Navigating Private School Options In Abu Dhabi: A Parent's Guide

Aug 8, 2023
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Every parent wants to provide their child with the best education so that they can become successful in the future. The best way to get that done is by enrolling them in a private secondary school in Abu Dhabi. 

Abu Dhabi is home to 247 private institutions, and each of them is unique in its own way. Enrolling your child/children in such institutions will help them get top-notch education, acquire skills and prepare to become future leaders.

Understanding The Landscape: What Can Parents Expect From Private Schools In Abu Dhabi?

Sending your child to an international private school will not just provide them with an excellent learning experience. But they will get the chance to learn more about various cultures. 

It's because Abu Dhabi is known as a multicultural city, which means you will find people from different nationalities residing in the city. Due to such reasons, international schools, especially private ones, have students across the globe. 

But in this section, you will learn what you can expect from the private schools here in Abu Dhabi: 

1. They Have Smaller Sized Classes 

The majority of the private schools in Abu Dhabi benefit greatly from the smaller-sized classes compared to their public counterparts. It will not just allow your child to build a good relationship with the teachers.

But will also enable the teachers to make sure that every student is getting the attention they deserve. 

When your child is experiencing some difficulties within a subject, the teacher will recognise that instant and will provide your child with assistance. The teachers will make sure that no students are left behind. 

2. Involving The Parents 

When compared to the public institutions where all the parents get left out of the equation because of the massive number of students. 

But here, at the private CBSE school Abu Dhabi, you will find them place an emphasis on involving all the parents in their child's education. This clearly shows that parents will get a lot more access to the teachers. 

They can easily meet up with the teacher and learn more about their child, his/her behaviour, and many more.

3. They Are Completely Student-Centred 

Due to having small class sizes, the private schools in Abu Dhabi make the whole education child-focused. In other words, all decisions that are made are made for the best interest of all the students. 

Because of such reasons, students are a lot happier, more productive and more engaged because the school concentrates on creating an outstanding learning atmosphere for them.

Why Do Parents Choose International Private Schools for Their Child's Education?

There is a list of reasons why many parents these days think of sending their child to a private institution. Although it's not possible to mention all of them in this section, you will learn about the crucial ones. These reasons are: 

Good Learning System: International private schools have an excellent learning system and utilise various tools. The schools also have competent teachers so that students get to receive a much better learning experience. 

Better Quality Education: The schools are known to have plenty of resources, which can enhance the quality of their private education significantly. These schools also provide creativity and flexibility when it comes to teaching methods and curriculum.

●  Private Schools are Selective: The majority of the private institutions in Abu Dhabi are a lot more selective compared to the public ones. They have multiple selective admission policies and methods, which they follow without fail. 

H2: Parent's Guide: Questions To Ask When Evaluating Best Private Schools In Abu Dhabi?

As a parent, you certainly don't wish to enrol your child in an institution that doesn't have a proper curriculum and education system. When you want to check all the options a lot more closely, you should ask some of these questions: 

● What does school philosophy mean? 

● What kinds of students do normally attend private schools?

● How much is the tuition for the private schools, and what are things included?

● How is technology integrated into the curriculum and the classroom? 

● What's the student life like at the private schools? 

Key Considerations: When Choosing The Best Private School In Abu Dhabi?  

Enrolling your child in a highly-reputed international private school will be highly beneficial for them. But there are certain things which you must take into consideration:

●  Research: Do some research on the private schools in Abu Dhabi and check what type of education system, curriculum and facilities they have in-store. 

●   Education Authorities: Before you start looking for a private school, you should gain information about the education authorities and how they handle the changes in the education system and incorporate them effectively.

●  Find the Best Curriculum: When you pick the right curriculum for your child, it will help them develop all the best skills. At the private schools, you will find the Indian, US, IB, and the UK curriculum. 

●  The Budget: You must always opt for a private school that falls right under your budget. That way, you can track down your finances perfectly. 

●  School Rating: The school ratings are provided by KHDA and ADEK. The ratings will give you an idea of which private school is much better when it comes to education. 

●   Reviews: You should also check the reviews section that you will find on the school's website. These reviews will give more information about the school and how good they are for students. 

Results and Accolades: The top schools will have a track record of students securing high grades in their exams. Make sure you check their credentials and accolades before finalising the admission.

●  School Uniform and Shoes: Some of the schools have provisions and offer school uniforms and shoes for the students taking admission in their institution. So, as a parent, check whether the school chosen by you has such facilities.

Unlocking Giis: Premier Choice Among Abu Dhabi's Top Private Schools

When it comes to the top private schools in Abu Dhabi, GIIS [Global Indian International School]. The school has been rated as "GOOD" by ADEK, and it provides well-rounded learning and also offers the CBSE curriculum. 

GIIS provides numerous programs for students, which will help enhance their skills and also help them obtain proper knowledge and understanding in various subjects. The school also provides multiple innovative programs, which are ideal for university placements. 

GIIS also has some of the best and most highly qualified teachers who use the personalised learning method to help students gain a proper understanding of a specific subject or topic.

Additional Information About Admission Process For Private Schools

The best private schools in Abu Dhabi follow a simple admission process so that parents do not experience any issues. The admission process includes the following:

● Complete the online application form

● Complete the assessment after submitting the application form

● Pay up the registration fee

● Make sure to attach all the necessary documents with the application form

● Pay the tuition fees 

● Complete the ADEK registration


Private schools can provide world-class education and have the best curriculum. They include numerous extracurricular activities in which all the students can take part. Furthermore, a private secondary school in Abu Dhabi will also provide your child with personalised attention so that they get to develop unique skills and proper knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Private Schools In The Uae Expensive?

In short, no. All private schools are not that expensive in the UAE, and the cost depends heavily on the location, grade level and the school itself.

2. What Type Of Curriculum Do Private Schools In The Uae Adhere To?

Private schools in the UAE follow many kinds of curricula, such as the UK, Indian, US, IB [International Baccalaureate], German, French, Canadian and many more.

3. What Are The 4 Classroom Rules In Private Schools?

The four classroom rules at private schools are:

● Don't be late for class

● Raise your hand to volunteer or speak

● Listen to the teacher well

● Be respectful to your classmates

4. How Many Private Schools Are In Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi has a total of 185 private schools, which are located in three different sectors.


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