How is the School Fee Structured in Abu Dhabi?

GIIS communications team
Jan 20, 2023
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Abu Dhabi, the land of wonders and incredible architecture is also the land for quality education. The schools here are culturally diverse as students from all around the globe come to Abu Dhabi to study. The UAE welcomes people from all countries. The country provides citizenship to them and is unbiased in its actions. 

This inclusive attitude of the country has given birth to one of the best schools in the gulf region. The schools have adopted new teaching methods for maths, science, and other subjects. New languages have been introduced in the syllabus, and the curriculum has been made more activity-based. After all, nobody ever loved sitting for long lectures. 

With the rise in the standard of education, the number of expat students has increased. This also changed the way school fees were structured in Abu Dhabi.  We have mentioned what a parent should look for in the Fee Structure when you’re ready to enrol your child in Indian International School Abu Dhabi. The schools in Abu Dhabi are easily approachable and they welcome international students, that’s why the fees are much reasonable too!  

Read on for everything you need to know about the school fee structure in Abu Dhabi

We’ll walk you through the costs, the increases, what’s included and what’s not in the school fees in Abu Dhabi. If you’re an expat parent raising your children in Abu Dhabi school, there’s no escaping the stress of school fee payment. But knowing how much the fee is, will help you plan your finances and be worry-free. 

The amount of your child’s school payment depends on the government regulator (the KHDA) and obviously, the school itself.

How does School Rating affect the Fee Structure?

Yes, the ratings of the school do affect the amount of payment. The more popular the school with advanced classrooms and teaching methods, the more is the cost to the parents. That being said, the quality of education, variety of skills, and the moral values your child would inculcate in these are worth it! 

On average, the fees in Abu Dhabi’s top-notch schools across the curriculum would be around AED 55,000. Then there are other popular schools which cost around AED 40,000, and decent schools’ cost wouldn’t exceed AED 20,000.  

Schools with the British curriculum are found at various places in Abu Dhabi, and depending upon its popularity, recommendation, teaching methods, and campus; the fees start from AED 15,000 to AED 10,000 per year.

At Global Indian International School of Abu Dhabi, we understand the needs of parents and we know what every child needs. Our curriculum is ultra-modern, and facilities are advanced. We follow the Indian CBSE curriculum. GIIS is recommended and vouched for by several awards and accolades for their well-structured curriculum and organizational abilities. 

For Kindergarten, the curriculum is unique, which is based on Maria Montessori style of hands-on learning. The teaching method is called Montessori, which is a world-renowned way of teaching. Our curriculum involves creative thinking and innovative exercises, and also has indoor sports rooms, craft labs, math labs, and advanced science labs. 

GIIS’ holds high standards in values and focuses on ingraining students with moral values and principles. We have pre-primary classrooms, individual practise rooms for better concentration, choir rooms, and a swimming pool for kids too! Your child will love the time studying in GIIS. 

Fee Structure for GIIS Abu Dhabi Indian school

The admission process starts in August and comes to end in January every year. For the academic year 2021-22, the fee starts from AED 10,600, for Kindergarten one and two (KG-1 and KG-2), and increases in every grade up to AED 12,550.

You can contact us at or feel free to call us at +971 54 995 3456, +971 52 218 1585. Our kind staff will guide you through the admission or transfers process. 

We want to help out parents who are stressed about their child’s future. We know how difficult it is to manage one’s finances. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving the best education possible to every student. Because our pride is in the children who are proud to call themselves GIIS Students. 

GIIS communications team

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