Indian Schools In Abu Dhabi Go Beyond Curriculum

GIIS communications team
Aug 24, 2021

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and boasts of approximately 90% of its population as expats from India, Pakistan and Britain. It is also the 39th most expensive city for expats. Due to the pandemic, oil exports and tourism have been highly affected, but the country wants to focus on knowledge through investment in technology. Hence, education in India schools in Abu Dhabi is hugely focused on keeping its expats in mind.


What Should One Look for While Seeking Admissions in Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi?

• Holistic Development

Abu Dhabi has a number of Indian international schools catering to such a wide based audience. The fees of these schools are high but affordable for these expats. Good schools constantly look at the changing industries right from primary classes. The focus is on a wholesome development of students that become a part of these Indian International schools.

The pattern followed is usually CBSE or IB board with English being the language of instruction and Arabic as an additional language given the lay of the land. Most schools in Abu Dhabi during admission focus on uniforms and stationery and ask parents to buy from the campus.


• Technological Literacy

Indian international schools truly look at making their students a part of the global culture, cosmopolitan citizens. This is achieved through a high focus on technology whether it is use of Artificial Intelligence, English Labs, skill based learning, leadership and community building. Technology makes up a large part of the Indian international schools based in Abu Dhabi, this also comes from the fact that India itself is a breeding ground for IT and tech.

Due to the pandemic, technology through online classrooms, virtual study groups, growth prospective, puts students in the spotlight. Technology is not just in a box called a computer room but has truly transcended through continents, classes and interactions.


• Healthcare a priority for Admission in Schools in Abu Dhabi

Hand in glove with technology comes good healthcare systems. With telemedicine, online checkups, and the looming pandemic and financial crisis, health has become a forerunner of good schools in Abu Dhabi. The schools are looking at both physical and mental health of its students given the long screen exposure.

The infrastructure has indeed become a screen utility. In such cases, being sensitive towards the students' health is a priority for any Indian international school admissions in Abu Dhabi.

• Admission Procedure for Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Indian school admissions have different procedures, but mainly focus on the student, their track records. The process involves getting the prospectus, looking at alternative schools, the fee structure, the quality and qualifications of the faculty, extracurricular activities and looking out for reviews by peers. 

• Equipping Infrastructure in Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi

It is also a good idea to see the campus and infrastructure, and the facilities provided. Gardens and playing fields both indoor and outdoor are a must. Also check if your child’s hobby is not just inculcated but also has a dedicated space. 

If your child likes swimming, see if the school provides a standard swimming pool and instructors to hone your child’s interests. For young children, check if the kindergarten is protected and child friendly, cameras and vigilance, security are a must in any school.


• Indian Schools High on Discipline in Abu Dhabi

Find out how the school fares in terms of counsellors and what actions are taken in terms of discipline. One should look out for news articles in case any that talk about the school or any incidents that took place and how the school handled it. It is important to obtain admission to send your child in a safe and protected environment.


• Skill Based Learning in Indian International Schools

While safety is paramount, every child should have the opportunity to explore and ask questions. Curriculum should not be limiting, but expanding. To understand this, look at the kind of weightage given to theoretical exams and how are assessments and credits given. Skills like public speaking, basic softwares like Photoshop, Filmora, Canva and presentation come in handy.

It is important to seek admission if the school is providing a chance for students to showcase their talents in a positive light, whether it is gaming, software development, singing, writing, DJing, graffiti etc. These could be less conventional but highly appreciated skills in the real world.


• Community Building a Must for Indian International Schools Based Out of Abu Dhabi

The school should focus on creating leaders and a sense of community building using different approaches. Some schools help children raise funds for a cause or do community work or create communities. This sensitizes students to the day to day real life challenges they may come across and instill a sense of solidarity.

Closely knit collective communities are a hallmark of Asian cultures whether it is India, Japan or China. Hence, it becomes even more important for schools to bring the same values upfront for expat students seeking admission in Indian International schools in Abu Dhabi.


• Sports should be a Focus for Indian Schools Inviting Students in Abu Dhabi

Sport plays a major role in the growth and development of a student. A healthy mind and body go a long way. Sports should both be indoors and outdoors giving equal opportunity to students. Sports help in confidence, team building, physical health as well as a stride for both losses and wins. This brings in humility for students.

Sports should not be restricted to cricket and football, but yoga, meditation, chess, hockey, rugby etc. should be a part. It is also a good idea during admissions to check if the school has a team that represents at different levels.


• Off site activities in Abu Dhabi for Students Seeking Admission in Indian International Schools

Off-site activities like camping, safari, desert ride, sightseeing, museums, photo walks are all things that help students bond with the faculty and each other and develop social skills. This also helps students explore and learn new things outside of the school environment and give a sense of the city, the history, art and culture etc. These activities could also be to organizations for old age homes, orphanages, factories, etc.

Students can also sign up to do an offsite activity together like planting trees or collecting donations for the disabled, becoming a part of Friday’s for Change, this helps students feel a bigger part of the society and inculcate a sense of purpose.

Education in Abu Dhabi in Indian international Schools can be expensive, but the difference is the sheer quality of humans that students are honed into. The education is fast-paced, but also grounds the students to become global leaders and impact makers in the long term. Indian International schools in Abu Dhabi expose students to a plethora of new possibilities better than traditional schools that might focus solely on academics and sports.

Gen Z is smart, vocal and curious and such schools provide the students with all the platters. If you are looking for admissions in Indian inter schools and happen to be an expat, these schools will be a good point to start your child’s learning journey from. The idea is not just to become literate, but able educated citizens.

GIIS communications team

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