10 Effective Strategies to Motivate Your Kid to Study

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Dec 6, 2021
Motivating kids to study

Study time isn’t always a happy time for many children. With the increase in their syllabus as they grow, children often feel overwhelmed by their academic responsibilities. Completing their homework, revising lessons, and preparing for examinations leaves little time for entertainment. Forcing the child to study never helps. It only leads to resentment in the child’s mind and a dislike for studies. But studies are a must and need to be completed in time.

It is easy for those children who are naturally inclined towards staying up-to-date with their studies. But for many others, study time is tedious. How, then, do parents motivate them to complete their assignments and make studying an enjoyable activity?

International schools in Abu Dhabi have created a framework that allows children to enjoy their academics alongside interesting activities. You, too, can draw up a framework to motivate your child similarly. Here’s how you can do it:

Create a Schedule

The International School Abu Dhabi follows a schedule that helps in completing the syllabus and leaves ample time for revision. 

A similar schedule will help your child stay on track. Incorporate their suggestions while drawing up the timetable. It will teach them to be responsible for their work.

In the timetable,

● mention the time they will start their studies,

● the number of subjects they will complete in a day,

● the number of breaks between two study sessions,

● the duration of the breaks.

Understand Their Struggles

We are often unaware of the problems our children face while studying. There could be various reasons why they must feel unmotivated:

● They may find certain subjects difficult to understand

● They may be suffering from anxiety

● Their studies may not be suited to their style

● Or, they may be suffering from low self-confidence

Encourage your child to communicate their feelings, their fears, and their anxieties, freely. A heart-to-heart conversation with your child could give you a peep into their inner world and help you learn the problems they might not otherwise share. Find ways to tackle those issues by taking your child into confidence.

Create the Right Atmosphere

A quiet nook specially created for your child to study without any distractions will help them concentrate better. Provide all the things they will need, e.g., books, stationery, a water bottle, etc, so that they don’t waste time locating these articles when in need.

Reserve this space only for studies or for any art and craft activities. This will make them welcome their study time, instead of resenting it. Spending long hours in the same place can leave them distressed and crave a change of scene.

Celebrate Every Victory

Reward your child once they complete their assignments, especially ones they have trouble doing. This will keep them motivated to return to their studies with vigor. Celebrate every hurdle they overcome because, for these young minds, every victory, whether big or small,  matters.

If the child is in kindergarten, you could give them points or extra playtime. If they are older, you could give them time off to watch their favorite TV shows or extra time to spend with their friends.

Keep the Stress Away

Stressed minds can never concentrate. If you find your child cranky or bored, there could be an underlying issue. Encourage them to talk it out and work with them for solutions.

Indulging in some other activity, such as drawing, singing, dancing, gardening, or even baking, will help your child de-stress. The international schools in Abu Dhabi encourage participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities to help children de-stress.

Prolonged study hours can take a toll on children’s mental and emotional health. They tend to lose their enthusiasm and their eagerness to study. So, provide them with stimulating activities to help relieve their pent-up energy. It will help them bounce back to a good mood, instantly.

Keep Distractions Away

Make sure there are no distractions during your child’s study time. That means the TV stays off as well as the phone. Notifications from social media apps can be distracting while you work with your child.

Even when planning breaks during study time, do not switch on the TV. Diverting attention from the television is equally difficult.

Encourage Independence

Let your child do their work. Your support and guidance are important. But they must learn to be independent. It is also important that they make mistakes, because only then will they learn to think, analyze, and comprehend.

Let your child know that you are there to help them whenever they need, but they also need to learn to help themselves.

Meet the Teachers

Regularly meeting with their teachers will help you know what problems your child may be facing at school. The International School Abu Dhabi encourages open communication between teachers and parents for the holistic growth and progress of the children.

Communicate with the teachers freely so that the teachers can help your child at school. Mutual respect and cooperation between parents and teachers help the children in improving their performance in the long run.

Set an Example

When your child observes how skillfully you deal with your work and how dedicated you are,  it will set an example for them to follow. Praise them when you observe them committed to completing their studies on time and you are sure to see the difference.

Monitor their Work

Be present for your child when they have any difficulties or doubts. Check their assignments once they are complete. Enquire about any tests or examinations at school as well as their performance. They will realize that they are held accountable, and, therefore, need to complete their studies on time.


Study time need not feel like a punishment to children. Making simple changes and creating effective strategies will help in getting them interested and make studying an enjoyable activity.

Involving them in drawing up a schedule and rewarding them for adhering to the schedule will go a long way in changing their outlook towards their studies. It will improve their performance at school, boost their confidence, and kindle a life-long love for learning.

Communications Team

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