10 Effective Homework Tips For Students

Mr. Ravi Rajasekhar
Apr 19, 2022
High School

High school is a time when many students start to develop the skills they will need later in life.

Best schools in UAE are not just focusing on academic performance but on the holistic development of a child (such as sports excellence, skills development and more).

Hence, high school students have numerous classes, extracurricular activities and exams to worry about.

It's easy for a student to feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on in his or her life.

All high school students agree that they get a lot of homework. So, for them, it is important to learn how to effectively manage their time, so they can get everything done including homework and still have time for fun.

Parents are always looking for ways to help their high school kids with their homework. Continue reading for 10 effective homework tips that you can share with your children.

1. Ask Your Kids to Pay Attention in Classes

A crucial tip for students to manage homework is to pay attention in classes. If they are not attentive during classes, they will miss out on their homework.

Your kids can ask their friends about the homework given at school. But why would they bother their friends when they have been to school themselves.

Moreover, their friends also might have missed out on something.

Therefore, it’s better to pay attention in class rather than lose marks or get punished for not doing their homework.

2. Track Their Homework Using a Planner

Sometimes high school students get homework that they will have to submit a few days later.

In this case, students have a high chance of forgetting their homework. Parents can encourage their kids to use a homework planner.

Ask your kids what homework they got right after they return from school. You can note all their homework in the planner with the submission dates.

Keep the homework planner on their study table or in a place that will be visible to your kids. 

Encourage your kids to check the homework planner every day before starting their homework. Once they finish, cross it out from the planner.

3. Ask Your Child to Start Their Homework Immediately After Coming Home

You can encourage your kids to finish homework right after they return from school. They can focus on revising lessons or preparing for a test after completing their homework. 

You need to make your kids realize that finishing their homework is as important as studying for a test.

Make your kids understand that it’s better to complete their homework and rest. Get them to stop procrastinating as it will create more pressure on them at the eleventh hour.

4. Limit Distractions While Your Child Is Doing Homework

Whether your child is studying or doing homework, you should focus on cutting down distractions around them.

You need to ensure that your kid is not doing their homework with the TV playing in front of them. 

Get your kids to finish their homework in a de-cluttered and calm environment.

You might also ask your high school kid to organize their study room before they begin their homework. 

You can also create an inviting study space for your children by placing comfortable chairs and providing them with attractive stationery.

5. Ask Them to Start Homework at Schools

The best way for students to save time is to start working on their homework at school.

It will ensure that your kids can use the time at home to prepare for studies, take rest or pursue hobbies.

Most students get a long hour for lunch at school. If they don’t do much during lunch, they can start their homework during that time.

They can also use the free periods at school to complete their homework.

6. Invite Their Friends to Do Homework Together

Another way to get your kids interested in homework is to invite their friends from school.

When your kids finish their homework with their friends, they get involved in healthy competitions. 

Working in pairs or groups makes your kids share insights and come up with better answers.

It is not just fun but also makes your kids finish homework quickly. They will develop stronger bonds with their friends and learn from each other.

7. Play Music without Lyrics

While doing their homework, your child can listen to music without lyrics. You can use any music streaming platform to find a no lyrics playlist for your kids. 

Listening to music will help your kids focus better. It can also keep at bay distracting noises from the outside world.

High school students will become more productive when they find interest in finishing their homework. 

However, ask your kids not to listen to music with lyrics as it can be quite distracting.

8. Feed Your Child Before They Start Their Homework

While it’s important to start homework without wasting much time, students should find time to eat. After returning from school, provide your kids with a wholesome meal. 

Ask your kids to drink water and go to the bathroom before sitting down with homework.

Sitting with a full stomach enables students to become more productive and also the brain functions in a better way.

You can give your child dark chocolate before they start their homework as it can improve focus. 

You should also keep a glass of water near your kids to ensure that they won’t have to get up when thirsty.

9. Help Your Kids with Homework Whenever You Can

Your kids might be struggling with some of their homework. While it’s a bad idea to do their homework for them, you can help them when they need it. 

Don’t tell them the answers, but you can guide them in the right direction. 

You can also consider getting a tutor for your kids if they are finding it difficult to do their homework.

10. Plan Rewards for Your Child

If you want your kids to finish homework fast, you can also give them rewards. The rewards can be anything from chocolate to an extra hour of a break from study. 

If your child finishes homework before time, you can allow them to watch TV or do any other fun activity. The rewards will encourage kids to be more productive and efficient.

Our Parting Thoughts

During the next homework session with your kid, give them these useful tips.

Positively, the tips will help your kids perform better in the current school year and help them cope with homework in high school.

Mr. Ravi Rajasekhar

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