10 things to know when planning to study in Indian Public School

GIIS communications team
Aug 24, 2021

Are you planning to study abroad in an Indian Public School? Well, you must be thoroughly prepared. If you are an International student who plans to study in the UAE, then this detailed guide will help you pursue your studies in a rather composed way.

Let us get started to metamorphose your student journey into a great experience

1. Do thorough research – The primary step towards pursuing your education in a secondary school in UAE is to research the information and resources. It is ideal to get in touch with alumni of the school who will help you immensely with a plethora of information. You may feel free to question everything about the school campus, stay, syllabus, fees, environment, food, transport, teachers, etc. Besides, the currency plays an equally important part. Gather significant information regarding opening the bank account, international debit cards, ATMs, and other bank-related resources.

2. Time to bag pack – Bag-packing is the most crucial yet the most fun part of starting your journey of studying in Abu Dhabi. Primarily, collect all the relevant documents that you would need on your arrival in Abu Dhabi. Carry your prescribed medications along with the laptop and mobile chargers & adapters. Pack the clothes based upon the weather you are landing in UAE. Most importantly, carry your visa and travel book that will set as a base for your journey in your new school.

3. Culture Shock – No matter which country you travel to, you are sure to encounter certain culture differences that will amaze you. Gain a significant amount of knowledge about the cultural and historical background of the country. Learn an additional language that will make your stay easier. Collect information about the popular places, people, food, and schools of Abu Dhabi for a smooth stay.

4. Accommodation – As a part of your student journey in an Indian Public School in Abu Dhabi, looking for stable and affordable accommodation is a must. Contact your secondary school stay to help you with  accommodation facilities meant for school students. Make sure you ask for student discounts which will help you get accommodation at a relatively lower price.

5. Legalize your stay – Once you have entered Abu Dhabi, make sure to legalize your stay within 24 to 48 hours. Each country has its own rules, make sure you follow UAE guidelines to get your residency permit. Also, remember to register yourself at your respective country’s Embassy in Abu Dhabi to get in touch with your native people. If you come across any issue staying in Abu Dhabi and need guidance, the officials at your nation’s Embassy will be right there at your disposal.

6. Open a bank account – On your arrival, the next step after legalizing your stay is to look for a recognized bank to open your new bank account. It will help you to keep the money secure and pay for your expenses effortlessly. Ensure to carry all the documents that will help you in opening an account.

7. Scholarships – Scholarships are a great way to release any financial burden in a student’s education. It saves you from enormous loan debts and helps you pursue your education without any financial burden. Once you have finalized the best secondary school, visit their website for their ongoing scholarships programs. Prepare well to win the scholarship and kickstart your educational career with a boost.

8. International number – Staying away from your family and friends in another country can be daunting. Hence, to stay in touch with them, get yourself an international contact number that will help you connect with them instantly. Get a reliable sim card that has a good network and provides you an affordable International calling plan. Besides, you can also use online apps like Skype or Whatsapp to video chat with your loved ones.

9. Travel – Are you also a travel freak? Gather all the information about the famous places in and around Abu Dhabi to satisfy the traveler in you. Look for the local buses and trains for a smooth commute at affordable rates. Visit all the places that are well known for their history and have a story to tell.

10. Hospitality - Last but not the least, Emirates is popularly known among the world for its amazing hospitality, great sense of tradition and exceptional culture. Studying in an Indian Public School in Abu Dhabi gives you a great opportunity to explore all of these while experiencing the world-class education system.

Global Indian International School in Abu Dhabi is a renowned Indian Public School that caters to hundreds of international students in its campus each year. Equipped with the best educational tools and experienced staff, we guarantee you the best education with a holistic approach. We focus on providing you all the above facilities in our campus for a seamless experience.

As an esteemed secondary school, we take pride in bestowing our students with the best scholarships that not only lifts their financial burden but also opens wide spectrums for them to explore the world with quality education.

Our idea is to follow a comprehensive approach to help each of our students grow with a vast gamut of learning opportunities. Want a successful career boost? GIIS ensures to provide you with new educational breakthroughs with exceptional results in academics and other extracurricular fields.

Still, waiting to enroll yourself? Wait no more! Visit the official website of Global Indian International School now and book a counseling session with our counselors. Get in-depth knowledge of everything you need to know about the school and fill the admission forms right away to say hello to the much-awaited break of your educational journey! It is time to build a strong personality with modern learning practices & world class curriculum. We welcome you with open arms at the Global Indian International School campus in Abu Dhabi!

GIIS communications team

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