Know How CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi Help with Overall Development of Students

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Jan 15, 2021
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Schools, in modern times, are so focused on academics that students are unable to harness their true potential or explore avenues for career development. Your child deserves a school that gives equal importance to academics and extra curricular activities as it inspires the overall holistic development of students. This is why you should look at a CBSE school. From providing the curriculum to engaging students in creative activities, a CBSE school truly helps in the overall development of your child.

CBSE Schools have the resources and the right teaching methodology needed to develop the academic potential of a student. The different subjects taught in different standards contribute to a student’s cognitive and personality development. Therefore, it goes without saying that choosing a CBSE school might be one of the best choices you can make for your child. 

When looking for a CBSE school in Abu Dhabi, you can be confident that your child will have exposure to the best curriculum along with suitable activities to enable overall holistic development.

A CBSE school in Abu Dhabi focuses not only on the curriculum but also on school culture, environment, infrastructure, and many other facilities. This is why a CBSE school in Abu Dhabi is the top choice for students aspiring to get quality education and exposure to different engagements in school.  

Some ways in which a CBSE school in Abu Dhabi helps in the overall development of a student:

Intellectual Growth

The intellect of a student is highly dependent on the abilities of a teacher, their qualifications, their teaching skills, their expertise, and overall experience with student training. Because of the rigorous recruitment process for the teaching staff followed across all CBSE schools, you can expect teachers in a CBSE school in Abu Dhabi to be highly qualified and fit for teaching. 

Moreover the education framework of CBSE encourages learning beyond the books. Adhering to CBSE prescribed strategies for promoting self-evaluation and self-monitoring rather than spoon-feeding the solutions, the teachers of a CBSE school are qualified enough to enhance the existing skills of a student and help them work on their weak areas.

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The curriculum of a CBSE board is its crown jewel. Enhancing the analytical skills of a student, this curriculum focuses on value-based education. Moreover, the CBSE curriculum is regularly updated to meet the demands of the evolving model of education. 

Curriculum for subjects like mathematics, sciences, history, geography, and languages has been curated through extensive research which works to develop the interest of the students and exposes them to the superior learning path.

Mandatory lab-based activities and other fun activities create an environment where practical understanding is preferred rather than a theoretical approach. This, in turn, eradicates the exam stress over remembering every concept as the student now understands those concepts and is able to perform well in the examinations based on their understanding of the subject matter.

Interpersonal Skills

No matter which field a student pursues, interpersonal skills are imperative. These skills represent the long-term growth of a child. 

By making class presentations an indispensable part of the education model, a CBSE school ensures that a child develops adequate social skills so that he is able to effectively communicate in society. Class presentations also present students with the opportunity to articulate their thoughts and explain the projects they have made, thus further refining their ability to effectively communicate what they have learned.

Athletic Capabilities

An international school prioritizes physical activities so that a student remains physically and mentally fit. Encouraging participation in various athletic and sports-centred activities develops the mindset of a child and encourages them to take care of their physical health. 

Promoting such activities require considerable infrastructure such as a playground, sports equipment, coach, and other facilities. A CBSE school in Abu Dhabi will be equipped with all of these facilities.

Moreover, if your child is a prodigy in a particular sport, a CBSE school will provide the most suitable platform to help your child tap into their true potential and explore their skills. By engaging in sports and other athletic activities, students learn how to be a part of the team and how to manage different positions.

Extracurricular activities

Sports are not the only activities required for a child’s development. Activity such as art, craft, and music are also essential. Such activities boost the creativity of a child and develop their skills to think out of the box. It also provides artistically-inclined students to cultivate and perfect their artistic inclinations.

These activities come under the non-academic category at a CBSE school in Abu Dhabi. Striving to provide a suitable environment for every child, activities such as painting, videography, drama, animation, photography, and dance are also available at such schools.


A CBSE board is regarded as an outstanding board. Getting an education from a CBSE school is perceived to be of high quality. CBSE board is also acknowledged by prestigious colleges.

A university is the next most important step in a child’s life. Getting into a good college means that your child will easily get a good job. Therefore, completing the education from a CBSE school opens the doors to such colleges for your child.

Examination Structure

The examination structure of a CBSE school in Abu Dhabi is a blessing in disguise. While most people are concerned about the frequency of examinations and the performance stress that might come with it, they fail to recognize the value of such examinations. 

As for the structure, each subject carries 100 marks out of which 80 marks are based on annual examinations and 20 marks are based on internal assessment. This internal assessment is further divided into sub-parts - periodic tests, notebook submission, subject enrichment activities, etc.

Moreover, students giving their examinations under the CBSE Board have a higher passing rate over other boards. This high rate represents that students are well-acquainted with the curriculum and therefore possesses complete knowledge of the subject matter - all thanks to the effort of CBSE schools. Moreover, these examinations prepare a student for various entrance examinations to get into a college they desire.

To conclude, we can say with conviction that a CBSE board is the best choice for your child’s future. Focusing on every aspect of education and providing a plethora of opportunities for the students to explore their interests, a CBSE school ensures a smooth and fun student life for your child. Moreover, with a presence in over 20 countries in the world, a student’s journey is never affected by relocation when you enrol them in a CBSE school. Moreover, it gives parents the freedom to relocate to any country without stressing over their child’s education.

Additionally, very few parents know that many boards including CBSE consider what modern research is promoting while curating the syllabus. For instance, one of the most popular theories is Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development. It is used by many child psychologists across the world as it focuses on the intellectual abilities of a child. Piaget discusses how logical reasoning develops in children between 2-11, and how learning at this age can be detrimental to their future. GIIS, while following the CBSE pattern and curriculum, has adopted the 9GEMS teaching methodology to ensure each child is learning as per their capability, and interest.  

GIIS communications team

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