Why Should You Opt for Private School for Your Children?

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Jun 21, 2021
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You start thinking about your child as soon as they are born. Every parent wishes to provide the best of education to their children. Most parents research potential schools that impart an all-round education to their children. They expect the school to communicate with them effectively with regard to a child’s progression. Most notably, the school you want must uphold the highest ethical standards, as it will be a stepping stone to form your child’s future. Most parents opt for private schools to give their children the skills they would need in an ever-changing environment.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Private schools in Abu Dhabi  are well-known for providing outstanding and exciting educational opportunities with extracurricular programs and advanced placement pathways. Private schools also emphasize on open dialogue between parents and schools. Family is an important part of a child’s education and a good school holds regular parent-teacher meetings and involves them in school activities to bring about a feeling of community. This shared platform also aids in the strengthening of parent-child bonds.

Private schools provide students with a broad variety of specializations, including A host of extra-curricular activities, in addition to the mandatory subjects that are already part of the curriculum. Private schools have a tradition of creating numerous leaders in politics, industry, and community, as well as a history of rapidly adjusting to technological and cultural changes.

What to Consider When Choosing a Private School?

● Giving attention to the resources offered in the school is one of the most crucial things to do when enlisting your children in a private school. One should look for a school which has all of the necessary facilities for your child to get the highest education and also an opportunity to succeed in the subjects or activities they excel in.

● When it comes to academics, a school must have improved facilities and all extracurricular sports.

● The employment of highly trained teachers would still be a priority for private  schools. You should still inquire about the instructors' backgrounds and perspectives, as well as their credentials, to ensure that your child is receiving the best possible education.

“A good education is a foundation for a better future.” – Elizabeth Warren

● Schools must provide a  safe environment. Both students, as well as the school faculty should feel secure when inside the school premises.

Aside from outstanding teaching, facilities like libraries, science labs, computer labs, playgrounds and required activity rooms aid in the development of the child in other extra-curricular activities. And the smart classes are now one of the most important benefits in private schools that enable children to study while having fun.

Global Indian International School is a co-educational private school. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Abu Dhabi. GIIS provides children with the educational and lifetime learning qualities needed to drive their own Development. It assists them in preparing for further studies, job prospects, and managing the possibilities and obstacles they will face during their lifetime. We acknowledge that Each child is special, and we at GIIS provide  educational experiences that will uplift their thought process and their careers in the long run.

Globally Recognized Institution

The recognition by internationally renowned accreditation bodies reaffirms GIIS’s dedication to providing our students with world-class comprehensive educational Opportunities. As a competitive secondary school in Abu Dhabi, GIIS provides a well-researched curriculum that incorporates world developments. The CBSE curriculum, which is readily accepted throughout the world, makes it an  institution that has a track record of outstanding  results. We also provide first-class university and college placements both at home and overseas.

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is for students who arrive late to the semester or in the middle of it. The child receives one-on-one instruction from the instructors in order to catch up on the curriculum that has already been completed. They are given tasks that have already been completed in class, which helps to close the gap between the new student and the current batch.

Value Added Programmes

GIIS strategy is to implement special programs throughout all campuses that provide learners and educators with content, technology, and evaluation tools in order to become one of Abu Dhabi's best schools. GIIS provides students with a comprehensive education that encompasses various fields of learning and helps them develop their leadership potential.

GIIS offers a variety of scholarships, including the APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship, GIIS Super Star Scholarships. Multiple scholarships have been developed with the aim of ensuring that important factors of the awardees' personality are taken into account. Obtaining a scholarship will provide access to a variety of college

institutions as well as job opportunities. 

For true aspirants, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. These are intended to recognise outstanding students for their academic and educational accomplishments. Rather than just recognising their accomplishments, the scholarships serve as constructive reinforcements for the applicants, encouraging them to do more next time and progressively strengthen themselves.

GIIS encourages its children to value cultural diversity and promote tolerance in order to train them to be accountable and engaged members of global and local cultures. As a basis for lifelong success as a global citizen who fosters social maturity and sustainability, GIIS builds an atmosphere that empowers individual students to expand their potential, constantly seeking talents and challenging obstacles, because success is based on lifelong endurance, determination, and character intensity.

AT GIIS, students participate in various activities in order to adjust to an environment that requires versatility, imagination, and mental endurance. This leads to academic restlessness and a desire to learn more. In addition, the Secondary School fosters 21st-century talents, training students for their university path.

GIIS communications team

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