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GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

“Education is to an individual, what light is to darkness.” In today’s world of advancement, all parents intend to find an impeccable institution for their child’s growth and learning. Gone are the days, when education merely meant good grades and a degree. Today, the horizons of knowledge and education have broadened. GIIS Abu Dhabi is the ideal place that will fit all your definitions of an exemplary institute. Global International Indian school (GIIS) was established in 2002. Since the foundation of GIIS was laid, the institute has spread its network worldwide. GIIS secondary school Abu Dhabi is affiliated to the Central board of secondary education (CBSE) for classes 1 to 12 and Global Montessori Program (GMP), for pre-school levels. A great amount of emphasis is laid on making learning fun and effective, making GIIS -  secondary school Abu Dhabi one of its kind in the UAE.

GIIS provides students facilities in all domains. The interest of each child is taken into consideration and the students are boosted for self-growth and evaluation. The institution takes charge in enhancing the skill sets of students by providing facilities like Science and Computer Labs, play grounds, art rooms and a world class infrastructure.  Learning in the right atmosphere broadens the scope for overall development. Spread over an area of 191,435 sq ft, the campus stands out from all the other schools in the city. The indoor and outdoor activities are designed keeping in mind the diversities in culture and all other aspects. 

Some salient features of this wonderful campus include Football Ground- Indoor and Outdoor, Instrumental Music room, IT Lab, Dance Room, GCIE, Montessori Lab, Kindergarten Play Area, Library, Indoor Temperature controlled Swimming pool, Specialised Pre-primary Classroom, Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values and Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship(GCIE) Lab (STEAM and Robotics). With a diverse culture and students from all over the world, an opportunity for learning new languages is given. An option for language electives among French, Hindi and Indian-supported Arabic is provided to the students for better exposure. The amazing infrastructure, trusted school faculty and justified fee structure distinguishes the institution from other Abu Dhabi Indian Schools.

The education of their off-spring is a major concern for parents these days. Every parent looks for an institution that will uplift their child socially, physically, mentally and emotionally. The faculty of GIIS Abu Dhabi is efficiently qualified, skilled and well equipped to deliver lessons to the future of the nation.

Eligibility criteria for admissions in various school divisions on the basis of age

● The children of age 3 years and 8 months can take admission in the class KG 1.

● Children of 4 years and 8 months are eligible to take admission in KG 2.

● The children of age 6 to 9 years can take admission in primary school.

● The children of age 11 to 16 can take admission in secondary school and high school.

Abu Dhabi is the place where a positive atmosphere for learning is provided to students. The Secondary schools in Abu Dhabi are as good as their universities. Along with good academics, comes good ethics and morals which will make us good leaders of the future worldwide. In GIIS students are content with academics, sports and other co-curricular activities. Secondary school is the time where students should focus on self-growth and evaluation. The atmosphere of the school is such that the students are inculcated with such values that will make them stand out in the future.

Scholarships offered

Recognizing and encouraging young minds to level-up inculcates a sense of motivation among the children. GIIS Abu Dhabi offers the following scholarship programs: 

● GIIS Super Star Scholarship

● 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

● Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

● Zayed Gandhi Means Cum Merit Scholarship

● Global Citizen Scholarship

● Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship

Key Takeaways for the Students

● A completely comprehensive school that acknowledges a child’s needs by considering the beginning stages of education.

● Advanced innovation implanted into their academics to motivate creativity, collaboration and development.

● A progressive school that connects with its vision and mission to provide a holistic education.

GIIS offers scholarship programs to child prodigies, in both academic and non-academic pursuits. As an International school, our central goal is to rouse, instruct, lead and enhance. We constantly urge parents to engage their child’s school life and be an active part of our institution. We have a Parent's Association which helps individuals feel connected with the school, and it's a brilliant method to fabricate a feeling of community among parents, educators and students. 

Salient Features of our top-notch campus

● devoted Auxiliary floor

● splendid and open study halls

● a committed CBSE Institute for senior understudies

● innovative, exceptional dance and show studios

● a completely prepared sight and sound library

● huge and completely prepared science labs

● On location café for senior understudies and guardians.

Our Well Equipped Grounds

Your kid will be bestowed with astounding freedom, for growth and learning. Badminton, tennis, yoga, football, cricket, swimming, basketball and chess to name a few, are the games that are encouraged in the campus. 

Sustaining Aspiration

Your kid will be energized and roused by learning in a climate that supports aspiration and offers the most noteworthy of scholarly tests.

School life isn't just about our understudies, exceptional scholastic advancement and results but GIIS places enormous emphasis on creating abilities and qualities that empower the entirety of our understudies to perform at the most elevated level across the educational program and past the study hall.

To sum it up, GIIS Abu Dhabi is one of the best secondary schools in Abu Dhabi. This is the ideal place your child should be in. Basically, GIIS utilizes a bunch of guidelines and instructing procedures to methodically produce progress in intellectual conduct, while catering to youngster's apparent scholarly capacity.

GIIS communications team

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