Why is the Indian International School Fees Worth it in Abu Dhabi City?

Mr. Ravi Rajasekhar
Oct 27, 2021

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Many people move from India to various parts of the UAE mainly for a better job that pays well. Going to a new country can be exciting, but it does bring a lot of adjustment issues. 

As grown-ups, we can adapt much better, but adapting quickly to an entirely new environment can be very stressful for your kid.

The education of your kid might be the number one concern for you. So to make your child more comfortable, you might choose an Indian International school.

International schools have gained popularity among expats in UAE, with over 1600 international schools providing education to 1.1 million students. But very often, parents wonder whether Indian International school fees are worth paying. Before discussing this, let's look into the education system of Abu Dhabi.

The Education System in Schools in Abu Dhabi City

Being one of the top countries to have a high literacy rate, the United Arab Emirates has some of the best government and private schools. You can find a lot of differences between government and private institutions.

The government schools provide free education to students but learning the Arabic language is compulsory in government schools.

The government in Abu Dhabi is making efforts to provide quality education to the maximum number of students so that the literacy rate can increase even more. Ultimately the education system builds the foundation of the future of any country.

Why are Indian International School Fees Worth it?

There are various schools in Abu Dhabi city, but Indian International school is best for your kid. Let's see why?

Modern Curriculum

The entire education system is dependent on the curriculum. The curriculum of private schools is not under the Ministry of Education. It is related to the curriculum of the affiliate country.

Modern education enables students to learn better because it is learner-centric. The curriculum is not about mugging up things, but practical-based learning is encouraged. The curriculum is such that it takes into account the individual differences between the kids.

The teachers give personalized attention to students so that they can grasp things better. There are a couple of options in schools in Abu Dhabi city, out of which you can choose one curriculum that works best for your kid.

Perks of a Multicultural Environment

Children studying in a multicultural school have an added advantage over other schools. The students learn to embrace rather than being fearful about the diversity of traditions and religions.

Having respect for different cultures brings them towards the goal of global peace. Multiculturalism has the following advantages:

Builds Curiosity:- Curiosity is the first step in the learning ladder. When students see children from different cultures, they become curious to learn about the different traditions. In this way, they respect other cultures while celebrating their customs. 

Teaches Inclusion:- Inclusion is a characteristic that helps the learners to unleash their potential and become well-adjustable. Children who learn to reach out to students different from them help them increase networking in adulthood. They learn skills like Tact, empathy, open-mindedness, kindness, respect, and collaboration. 

Instills Kindness:- The students learn to be kind to each other despite their differences. When they grow, they make the world a kinder place to live.

Community Development

A foreign country can make the parents and students anxious because everything is new. Indian International school allows them to network with parents of the same community. 

It will also help your kid to adapt better, and he will feel more confident. Networking will build a community-based in a foreign country.

You can build networks by following ways:

Pre-Departure Networking

There would be Facebook groups at the school. You can join them before reaching Abu Dhabi. You can also search for keywords on Facebook like Indians in Abu Dhabi. 

You will find groups for networking in this way. Once you are part of the group, you can even ask for suggestions or a pre-departure checklist.

Trust me, the entire process becomes a lot simpler, and you make friends even before reaching Abu Dhabi.

Invitation for Lunch

You can invite the parents of your child's batchmate for brunch/lunch/ dinner. It will not only help your kid to make good friends, but you will also get an idea of the friends your child has. If you wish, you can even go on short trips together.

Peers have a tremendous influence on the kids. So if they are good, then your child will also grow to be a good human being. Because ultimately, success is not just about the number of degrees one has.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent-teacher meetings are also a way of networking and community development.

Learn Languages

Though English is usually the mode of instruction in international schools, you can choose any other curriculum if your child wants to migrate to a different country. It will enhance his skills, and better job opportunities will be available for him all over the world.

Moreover, as the United Arab Emirates is an Arabic country, your child can also choose to learn Arabic.

Grading System

Success is not just about the grades, but better marks boost the confidence of your child. Indian International school will not have just the curriculum of India, but the grading system is like the assessment criteria of the native country. So, even if your child migrates to a new country, he can easily catch the concepts well and score well.

For example, suppose your child has completed grade 5 in India, and then you migrate to Abu Dhabi, your child will score good marks in grade 6 in a foreign country as well. It is applicable for the students studying in any grade.


There is a zone of fear that slows down the learning process, and there is a zone of learning that pushes your child out of the comfort zone but does not make him fearful.

Relocating to a new place will not expose your child to fear if you choose Indian International schools. Thus your child will learn, and more growth will take place. Moreover, he can even migrate to your native country for a university education.

Students who choose the curriculum of any other country can migrate to that country with much ease. So better job opportunities are present for them.

Connected to Root

Though you might have migrated to a new country, you would love to have the Indian culture and values instilled in your child.

Western influence is also good for your child's growth. So a mix of cultures and values is what your child needs. Isn't it interesting?

Your child gets the Indian values and also learns western culture. He remains connected to the roots even if you moved to a new country. It will enable him to be respectful towards his motherland.

How to Select the Best Indian International School in Abu Dhabi City?

The Internet is the hub of information. You will get the best school in one click. Jot down the list, then visit the official page of each school. Compare the schools. 

Ask for feedback from other parents via social media groups. Then shortlist the best schools. You can request a virtual tour in those schools by contacting the school authority via email.

Before completing the virtual tour, make a list of queries related to each school. Finally, make a decision based on the virtual counseling. It might seem to be a long list of work. But when you do it, you won't find it difficult.

Moreover, school is the first step towards a successful career for your kid. So, it is okay to make this much effort.


Being apprehensive while moving to a new place is completely normal. But everything settles down faster if you choose an Indian International school for your kid. 

Because, of course, there would be lots of complex things for you when you move to a new place, but if your child is comfortable, you feel less worried.

So it is definitely worth paying the India international school fees. But make sure you do your research on the internet, choose the right one and get your child's admission.

Please don't get irritated during the entire process because it will reflect in front of your child. Your child needs to remain confident. He can be stress-free if you are comfortable.

Mr. Ravi Rajasekhar

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