How to Select the Best Indian High School in Abu Dhabi?

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Jul 24, 2021
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Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirate and a modern city with a fully developed infrastructure. It is the second most populous country after Dubai In the United Arab Emirates. It also houses the most important seaport of the UAE. 

High Schools play an important role in deciding the potential career path in every student's life and act as a bridge for many opportunities for a brighter future irrespective of where they are situated.
High schools in Abu Dhabi offer a variety of curriculum with most of them offering the UK,US and Indian expats.The schools are governed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.

Indian High Schools Offering CBSE Curriculum

Many Indian parents who shift abroad or want to send their children to study abroad want a curriculum that will smoothly accommodate their child with minimal harm to their studies. CBSE curriculum is the most common and popular nationalised curriculum in India and to ensure smooth transitioning of the studies parents prefer to go for schools having this curriculum.
There are over 20 Indian High Schools in Abu Dhabi to choose from and many of the top schools on this list are affiliated with CBSE. 

What Makes Indian High Schools Stand Out in Abu Dhabi?  

Indian High Schools have been doing really well in Abu Dhabi since a while. Their success can be attributed to their hard work and aim of giving quality education to the children of expats. Let's have a look at some of the salient features helping these schools stand out:

1. School Infrastructure

The quality of education in any school is defined by the facilities it offers to students. The future opportunities are inclined towards individuals who have had exposure to budding technologies. The journey towards becoming a successful global citizen starts with having a Nextgen Campus. UAE is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to infrastructure and this is clearly visible in the schools which are equipped with modern infrastructure.

2. Teachers and Faculty 

The school cannot flourish until there are extraordinary teachers imparting knowledge to students.Teachers play a very important role throughout the school tenure and are among the first individuals laying the foundation of knowledge for your child.Teachers who are experts in their domains and have a good amount of experience ensure a fruitful future for students. Teachers are part of training consistently and are given opportunities to upskill themselves at various Indian High Schools.

3. CBSE Curriculum

There are various curriculums that are being followed in Abu Dhabi, the majority of schools follow the American,British and Indian curriculums. The parents have to take up the difficult task of choosing the right curriculum for their child and with the variety available it is impossible to select without thoroughly researching it.
Indian schools in Abu Dhabi provide the CBSE curriculum which has a more practical approach and gives leverage to mathematics and science subjects.
This curriculum helps students settle as the same subjects are available and also prevents them from missing out on any academics which can affect their year.CBSE curriculum also makes it easier to enter top universities in India and across the globe  after high school.


4. Holistic Development

The future generation should be exposed to a multidimensional approach where individuals not only excel academically but also in extracurricular activities.
The Holistic development of students is the belief followed by Indian High schools in Abu Dhabi. Many schools focus on overall development and provide various opportunities for students to participate in co curricular and extracurricular activities giving students a chance to experiment and also upskill themselves 

5. Tuition Fees And Scholarships 

UAE has a reputation to have one of the highest school fees despite the various programs run by the education department to bridge the gap. It can take a serious toll on parents to pay such high tuition fees. Various Indian schools offer scholarships for pre primary, primary and secondary education based on various factors such as merit. These scholarships can help reduce the economic burden on parents.

With so many options to choose from and considering all the factors, the quest to find the right school for your child is definitely a challenge every parent has to face.
One should look at all the features and then choose a school because children’s future is at stake and making the right choice can open the door to potential opportunities which will take them in the right direction.

GIIS communications team

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