Importance of Time Management During Studies

Mr. Ravi Rajasekhar
Dec 30, 2021
Time Management

In today’s competitive world, time management skills are essential for students to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Abu Dhabi Indian Schools do not advocate following an obsessive, micro-managing approach in daily life, but it is important to set goals and learn to be effective time managers.

As you read further you will understand why time management matters, and we have listed several techniques which help students of Secondary School in Abu Dhabi in prioritizing and managing time effectively.

Let’s begin with

What is Time Management?

Like money, time is a finite precious resource that needs to be effectively managed. Time management is about planning the amount of time you should spend on specific tasks.

But how will you manage and control the time you should spend on a specific task? So here are some steps to follow.


It’s impossible to use time effectively if you don’t know what to do with it. Students should have short and long-term goals so that it guides them to the next step to be taken or task to be performed.

For eg:- Short term goal could be doing homework early each day to utilize the rest of time for your favorite sports practices. Their long-term goal could be to secure first in school.

Secondary School in Abu Dhabi recommends setting goals for each study session in advance. Setting goals or planning in advance for each session will save you time figuring out later what needs to be studied and help to complete the task faster.


When you have a time frame that needs to be followed religiously, you automatically understand the importance of prioritizing certain tasks. Setting a priority task for each day can help you to accomplish your goals. It also helps to understand activities that are important and urgent.

Tip:- Abu Dhabi Indian Schools ask students to prioritize or complete bigger tasks first as it boosts their confidence and you do not have to worry for the rest of the day.


Once your priorities are set, executing them is another challenge and it becomes easy when everything is organized well. Some people are naturally well-organized, and others struggle with it. But taking one step at a time will help you in the longer run.

For eg:- Strategizing everything like maintaining a calendar or creating a to-do list for the day, following a tidy study environment (placing books properly, and filing paper and notes accordingly) can be the best way to execute things easily.

Taking Care of Yourself and Managing Stress

Nobody performs best when they do not follow a proper routine. So eating healthy food, sleeping on time, and exercising are some of the healthy ways to manage the pressures of study and be efficient and more productive.

Why is Time Management Skill Important?

Effective time management help students to complete many things or task in less time

● Abu Dhabi Indian Schools students are able to plan in advance, block their time for tasks, projects or other work and make better utilization of their time

● It also helps students from procrastination and thus saves them from last-minute stress, frustration, and poor grades

● Less distraction due to focus attention 

● No wastage of time 

● Reduces stress due to proper use of time

● Sense of achievement and confidence boost due to achieving goals on time

● More time to have fun and have a healthy social life

● More time free for pursuing other activities or passion 

● Make the most of their abilities

Tips to Improve Time Management by Abu Dhabi Indian Schools

Prepare Schedule

Maintain a calendar to mark important dates of all upcoming assignments, events and exams. Schedule time for the activities, task accordingly. Maintaining a schedule will help you to know what tasks need to be carried out and will help you to be on track.

It will help to prioritize things and stay on target with due dates.

You can break down bigger projects into smaller tasks and estimate the time and dedicate time accordingly.

You can block your time for each day where you create the skeleton of your day as in how you want to spend every minute of your day. Teachers of Secondary School in Abu Dhabi believe having a daily schedule puts you in control, helps you stay organized, prioritize things, and help you overcome procrastination.

Start Early

Do not leave anything for the last minute as it may cause stress. Starting early and doing small activities daily will help you achieve bigger goals or complete bigger tasks like projects or assignments.

Avoid Multitasking

Focus on one task or activity at a time for maximum productivity. Dividing attention into many things leads to inefficiency.

Reduce Distractions

Staying away from distractions like phones, social media is necessary to have focused attention on the task at hand. Distractions can also come from internal feelings such as hunger or tiredness, so have adequate sleep and healthy food.

Take Regular Breaks

Following pomodoro technique or taking regular breaks is the best way to be focused. Working on something for too long can lead to lost attention and tiredness. Secondary School in Abu Dhabi takes short breaks every half hour which help them to perform a task or study more effectively.

Wake Up Early

When you wake up early you have more time and energy to perform each task properly. As the day ends the energy level drops and therefore the level of alertness also drops which reduces productivity. So make sure to sleep early and rise early.

Also, you can perform bigger tasks early or when you feel energetic. Find out when you are most productive every day and choose that time to tackle challenging tasks and leave easier ones for the rest of the day. Choose what suits you.

Make Time for Everything You Love

Secondary School in Abu Dhabi believe following everything strictly as per the schedule can make your life a little hectic so in order to balance it make time for the things you love, whatever it can be, talking to friends, going out, painting etc that keeps you happy and motivated.


● Find out first how you are actually utilizing or spending your time. Having an understanding of where your time goes will help you to find the actual problem and fix it with better time management strategies

● Keep a clock or timer besides to stay aware of time

● Avoid perfectionism especially when it's the first time as you will waste more time

● Makes notes to revise regularly

● Abu Dhabi Indian Schools recommend rewarding yourself regularly to keep yourself motivated

● Set a timer for two minutes if you’re feeling unmotivated as most of the time your brain alerts you and you start fresh with more focus

● Keep a time log for a few days to track in order to know how time is utilized or spent and what measures can be taken to use it more effectively

● Make a checklist or write things that need to be done in order to remember and prioritize tasks

● Don’t overfill schedules. Leave plenty of blank spaces in calendars. This allows flexibility for handling unexpected tasks or activities and it also gives time to focus on passions


Don’t obsess about managing time to be counterproductive as it can make you feel more anxious and stressed. Effective time management skills are important for all students, especially Secondary School in Abu Dhabi as they have to deal with many subjects, projects, assignments, exams, and other extracurricular activities. Having good time management skills can help them to maintain a good balance, manage all the tasks effectively and be on track.

Note:- Following a balanced approach in managing time will help you in the longer run. You need to balance everything so that you can enjoy everything.

Mr. Ravi Rajasekhar

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