all students to solve and share their suggestions. It encourages brainstorming sessions, team collaborations, and problem-solving endeavours, fostering a culture of creativity among students.

Space Troopers Rocketry Club

This club is the perfect place for students to explore the wonders of the universe. From studying celestial bodies and understanding cosmic phenomena, the Space Troopers club helps students to discover the realms of astrophysics and space exploration. 

Global Beats Radio Station

Global beats helps develop media literacy in students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Run by talented student DJs, the station serves as a creative outlet for aspiring radio hosts, music producers, and sound engineers, honing their skills and passions.

Month of Curiosity

In this month-long celebration of curiosity, the entire campus becomes a showcase of innovation, debates, discussions and projects.


WINGS stands for Women Inspiring Next Generation STEAM. The club focuses on cultivating next-gen technology skills amongst the girls through workshops, training sessions and leadership lectures.

AI and Robotics towards future

This programme enables students to innovate and explore with MBots, Bee Bots, Artificial Intelligence, Arduino Learning, Coding, Robotics, Rocketry and the fundamental STEAM experiments.

Parent Engagement Workshops

We organise exclusive workshops that equip parents with innovative, digital, and entrepreneurial skills. These workshops are thoughtfully designed to provide valuable insights into the rapidly evolving world of technology, creativity, and business. 

Summer and Winter Camps

The summer and winter camps under GCIE are designed to provide a unique blend of entertainment and education. During these camps, students explore the fascinating world of innovation and entrepreneurship through hands-on activities, challenging projects, and interactive sessions.

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