Benefits of Scholarships for International Students in Abu Dhabi

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

Scholarships can pave the path for any student to access top-notch education in an educational institute of their choice. With over 65,000 international students studying in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one can understand how good the country is at hosting international students. 

For students wishing to pursue their education in one of the emirates of the UAE such as Abu Dhabi, we need to understand not only the benefits of availing a scholarship but also the reasons that make cities like Abu Dhabi the top choice. First, let’s understand why Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, stands out as the go-to location for international students wishing to get a scholarship.

Why are Abu Dhabi schools in UAE a great choice for higher education?

As a well-developed city, Abu Dhabi offers a very comfortable standard of life so that people coming in from any part of the world feel welcome. The crime rate in the capital is fairly low and therefore students can feel safe and secure in the city. 

As the high number of educational campuses and schools in UAE might suggest, Abu Dhabi is also considered the educational centre of UAE. Thus, students can be assured of availing world-class standards of education while they complete their education in this city.

Considering the many benefits that an international student can avail of by choosing to study in Abu Dhabi schools in UAE, we’ll now have a look at the advantages they can receive by pursuing their education through the means of a credible scholarship.

Benefits of getting a scholarship for international students

1. Reduces financial strain

Getting a scholarship can have quite the opposite effect when compared to getting an educational loan. While a loan can put the student under immense pressure to study beyond their limits at times, a scholarship can help students be relieved of the financial stress on their bank account. 

Thus, a scholarship tends to have a positive impact on any student’s future by removing the financial barriers that stand between them and their career goals. Sometimes students wish to pursue an ambition that involves a low-paying job at the beginning of their career. 

As opposed to an educational loan, a student with a scholarship need not be worried about finding a high-paying job right after completing their education in order to repay their loans. In this case, getting a scholarship helps students by bringing them closer to their life goals even if they have chosen to pursue a career choice that is high on impact but low on pay.

2. Improves focus on studying

It’s not just tuition fees that are on the rise but also the costs of living in any part of the world that offers high-quality education. Getting a scholarship takes care of the student’s worries of rising fees and they can either choose to work to develop the skills of their choice or simply work enough to pay off their living expenses. 

As scholarship eliminates the financial concerns of seemingly high tuition fees, students can choose to focus their time on studying. From this perspective, a scholarship can effectively contribute to maintaining a healthy state of mind that can lead to improved levels of concentration in one’s capacity to study.

3. Increases probability of getting admission into the university of your choice

Some of the premier universities across the world are always looking to empower students who have chosen to empower themselves. Having worked hard to gain their scholarship in the first place, students can apply to esteemed universities of their choice to pursue their higher education. 

They can be more confident about their chances of securing admission as their scholarships would prove to the concerned university that the applicant has proved their mettle to gain a scholarship before, therefore are likely to be ambitious about their current application too. 

This separates them from other students who might be lacking a credible scholarship and therefore would have to go to great lengths to convince the university of their choice about how much they could contribute by being a part of its community of students.

4. Enhances your resume

When applying for a job at any level or position, it is important for students to make their CV or resume stand out from the rest of the applications for the same job. While some resumes will have certificates of recognition, some might even have certificates denoting achievements. 

However, very few indicators distinguish a student’s resume like the proof of having attained a scholarship. A credible scholarship indicates the due diligence of a student and highlights the efforts they took to resolve their own problem of gaining an education. 

For employers, such a scholarship is proof that if a reputed college chose to invest in an individual’s future, then they might definitely have exceptional talents that can be put to good use in their work environment. Scholarships for international students can go a long way in showcasing their abilities to not only pursue their academic goals but also achieve them using their own skills and talent.

5. Positively impacts your personality

With thousands of students applying for a single scholarship, those being able to attain one would definitely be encouraged to feel confident about their abilities. This self-confidence can contribute to a student’s overall well-being. 

Furthermore, a student studying with the assistance of a scholarship would be well-aware of the obstacles faced by those who either lack the access or the abilities to attain a scholarship themselves. After pursuing their career goals and gaining some stability in their professional lives, students who once gained admission on the basis of a scholarship can actively contribute to give back to society by either funding another young student’s educational aspirations or by donating to a scholarship fund that aims to help someone like them.


The accelerated pace of growth seen in Abu Dhabi has given rise to a number of premier educational campuses and schools in the UAE. As these campuses have grown in number, so has their capacity to offer various scholarships for international students. 

As mentioned above, students from outside the UAE not only have plenty of reasons to study in a city like Abu Dhabi, but they also have enough reasons to pursue a scholarship of their choice. Hence, such students should actively try to apply for these scholarships to ensure that they are able to access the superior quality education offered in these institutions and eliminate their financial worries once and for all.

GIIS communications team

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