Universal Children's Day: Comprehensive Guide, Activities and Importance

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Oct 20, 2022
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What is Universal Children's Day?

Universal Children’s Day falls on every November 20th. The UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1989 on that day commemorating the Declaration of the Right of the Child on November 20th 1959. This is the day that Abu Dhabi Indian schools celebrate Universal Children’s Day or World Children’s Day too.

History of Universal Children’s Day

Children’s Day was first celebrated on 2nd june 1857 by Rev. Dr. Charles Leonard, pastor at the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in Chelsea, Massachusetts. The United Nations adopted an extended form of the Declaration of the Rights of Child on November 20, 1959, a document that had originally been adopted by the League of Nations in 1924. 

The UN General Assembly adopted the Convention of the Rights of the Child on November 20,1989. This is a definitive human rights treaty that sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health as well as cultural rights of children.

Importance of Children’s Day Celebrations in School

A dedicated Children’s Day brings the focus back on the things that make a child grow into a well rounded individual-something that is often lost sight of in the day to day preoccupation with academics and following the instructions of teachers. The most important things in life like being humane, kind and playful are often forgotten and that is something that one can bear focus on by celebrating a dedicated Children’s Day.

How to Celebrate Universal Children’s Day in School and at Home

There are plenty of things that a school can do to make Universal Children’s Day in school special. The children could for starters be taken out of classrooms and given the lessons for the day outdoors-perhaps in a garden setting. They could be taken on a farm visit or made to visit a traditional community to let them get a feel of how people from diverse backgrounds go about their daily lives.

The children, especially the smaller ones can be read to on this day. Roland Gahler’s classic children’s book “Plant a Tree and See What Grows” is a fine example of that. You could even show them a movie based on the book. At home the children can have their friends over in the evening and have a nice time with them over snacks and fun games. The evening could end with each child getting a special present. 

For older children who are pursuing secondary education, you could pick age appropriate activities like going to a cinema theatre or hosting a party at home with karaoke or themed parties where they get to dress up as their favourite characters.

5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Recognize and Learn from  World Children’s Day

1. Learn about the history connected with the day

The significance of Universal Children’s Day is enormous as it is something that has been endorsed by the United Nations and the League of Nations before it. There is an old adage-child is the father of the man, and nothing signifies the importance of that fact than everybody learning about the significance of this day.

2. There is more to life than academics

The day teaches everybody that more than the school you go to or the work that you do, what truly matters is to be a good human being with fine values. 

3. Fun and games are an important part of life

The fact that everybody relaxes and lets their hair down on World Children’s Day makes us all realise how important fun and games are in our life.

4. Connect with the world

Universal Children’s day provides a great opportunity for all to get out of their comfort zones, break the routine and interact with communities other than one’s own.

5. Understand how important children are to the world

By setting aside a day to celebrate Universal Children’s Day we all underscore how important children are to the world and how their rights need to be protected at all costs. They also need to be given every opportunity to thrive.

5 Great Gift Ideas For Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day is an occasion that warrants giving presents to children in appreciation of how special the latter are. Let us look at five great gifting idea for World Children’s Day:

1. Books

Books have to be the number one gift for children on Universal Children's Day, as it helps open their minds to so many things.

2. Bicycle

Every parent should consider gifting their children a bicycle as that is something that will help them exercise their bodies and experience some adventure.

3. Toys and Games

Children are children and nothing will win their hearts more than playing with toys and mastering new games. These days there’s a host of electronic toys and games you  can gift them.

4. Sports Equipment

Gifting children sporting equipment like cricket bats, badminton and tennis racquets and so on can make the little one develop a life-long passion for the sport in question.

5. Take Them on an Adventure Trek

The older children could be taken on an adventure trek in the hills or a forest trail on Universal Children’s Day. Nothing could be more exciting for them.

Activities on World Children’s Day

1. Visit to orphanages/old people’s homes.

2. Visit to a factory.

3. Distributing gifts to underprivileged children.

4. Visit to a museum

5. Visit to a national monument.

Benefits of Celebrating World Children’s Day

The major benefits that accrue from celebrating World Children’s Day:

1. Drawing attention to children’s needs.

2. Giving the children a break from the daily humdrum.

3. Making the children feel good about themselves

4. Making the children aware of children around the world hailing from diverse backgrounds and experiencing circumstances that are different from theirs.


Universal Children’s Day or World Children’s Day that falls on November 20th every year is a very special day formally  dedicated to the children of the world by the UN. It is only fit and appropriate that it is celebrated in a major way across the world.


When is Universal Children’s Day Celebrated?

November 20th is the day celebrated as Universal Children’s Day

Who Started Universal Children’s Day?

The UN started the Universal Children’s Day

What is the Theme For World Children’s Day 2022-23?

The theme for World Children’s Day this year is “A better future for every child.”

How can we celebrate Children's Day at home?

You can celebrate Children’s Day at home by doing anything that makes them special. You could show them a movie you know they will like or invite friends over for a party.

What can parents do on Children's Day?

Parents can help their children feel valued and appreciated. Something like giving them a gift to show them how valued they are would help. They could also be told how their parents are so happy and proud to have them in their lives.

How do I host a Children’s Day program?

You could do a host of things like organising a storytelling session, a marathon movie watching event or a simple song, dance and food party-anything that will help the children have a wonderful time. This is one day that the children should be pampered and made to feel special.

What teachers can do for Children's Day?

The best thing that the teachers can do on Children’s Day is to give their students time off from studies and let them spend the day in fun activities that both entertain and educate. At the end of the day the students should have realised and appreciated the fact that on their shoulders lies the future of the world.

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