Why do the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi offer International Curriculum to their students?

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Jun 21, 2021
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With close to three million Indian expatriates living in the UAE, demand for Indian schools in Abu Dhabi has increased. With UAE nationals and expatriates from over 200 other nationalities, a lot of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi offer international-grade education to cater to the needs of every parent. 

To match up to the high standards of learning overseen by the UAE’s Ministry of Education, these Indian schools have introduced the latest educational programmes which ensure that these schools remain accessible and open to students from diverse cultural backgrounds. As parents, understanding a few factors can help you realize why a school offers an international learning environment to educate your children.

As globalization spreads information across the world faster than ever, developing the skills to think independently has become the need of the hour. Young citizens of the future ought to be able to differentiate rational information from complex problems and understand their context in a global scenario. Being able to voice their own thoughts by understanding the diverse nature of the world allows children to be better prepared to flourish in a global environment. 


Therefore, for concerned parents looking to avail the best education for their children, finding a school that places a strong emphasis on preparing children for global competition is a must. So let’s have a look at the larger context and try to understand how our children stand to gain the most by getting admitted into a school offering a truly international curriculum.

Reasons why schools in Abu Dhabi provide an International curriculum:

1. Centred around students

Allowing students to have a say in how they choose to explore knowledge is one of the highlights of the curriculum offered by international schools. It encourages them to think freely in an engaging environment. It makes space for students to discover their natural pace of learning and helps them transition into being active learners for an entire lifetime. In such an environment, students feel intrinsically motivated to become independent problem solvers not just for themselves but also for those around them.

2. Transdisciplinary approach

Transdisciplinary learning involves teaching students the relevance of applying the knowledge gained from one discipline or subject area to another. In doing so, their modern curriculum helps students navigate the problems of the real world without having to be confined to the boundaries of specific academic disciplines. This approach encourages students to think deeply beyond the conventional realms of one discipline to gain a deeper understanding of complex issues.

3. Access to higher-education opportunities outside the UAE

One of the top reasons that parents ought to choose an international school is for the ease of admissions they bring about for students looking to pursue their higher education in universities outside the UAE. The cutting-edge curriculum along with the latest methods of assessment offered by these schools ensure that students are at par with the various learning approaches employed by reputed universities in foreign countries.

4. Interactive learning

Through a collaborative approach towards learning, students of international schools are encouraged to participate in discussions with other students where they can freely discuss their own ideas and listen to the ideas of other students to understand their point-of-view, thereby fostering a spirit of co-operation and empathy.

5. Practical teaching

The flexible nature of the curriculum offered in international schools means that teachers act less in the capacity of a mere instructor and more in the capacity of a guide or a mentor for each student. They let the students voice their opinions in a non-judgmental atmosphere. This enables students to become the best versions of themselves as the teachers find creative ways to craft the lessons being taught in class to suit the learning styles and personalities of each student.

6. Global Orientation

With students in international schools being taught about the distinctiveness of cultures around the world, by the time they are ready to step out of their school, they are already prepared to be positively contributing members of the global society.

7. Emphasis on extracurricular activities

The overall development of children cannot be merely ensured by teaching them everything about academic subjects. By introducing other value-building activities such as sports, performing arts, literary arts, fine arts, IT education, etc., students are able to recognize their talents and pursue them as self-confident individuals.

8. Exposure to a diverse culture

By providing an international curriculum, these schools help students discover the joy of learning about the different cultures seen across the world. It prepares them to have an understanding of people from diverse backgrounds and enables them to collaborate with peers from different parts of the world.


Imparting knowledge that prepares the students’ minds to have an inquiring spirit of their own is the cornerstone for child development in all international schools. While every school places emphasis on imparting the highest quality of education to every student possible, it can be said that the learning approach offered in an international school truly unlocks the unmatched opportunities of global education. 

The carefully crafted curriculum of international schools focuses on nurturing the introspective and critical elements of a student’s personality. Some of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi strive to maintain the balance between fostering internationalism while also encouraging students to understand the impact of their culture in their daily lives. Such a balance allows students studying in these schools to have global aspirations while preserving the learnings and enduring values of Indian and Arabic culture at the same time.

GIIS communications team

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