Why is everyone talking about Indian High Schools in Abu Dhabi?

GIIS communications team
Jul 24, 2021

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is also the centre of politics, industry, culture and commerce in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city after Dubai.
It has a diverse and multi community culture with various ethnicities.

Private Schools in Abu Dhabi

The private sector in the UAE has emerged as the key education provider. Education in Abu Dhabi is controlled by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge(ADEK) . They are responsible for the smooth working of all schools in Abu Dhabi and also carry out inspections to ensure that the quality of education is not degrading. Many of the international schools in Abu Dhabi are sponsored by the Government.
Abu Dhabi has a multicultural society which resulted in many international schools being set up there. Most expats parents choose private international schools for their child as this helps their child settle quickly. Few parents also choose other schools but the language and the academic barrier are quite vast making it an uncommon choice. Overall development of each student is very necessary as it helps them grow more individually. UAE is one of the states where jiu jitsu is given a lot of importance and is taught to children from a young age. The crown prince is also very fond of the art form. Many such activities are encouraged in all schools and children are given a chance to upskill themselves. 

Indian High Schools in Abu Dhabi

There are a variety of International Indian High schools in Abu Dhabi to choose from. Some of the best Indian high schools in the world have their campuses in Abu Dhabi. These schools have gained a reputation for providing quality education, inclusivity and holistic development of students through their excellent curriculums being offered.

Indian High schools are also ranked between “very good” and “outstanding “ by the Department of Education and knowledge in Abu Dhabi. 

The most common curriculum provided by Indian High Schools in Abu Dhabi can be CBSE and IB, these two curriculums are also quite popular in India so the student can learn and adjust quickly.

Campuses of Indian High Schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city full of modern infrastructure and this can be seen in the campuses of Indian High Schools. They are equipped with modern and state of the art  technologies which are accessed by all of its students. These also give students exposure to facilities that will help them to become better prepared for the future challenges. 

Parent Teacher Engagement

There are many rules in the UAE which make having a transparent relationship between school and parents mandatory. These rules help in knowing the progress of every student and the same can be conveyed to the parents. This is also one of the many steps taken by the UAE in order to achieve quality education for all students. Many Indian high schools use various official portals where you can check the progress of your child. A transparent relationship proves to be more effective for expats as both the parents and school can closely monitor the progress.

Employment opportunities after school in Abu Dhabi  

Abu Dhabi has a rich economy with various opportunities available to skilled workers. The schools in Abu Dhabi are teaching curriculums that will help students in overcoming challenges and smoothly adjusting to the industry. Many of the Indian international schools follow the CBSE curriculum as it has a more practical approach and can help a student to seek employment or move on to further studies anywhere in the world.

Safety and Security of students

The Department of Education and knowledge ensures that schools in Abu Dhabi are adhering to all security and safety norms. The student’s safety is of the utmost priority for schools in Abu Dhabi. 

Scholarships offered by schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi schools  offer a wide range of programs and initiatives for its students. Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge(ADEK) has launched initiatives and programs like World Robot Olympiad, Abu Dhabi Science Festival , Abu Dhabi Scholarship for distinguished students which is available to all students who meet the eligibility criteria and many more.

International schools in Abu Dhabi also offer various scholarships and initiatives which are favourable to its vast community of students. 

Schools in Abu Dhabi are moving towards establishing a world class educational system  which is inclusive, innovative, focuses on quality and efficiency and is safe and secure. In particular Indian High schools are among the ones who are moving towards this educational system faster and effectively. 

GIIS communications team

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