Higher Secondary Studies in Indian International Schools Abu Dhabi

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May 24, 2021
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Abu Dhabi is a wonderful and awe-inspiring city to live in. The city has incredible places and infrastructures like Warner Bros World and Ferrari World and holds the best educational facilities with a culturally diverse curriculum. The reason is, many people from different countries have settled down in Abu Dhabi, and the country accepts each one with open doors as well. For the increasing expat population in Abu Dhabi, the country started building top-notch schools in recent decades. Now, the country is home to the best schools in the gulf region. In this blog, we want to help parents in understanding the Higher Secondary School’s Education system in Abu Dhabi. 

We have done the research for you and selected the mentioned perks of starting your children’s higher secondary education in the best international schools in Abu Dhabi.

So read on and be confident about your child’s future. 

Why choose GIIS for high-school education?

Every high school educates students at various stages and disciplines for their examinations. But there are other unique schools that defy the education paradigm that follows the usual method of teaching, and adopts different curriculum and practices—that’s how GIIS Higher Secondary school in Abu Dhabi is! 

Perks of starting your high school education in Abu Dhabi is as follows:

1. Expat students gather immense experience. And the earlier they start, the sooner they get a brilliant learning experience and rich worldly knowledge.

2. The students who study in Indian International school in Abu Dhabi are often known to see matters in better perspectives, which helps them make better decisions in life. 

3. Learning and collaborating among students from many different countries improves one's understanding of people from different cultures, and all walks of life.

What type of School should you choose for your child?

We at Global Indian International School, aim at inculcating high-quality education in every child who joins us. We take pride in our curriculum. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to bringing the best out of all the students. Our teaching methods have grown popular in recent years among parents as we included Robotics, advanced Audio-Visual rooms, indoor sports rooms, math labs, craft labs, and advanced science labs for our students.

We keep regular programmes such as iPlay, to improve children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities; and iCare Programme, in which gardening and charity are included to instil the values of kindness and community interaction. The advanced programme that we have for High Secondary students is called Futuready, which follows a STEM approach that includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

GIIS is firm in the values and beliefs and we ingrain good moral values in every child. We follow the Indian CBSE curriculum and have won multiple awards for our organizational abilities. 

The admission process at GIIS is very simple and straightforward. The registration process starts in August and commences in January every year.

Abu Dhabi is the education hub of the UAE and has many secondary schools for students from all cultures and countries. There are many factors which should be considered before making a decision of selecting a secondary school for your child. The safety of the school, its curriculum, its values and tradition, and more. 

The technological advancements? The skill of the teachers and kindness of the staff? The foundation and principles of the school? GIIS is a great option! The school offers international scholarships to students who are exceptional in studies and sports, and it will be a great experience for your child to be studying in a city like Abu Dhabi. 

So trust your child’s future at GIIS, and we promise your child will do wonders in life! 

GIIS communications team

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