Value Added Programmes

Adopting unique approaches to education is what we do best at GIIS., Rather than structuring the learning around a strict curriculum, our educators focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive and innovative citizens of tomorrow.

Our approach is to initiate specialised programmes across all campuses which empower students and teachers with  information, technology and assessment resources and becoming one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi

Value Added ProgrammesGIIS ABU DHABI Value Added Programmes

Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE)

Innovation is the calling card of the future. New ideas for innovation grow out of the minds of new generation. GCIE provided the students with a platform of wide range of resources and space to create and innovate their ideas into models revamping their curriculum into reality. Initially the project kicked off with simple STEM experiments which enabled the students to understand the basic fundamentals of science and math with hands on activities and visual experience.

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Project & Activity Based Learning

Project & Activity Based Learning

Project-based learning and activities are a great way for our students to have hands-on experience. We encourage collaboration, co-operation and research in our holistic educational framework, at Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi, which teaches our students the art of respecting different opinions and builds on their conflict management and presentation skills.

Reading Program

Our international programme is designed as a sequential reading programme that ensures each student in our Abu Dhabi international school, completes a set of 5 designated books in a year. This is interspersed with specific related tasks which ultimately culminate into a literary week. This helps students gain the ability to grasp text better and respond appropriately.

GIIS Abu Dhabi Reading Program

STEM Based Learning & Robotics

GIIS Abu Dhabi STEM Based Learning & Robotics

Our dedicated focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) helps foster a scientific temperament and give students' minds a logical bent. Robotics and model making lends itself to the applied and real-life problems found in project-based tasks. Students excelling in STEM subjects help us become one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi.

Integrated Technology in Learning

We believe in moving with the times, which is why we harness technology to enhance learning.. Having international-level software labs in Maths and English are a part of the academic infrastructure, while our emphasis on virtual classes gives students sitting in Abu Dhabi, a chance to learn from worldwide experts in the field. Tools like the Google Classroom and platforms like the Khan Academy tutorials, offering support to the Indian curriculum are put to best use.

GIIS Abu Dhabi Integrated Technology in Learning

Global Student Exchange (GSE)

Being a technology savvy school, we incorporate this platform in as many projects as possible. One of them is Global Student Exchange, under which students from different countries research on a single idea and present their findings to each other. This engagement, through video-conferencing, teaches students to be good at research, good at presentation and to learn from each other. It is an interactive way to prepare our students for bigger challenges like global competitions.  

GIIS ABU DHABI Global Student Exchange (GSE)

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

We devised the idea of creating an IDP document for senior students where they engage in setting targets for themselves in consultation with their parents and teachers. A suitable action plan is worked out, and the student takes ownership of his progress with the support of the school.

7S Analysis & Detailed Assessment

Our award-winning proprietary pre-emptive evaluation tool is called 7S. It is a unique analysis that measures the continual improvement of students in 7 areas, phases and sections of learning. In this international community school, a parallel, a topic-wise formative assessment tool, called Detailed Assessment (DA), is implemented which tests a student’s conceptual knowledge and helps identify any learning gaps.

"7S Analysis & Detailed Assessment "

Al Tasamuh

The values and beliefs of the great leader Mahatma Gandhi on non-violence are more relevant than ever in the world today. Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi campus honors the values of tolerance, harmony, forgiveness, peace and friendship by organizing Al Tasamuh, an inter-school competition every year coinciding with Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhiji remains a symbol of peace, resilience and patience even today after his 150th birth anniversary.

GIIS continually strives to inculcate these qualities in its staff, students and their ways of working and Al Tasamuh has been an initiative in the same direction. The primary aim for GIIS to organize Al Tasamuh every year since 2016 is to celebrate and preach universal tolerance and peace to the global citizens of the future. Al Tasamuh is a platform for students from different schools to showcase their talent in Art, Dramatics, Poetry, Dancing, Singing, Robotics and more.

Every year on this event, GIIS Abu Dhabi campus buzzes with excitement and exuberance as students from grade 5 to 11 showcase their talent in the various fields including histrionics, performing arts, public speaking and creativity.

Gavel Club & Toastmaster Club

It’s a serious and prevalent opinion that Public Speaking like other skills, is an inter-play of thoughts and imagination put forward to the audience in a captivating manner. A few right words, spoken with authority and sincerity can make all the difference in the world.

Gavels for Students and Toastmasters for the adults is a program that offer a proven education program comprising of two pathways: Communication and Leadership. The program allows members to choose one pathway or both, and each features a series of projects that can be completed at one’s own pace. Members also have the flexibility to work through each track separately or both at the same time, and they can repeat a track as often as they wish. Confidence is what is focused on. Joining these programs helps builds the skills they need to become more confident public speakers and stronger leaders in every area of their lives.

GIIS offers these programs - Gavels is for students over 6 years of age and Toastmasters is open to all adults

Extra & Co-Curricular Clubs

These specialised programmes are just a small example of the calibre of innovative thinking that we bring into the educational process for all of our private school students. Learn more with a tour of the GIIS campus in Abu Dhabi, as you consider the best approach to your child’s education.




Visual Art


Performing Art
These specialised programmes at our private school in Abu Dhabi are just a small example of the calibre of innovative thinking that we bring into the educational process for all of our students. Learn more with a tour of your closest GIIS campus, as you consider the best approach to your child’s education.