How to earn Merit Scholarships at GIIS?

GIIS communications team
May 18, 2021

Affording tuition fees in high-quality education institutions such as Global Indian International School can be a steep challenge. Many parents resort to borrowing loans or selling their assets to afford this education level for their children. However, the introduction of scholarships eases the financial burden and provides access to quality education to all income earners. Scholarships are essential in securing the future of the beneficiaries.

Benefits of getting a GIIS scholarship

1. Scholarships allow low-income earners to afford quality education for their children. At GIIS Abu Dhabi, a scholarship beneficiary can get up to 75% support on their tuition fees either through international scholarships or other scholarships available. This amount will cut costs for any parent looking to enrol their child in GIIS.

2. When the institution covers a large percentage of the fees, you will avoid debt.

3. Winning a GIIS scholarship gives you access to world-class universities and undergraduate programs all around the globe.

4. Scholarships enhance the holistic development of the student through fun and well-rounded learning methods. We provide state of the art resources that encourage students to pursue their talents and skills.

5. Scholarships can produce prominent and confident global citizens because of vast international exposure.

6. When you receive a scholarship, it sets you aside from other students by offering you a career advantage on your resume in the future. GIIS uses a student-oriented approach that aims to produce outstanding performers in all business sectors.

7. A scholarship allows the student to focus solely on attaining excellence without the stress of unpaid tuition fees. GIIS scholarships provide airfare, visa fees, accommodation fees, tuition fees, and monthly pocket allowance. Providing these necessities gives the student the confidence to improve in various areas.

Types of scholarships at GIIS Abu Dhabi

GIIS is a premier international school in Abu Dhabi that provides high-quality education that imparts strong virtues and values in every student to enhance all-round development. We offer various scholarships that can accommodate outstanding academic performers and those who possess unique skills and talents.

1. 9GEMS Holistic Development scholarship

This scholarship aims to provide the beneficiary with each of the 9gems in the GIIS 9gems pedagogy. They include

● Academic excellence

● Sports excellence

● Performing Arts

● Personality development

● Creativity and innovation

● Entrepreneurship and leadership

● Universal values and ethics

● Community care

● Skills development

These 9gems are imparted onto the beneficiaries to enhance the student’s holistic development and equip them with skills to manoeuvre through the changing times in society. This world recognised scholarship is open to students who portray leadership skills or talent in sports and creative arts.

2. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam NextGen Global Skills Grant

GIIS awards this scholarship to students who have unique scientific skills. The Global Schools Foundation, which is the umbrella organisation for all GIIS institutions, identifies students who have technological skills and motivates them to nurture their unique talents at GIIS Abu Dhabi through this scholarship. The institution provides modern resources to enhance scientific experiments, app development, creating gadgets, and innovative scientific tools.

3. GIIS Abu Dhabi ZAYED - GANDHI Merit-cum-Means Grant

The Global Schools Foundation initiated this scholarship on Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday anniversary and H.H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan of UAE 100th birthday anniversary. The scholarship helps Abu Dhabi residents who are from low to medium-income families.

How to win a GIIS scholarship?

GIIS is one of the best international schools in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, competition for scholarship opportunities is high. It is beneficial to set yourself apart from the crowd to increase your chances of securing education merit scholarships at GIIS Abu Dhabi.

1. Identify your unique traits

GIIS scholarships are not only for students who perform well. We offer scholarships to students who portray unique talents and scientific abilities. Before you send out a scholarship application, identify your talents and skills. These can help you to select the scholarship program that you are likely to win because of your abilities. The 9GEMS Holistic Development scholarship and the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship allow talented students to access quality education.

2. Start the application process early

All GIIS scholarship programs have deadlines that applicants have to adhere to during the process. The process has many requirements, which may take up a lot of the applicant’s time. When you start early, you can gather all the information the application requires and submit it on time. Because of the large number of applications we receive, GIIS does not give extensions on the scholarship application process. Starting the process days before the deadline also guarantees that your application will be among the first for consideration. An early application can increase your chances of securing a GIIS scholarship.

3. Send out more than one application

Applying for more than one scholarship does not disqualify you from the process. When you want to secure a GIIS scholarship, you can apply for more than one scholarship to increase your chances. The institution considers various credentials for each scholarship. Submitting more than one application can qualify you for one of the scholarship programs.

4. Follow instructions

Each scholarship opportunity has a set of instructions for the applicants. The student must adhere to these instructions. Providing the necessary documentation and following all the guidelines will protect you from disqualification. Some applications require the applicant to write an essay as part of the submission. You must adhere to the directives and write an outstanding essay with a personal touch in such instances. You may qualify for a one on one interview solely because of your application essay.

5. Maintain impressive grades

Whether a scholarship is merit-based, talent-based, or a merit-cum-means scholarship, you must have good grades in more than one subject. GIIS is passionate about producing all-round students who excel in numerous sectors. Regardless of your abilities, exemplary grades are necessary for you to qualify.

6.Be confident

Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee you a spot at our campus. You have to stand out from the rest of the applicants in your application and our one-on-one interviews. When you are confident, you can express yourself clearly and highlight all your unique abilities during the interview. The interview is often the last stage of the application before sanctioning the deserving beneficiaries. Take your time to research our institution's history and the services we offer. When you have information, it is easy to express yourself confidently.

7. Do not miss the deadline

When you apply for a GIIS scholarship, late submissions are not an option. No matter how deserving you are, late submissions warrant disqualification from our portal. All students are encouraged to submit their scholarship applications within the specified timeframe. You can create a checklist for each application to make sure you submit everything on time.

8. Proofread your application

How embarrassing is it to submit an application that is full of grammatical errors? GIIS is one of the most advanced schools in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, your application should match the standards of the esteemed institution. Before clicking on the submit button for your application, take some time to proofread the entire application to eliminate any errors that may cost you the scholarship opportunity.

Despite the high standards set at all Global Indian International School institutions, the scholarship opportunities are open to all students who meet the eligibility criteria. GIIS believes in encouraging healthy competition among the applicants to allow deserving students an opportunity for affordable education. Remember to track your application on the GIIS portal or regularly check your email for feedback from our representatives.

GIIS communications team

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