How To Motivate And Engage Your Child In Learning: 11 Tips Revealed

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Feb 23, 2022
How To Motivate Your Child

Learning is an important aspect of every individual even as they grow experienced and old.

It is vital to understand that as children grow, responsibilities increase too, which increases the load on them. These can look like homework, additional classes, hobbies, interacting with others socially and making friends, etc. 

As children grow, learning is not only the goal but nurturing the learning is. Some students take this on naturally, while others may have difficulty coping with the exorbitant amount of work and get lost, especially with the online classes in Abu Dhabi schools

It is important to see when you are forcing and when you are motivating your child. Sometimes, children need space and time while other times they need motivation and positive reinforcement.

It thus becomes any parent’s ideal route to understanding how to motivate their child in learning. 

Motivating a child can come with its own difficulties, but as a parent, you will be able to cope and get through with some tips and tricks to motivate your child in learning.

11 Tips To Motivate Your Child In Learning

Let’s explore some tips to motivate your child in learning and growing in challenging times. 

1. Figure Out What Are The Hindrance In Your Child’s Learning And Growth

It is vital to find out what is stopping your child from learning and being motivated. Finding the cause is vital in understanding why your child is not motivated.

A lot of times some reasons can be like:

● Difficulty in understanding the material and learning,

● The work is not exactly demanding or challenging,

● The work does not align with the child’s ideas, beliefs and learning style or comfort,

● Anxiousness and stress due to peer pressure or pressure of school,

● Self-confidence sometimes can also be an issue when online classes come into play.

2. Making Learning Time Effortless And Easy For Your Child

A child requires multiple things to feel motivated to study.

Some of them may be a quiet and calm atmosphere and environment where a child can easily concentrate and not be distracted, others include proper food that is nutritious and healthy and plenty of fluids to keep the laziness and tiredness away.

Finally, it is also important that the child have enough supplies in terms of stationery like pens, pencils, workbooks, access to the internet, devices, etc while studying in an Abu Dhabi school.

3. Making Online Studying Fun For Your Child

Sometimes online school studying can be seen as boring and a task. If this is made more fun through simple techniques then your child might feel motivated to study.

Some of them can be learning through gamification, using flashcards as a game, using templates, mobile games, asking questions while sitting in the kitchen, and cooking.

4. Create A Study Plan Together With Your Child To Boost Morale

Creating a study plan with your child can help bring structure to your child’s life. Sometimes, a structure can help your child learn and grow.

Some things to keep in mind and create together are:

● Deciding how much time to dedicate to studying,

● Deciding how much work to be done in one day,

● Deciding when and for how long to take breaks,

● Deciding what to do in the break time and inculcating regular habits.

5. Create A Positive Reinforcement And Reward System For Students In Abu Dhabi

Just like Pavlov’s dogs, humans also work well with reward systems. Give your child rewards when they learn such that they have something to look forward to when they complete a task or learn something new.

But, this also means that you have to be careful as later in life they might just do things looking for rewards rather than focussing on the process.

6. Reduce And Limit Anything That Is Stressful For Your Child

Sometimes school and so many other activities can increase the stress level from stress and turn it into distress. This can be achieved by helping your children, spending time with them, encouraging them, discussing their lives and doing activities together.

In fact, inculcate de-stressing activities like going for walks, reading, playing or listening to music, pottery, or any other hobby that they might like to use.

Meditation and yoga are also important aspects of wholesome learning including mindfulness.

7. Focus In Abu Dhabi Schools Should Be On Learning Rather Than Outcome

A lot of times students are distressed because there is heavy competition and less learning.

Competitiveness and a high focus on grades can hamper the growth of your child, especially with online classes.

Instead, focus on the process of learning which in the long term will yield benefits. Focus on concepts, stories rather than just figures and numbers without any backstory.

8. Motivate Your Child To Keep Small Promises And Goals, Even During Online Schools

It is proven that instead of long-term big plans, small goals and promises to oneself can help boost confidence and motivation.

This is because when a person or a student is able to keep small promises they feel accomplished instead of looming big goals that may seem too big to unattainable.

Some small goals can be like reading one chapter each day, listening to one educational podcast, playing one game that is related to studies etc.

9. Focus On Using Different Learning Techniques Suitable To Your Child

There are different types of learners, some are visual learners, some are auditory learners, some are read and write learners and others are kinaesthetic learners.

Just because one technique is not working for your child does not mean they are a failure, but it means you might have to try other techniques as it's not all one size fits all for students.

10. Take Adequate Study Breaks In During Online School

It is proven even in management principles that taking regular breaks increases the productivity and motivation of the worker or student here.

Similarly, make sure that your child is taking enough breaks and not breaking their back on hours, zoned out and not attentive. They might study for a lesser time duration, but make sure that when they do, all their focus and concentration is on learning.

You can use a timer and time the breaks as well as the study time, take breaks every thirty minutes and don’t forget to keep breaks for at least five to ten minutes.

Some studies also prove that power naps are essential and beneficial while increasing focus and motivation in students.

11. Be A Supportive Parent

While children grow, it becomes important that their parents are their source of support and are attuned to themselves, and regulate their emotions.

The support you provide can be financial, emotional, basic needs of understanding, hearing, seeing, and being understood are vital for learning and sharing.

Keep communication open and lookout for a healthy mind as a healthy mind and body are the best motivators.


Finally, it is also important to include exercise in your child's routine, even while classes are online in Abu Dhabi. Exercise releases dopamine and hormones that help a child be happy and successful.

At the end of the day, you just have to be a good enough parent and not a perfect parent. Parenting is hard and tips and tricks can help you and your child get motivated and be on the same team instead of your child feeling cornered.

Emotional support is very important to make sure your child is learning well and is able to communicate well such that any problems that come along can be solved and navigated through together.

Communications Team

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