How CBSE Curriculum Encourages Students to Participate in School Activities?

Ms. Shabista Surve
Nov 1, 2021
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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was developed in India and follows a rigorous but practical approach towards learning. Many top international schools in Abu Dhabi have a CBSE-based curriculum for the students. It focuses on Social Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Science, Communication, Web Technology, Physical Education, Fine Arts, etc., majorly following the STEM format. 

But, lately, it has been venturing into arts and humanities as well. Some of the best CBSE International schools in Abu Dhabi go ahead and beyond to make sure their students get the best education for a bright present as well as future. Some schools also blend it with different modalities like 9GEMS.

CBSE Curriculum keeps the students engrossed in their learning throughout their journey. It is a highly accredited and appreciated form of education across the world.

Extra-Curricular Activities in Best Abu Dhabi CBSE Schools

Extra-Curricular is a big part of the CBSE education system. There are different things that students are encouraged to be a part of. These can be in terms of different sports like adventure sports, shooting, swimming, basketball, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, etc. CBSE school students are active participants in various inter-school competitions.

Extracurriculars do not end with sports at a CBSE school, it has more to it like poem and elocution competitions, debates, culinary art, gaming and programming, music, dance, etc. This keeps the students motivated and curious to try different kinds of activities.

Annual Concerts, MUNs and More at CBSE International Schools in Abu Dhabi

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Technologically Savvy Students and Teachers in Best CBSE Schools of Abu Dhabi

Technology has become pervasive and some of the best CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi understand that. So, when the pandemic hit, they were ready with various learning models that are based online. Students were encouraged to seamlessly join the new format of classes with active attendance, activities and increased interaction.

Not just this, CBSE schools offer students different applications and portals to track their own performances and homework, and interact with classmates on different projects and engage in intellectual conversations and group project activities.

Interactive Sessions and Workshops for CBSE Students

CBSE students are not only exposed to the traditional classroom but are constantly given chances to interact with experts in the fields. In fact, various examinations like JEE, NEET, CLAT are based on the CBSE curriculum.

The CBSE-based schools provide workshops for students from different partners and collaborators. These can be from various institutions for higher education, or for other social issues like a talk on Gender Equality, to give you an example.

Most CBSE schools also provide mentors to students which helps them navigate through career decisions.

CBSE Schools Focus on Values, Ethics and Community

International CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi have an intake of students from different backgrounds and diversities. This makes them an inclusive place where students learn the importance of acceptance, respect, hard work and other values like connection, morals, etc.

CBSE schools also focus on different cultures and celebrate different festivals. This makes students from different walks of life feel an active part of the school and not just walking passively through student life. They are invited to create events, communities and teach ethics that are lifelong. These students work in groups as well as individuals, cultivating a sense of community and belonging while keeping the essence of the individual intact.

It is true that students who become members of a community and keep asking questions, find out their ‘Why’ as Simon Sinek says, become leaders in their life who keep innovation and growth of all at the heart of their learning.

Futuristic Opportunities for CBSE School Students in Abu Dhabi

Students are always at the center of a CBSE schooling curriculum. The schools are always looking at measures to create the best growth opportunities for students.

This can be in the form of various labs like science, math, English listening or it can be in the form of education on sex, mental health, the importance of hygiene, etc. These students are not bound by traditional norms but are encouraged to go out of the way to achieve success.

This gives students a feeling of belonging and always helps them to look forward to new learning methods with heightened curiosity.

Futuristic opportunities also include students electing their own student body, with different heads and committees. This helps students feel a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. These can be in sports, debates, or other platforms. This promotes accountability and individuality.  Students are thus always striving for the best.

Skill Based Learning in CBSE International Schools of Abu Dhabi

Increasingly, international schools with global students are encouraged to enroll in additional programs to enhance their skills since there is a deep gap between the job market and the skill set. This has also taken a back seat due to the pandemic.

Thus, CBSE schools encourage students to take up short courses of their choice in investment, banking, mass communication, C++, Java, etc.

All this boosts their education and their CV is not just a degree but reflects a holistic individual with the skillset to match the industry they wish to pursue their career in.

Annual Concerts, MUNs and More at CBSE International Schools in Abu Dhabi

CBSE Schools take concerts very seriously. They have sports meets, annual concerts with skits, dramatics, dancing, pyramid competitions, etc. This brings together all the students to create a fest that is bigger than themselves.

They actively work as a part of the team to create an annual concert which is watched by all the parents, different media outlets, students, etc. The students are also encouraged to raise funds, get sponsorships, ideate and personalize different events to have fun as well as learn.

A lot of students who have stage fright immensely feel helped by annual concerts as they help them get the time to practice and showcase their skills and qualities amongst their peers.

Apart from annual concerts, CBSE schools also have MUNs (Model United Nations). This is an event where students from different departments, schools, classes hold an intellectual program with delegates, speakers and audience.

Here, students interact on different subjects and debate. It has different topics like politics, socio-economic barriers, religion, science, art, technology, civic and global issues, etc. It is a simulation exercise that motivates students.


Finally, CBSE schools put in a lot of effort to provide not only the optimum education but also the right education at the right time to their students.

This is evidenced by the standard practices and curriculum, but also provides practical approaches of learning, and flexible, innovative techniques motivating students to become actively involved in their own learning and get the best education out there.

If you are looking at enrolling your child at an international school in Abu Dhabi, rest assured they will not just learn academia but become holistic individuals of the society.

CBSE education system is widely recognized and brings students from different cultures and practices onto one form of education system building harmony, action, cooperation and benefits the overall development of the student.

Most CBSE schools have a parent-teacher meeting as well, where parents get to interact with the teachers directly as well as with other parents to understand and create a collaborative learning place for the child.

Ms. Shabista Surve

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