Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE)

Innovation is the calling card of the future. New ideas for innovation grow out of the minds of new
generation. GCIE provided the students with a platform of wide range of resources and space to create and innovate their ideas into models revamping their curriculum into reality. Initially the project kicked off with simple STEM experiments which enabled the students to understand the basic fundamentals of science and math with hands on activities and visual experience.

Creativity is the act of turning imaginative ideas into reality, characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new different ways, to find the hidden connections between unrelated phenomena and generate solutions.

Give the students a crazy situation with rules and see what their mind produces. The right questions can get the mind going which help the students to embrace their creativity and build environments where the imaginations are nurtured and failure is encouraged, not feared.


Robotics inspires students to make connections across several disciplines rather than learning topics in isolation as it combines mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills. Students are motivated to learn by creating their own robotic devices, while at the same time gain a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary fields of study.

GCIE plays a major role in developing young innovators and creators who become a promise for the future generation. As such we believe in training the students for the future rather than the present.

A well planned curriculum enables to engage the students to innovate and explore the future under the guidance of GCIE which involves MBots, Codey Rockey, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and the fundamental STEAM experiments.

Ideation Wall

Innovative and creative thinking requires consistent practice and GIIS offers this thru the ideation wall. Every week a challenge is put up for all students to solve and offer their suggestions. All responses are appreciated, evaluated and best viable suggestions are taken up for consideration for implementation in consultation with relevant government authorities.

Qutuhal: Journey of Curiosities

Qutuhal signifies the journey of a student through curiosities and wonders where GIIS provides the platform to let the student think and explore the experiential learning through various topics from science and technology. We focus on Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) as a critical tool for non-sustainable development where the efforts are geared up to bring scientific literacy at the very early age. Qutuhal has been awarded by the Institute of Directors Golden Peacock Award for the best product/ service for the year 2020

Space Troopers: Rocketry Club

Space Troopers Rocketry Club for young budding rocketeers in the country. The club will give students the opportunity to learn the basics of rocket making, explore principles that make them fly and lot more.
The Rocketry Club was launched on 8th October 2019 in the school’s AUH campus where Mrs Shrisudha Viswanathan, former ISRO scientist and Dr Khaled Al Hashmi, Senior Director of National Space Science and Technology Centre presided over the event, inspiring the students with tales and facts from the fascinating starry space around them.

Knowledge by experience and creativity are both teachings that GIIS considers essential for growing children and this enriching session with such prominent personalities was an opportunity for the kids to learn from the very best. Aimed towards advanced thinking and learning, these workshops are an excellent chance for budding rocketeers to kick start their space education and open doors to the world surrounding our planet Earth.

Month Of Curiosity

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason
- Albert Einstein

Curiosity can be defined as “The recognition, pursuit, and intense desire to explore, novel, challenging and uncertain events”. The aim for the month of curiosity celebration is to involve the students in researches and encourage them to develop their skills and innovative ideas in to the fruitful productivity. The marquee program in this process happens every year is a month long celebration of curiosity happens from 14th Nov to the last day of the term in December. The entire campus becomes a show case of innovation, debates, discussions and projects in this period and parents are encouraged to visit and see the effort of their child. The children are encouraged to participate in international Events and competitions like RWCC, Leaps. Children also participate in the local competitions being conducted by agencies and companies in UAE.