Top 4 Reasons to Encourage Your Child to Perform Outdoor Activities

Ms. Shabista Surve
Nov 1, 2021
Encourage Your Child

Here is a comprehensive list of reasons by a Kindergarten Abu Dhabi School that states why you should encourage your child to take part in outdoor activities. The blog post also contains suggestions for different activities that you can help your child to take part in when they are out playing with their friends in the play area.

Also, understand how schools in Abu Dhabi encourage this aspect of education.

Top 4 Reasons Given by Kindergartens of Abu Dhabi School about the Importance of Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is one of the most effective ways to give your child a chance to explore the world around them. They get to understand different emotions, senses and which in turn increases their self-awareness and they also get a chance to learn different kinds of movements that help them understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their physical abilities.

It gives them a chance to make decisions and think about how best to collaborate with their friends during play.

Outdoor activities like a swing, slide or a monkey bar also give children the opportunity to improve their spatial skills in terms of concepts like back and front, up and down, slow and fast, etc which in turn help them understand the relationship between objects and spaces.

Improves their Learning Outcomes

Children who spend a good amount of time outdoors are more likely to develop their reasoning skills and their observation skills.

Since most outdoor activities include an active learning environment and exploration, children gain practical knowledge of their surroundings. Their social interaction is improved as they get together with their peers to play games, make decisions and implement their ideas appropriately. It gives them newer perspectives and keeps their creativity levels high.

Keeping their mind healthy is as important as physical fitness and this may aid in better performances in school.

Helps Increase Memory and Focus

During outdoor play, very often, a child has to pay attention, use their memory and process things accordingly. This is a great exercise to help their brains work out and improve their focus.

Usually, games that are played in teams require children to use their critical thinking and coordinating skills. All these aspects help a child’s brain development and in turn help in their academic performances too.

Schools in Abu Dhabi specifically focus on creating a balanced curriculum that helps children develop skills in Sports, Dance, and Art.

Keeps Children Healthy, Both Physically and Mentally

A child typically needs an hour of vigorous physical activity to expend their high energy levels and also to improve their muscle tone. Also, outdoor activities are known to stimulate all the five senses which can be a great booster for the brain to keep one alert and engaged.

The right amount of exercise can keep a child healthy by improving their immunity levels to a great extent. It also develops their appetite and can be a blessing for children who have a tendency to be fussy eaters.

Another important aspect is that by letting your child engage in activities outdoors, you are also cutting down on their screen time which can be beneficial for them in many ways. There are many studies that suggest that children who spend more time watching tv or any other screen have a tendency to develop behavioural issues and delay in their development, both physically and socially.

Improves Communication Skills

Outdoor activities create opportunities for children to socialize and cultivate new friendships. They learn to accept children from different backgrounds and cultures which will further diversify their knowledge about the community at large.

They learn to communicate and bridge the gap between each other while taking part in outdoor activities. This improves their socializing skills, along with their vocabulary and their communication style.

Some outdoor activities suggested by a Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi can benefit preschool children.


Outdoor activities like trampoline jumping are known to help children improve blood circulation, increase muscle strength and enhance their cardio-vascular activity. Research also suggests that children who jump on the trampoline also have better coordination and motor skills.

Hide and Seek

This fun outdoor group play activity is loved by most children. It helps develop their critical thinking ability and also enhances their balance, agility and coordination. It is a wonderful way to teach children the importance of taking turns while in a group. Hide and seek can also help improve their auditory and visual skills to a large extent.

Treasure Hunt

Another fun game that can be played in your backyard or your child’s favourite park is the Treasure Hunt. This game increases a child’s concentration and observation skills to a great extent and is a fun game when played together with a bunch of kids. It also piques their imagination and helps them think outside the box when they are trying to find the treasure.

Schools in Abu Dhabi and Their Holistic Curriculum

Just to reiterate, Kindergartens in Abu Dhabi make sure to involve outdoor activities at least once a day during school hours. They have environmental drives, green initiatives, community drives and other outdoor activities that don’t only help children understand these concepts but also give them a chance to interact with different people in a group setting.

This social awareness is quite important in growing children and will also help them make new friends with ease.


These were some amazing benefits of outdoor activities for small children. Top schools in Abu Dhabi understand this importance and as parents, we should be more than willing to go that extra mile and help our children gain all these wonderful skills.

At the end of the day, these crucial skills can give your child the confidence and the right set of tools to handle tough situations both inside and outside the classroom.

Ms. Shabista Surve

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