Holistic Growth And Learning: Best High Schools Fostering Development In Abu Dhabi

Aug 16, 2023
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In the 21st century, education is something that will not be that "effective" until it helps children to open themselves up to life. This is because high school academic excellence will not be enough to ensure happiness and success in a career. 

A school that opts for the holistic method via education can help children during their early stages of life. Holistic growth is known as the development of social, intellectual, emotional and physical abilities in a child. 

When you enrol your child in an international school in Abu Dhabi, that equipment with a holistic approach will enable them to face the challenges and demands of daily life. It will surely help them gain success in their professional life.

What is The Holistic Approach To Learning And Development?

The high schools in Abu Dhabi that opt for holistic development can help children develop countless abilities or facets of the human brain. Conventional learning systems can help with only the development of intellectual capabilities. 

But when it comes to holistic growth, the top high schools will help with the development of physical, emotional, cognitive, social and intellectual abilities. Let's learn about these abilities in detail below:

1. Development of Physical Capabilities

International schools that opt for the holistic growth option for students can lead to the development of physical capabilities such as: 

● Development of psychomotor abilities, such as hearing, touch and sight.

● Development of gross motor aptitudes, such as climbing, running, strolling, etc.

2. Development of Cognitive And Intellectual Capabilities 

Under the development of cognitive and intellectual capabilities, the following are included: 

● Development of critical thinking capabilities like examining issues, ideas, concepts, etc.

● Development of comprehension skills like learning and verbal and written information.

● Development of learning from experience and information 

● Development of abstract thinking like thinking and understanding of objects, ideas, etc.

● Development of analytical and logical thinking abilities 

● Development of creating thinking skills like new ways to visualise, think, solve, etc.

● Development of problem-solving skills like resolving issues with solutions, concepts, etc.

3. Development of Emotional Abilities 

Institutions that follow a top-notch school curriculum also follow the holistic growth and learning approach, which can develop a child's emotional abilities. These include:

● The development of social aptitudes like working in a team, interacting with others, etc.

● The progress of intra-personal skills comprises self-belief and self-understanding.

● Development of interpersonal abilities like building relationships, interacting, etc.

● Developing self-regulation skills like controlling and regulating feelings and emotions.

● Developing empathy, which is the ability to convey and comprehend the feelings and emotions of others.

4. Development of Social Abilities

Based on the educational growth in Abu Dhabi, it was found that developing social skills through holistic growth can help students greatly. It will allow students to obtain interconnected, dynamic and broad skills effectively and rapidly.

What is The Concept of Holistic Approach in High Schools?

The holistic approach in high schools takes a bigger picture view of learning. It completely emphasises the growth of an entire person. This type of approach views all the children as individuals who have unique talents and needs. 

Furthermore, high schools that provide holistic education can recognise that your child gets to have an excellent learning experience. This type of approach will also ensure that all the individual requirements of the students are met properly. 

The CBSE school that opts for the holistic approach can encourage your child to express themselves and explore their interests in countless ways. This type of approach will help your child to transform into a responsible citizen.

What Are The Benefits of Holistic Education in High Schools?

You will come across multiple advantages of holistic growth and development, but in this section, you will get to know about the vital ones:

● Through a holistic approach, it will help reach the main cause and will work to make improvements in students through various activities and let them focus on themselves. 

● It will help build confidence in students by letting them practise all the skills in areas where they can get much stronger. 

● The holistic approach in high schools is completely child-oriented. When children are still developing in many areas, it's vital to support them as they keep growing.

● Through holistic education, it will become easier for teachers to focus on and support a child and their entire well-being.

● With the help of this approach, it will enable children to actively participate in various activities, which include interacting with other children and so on. 

● Holistic education can help children comprehend all the massive concepts instead of the smaller ones.

● Children will get the opportunity to utilise their reasoning ability when they are in a classroom. 

● The holistic education approach stands out as pretty motivating for all the children because it blends both learning and playfulness.

● It will help your child to understand others and also get to interact with them. 

How Can Holistic Education Be Implemented in School Curriculum?

One of the best ways through which the Abu Dhabi high schools can include holistic education into their curriculum is through various programs. Students can participate in community-building programs where they can interact and connect with other students. 

It will also enable them to cultivate skills through which they can create solutions to resolve difficult social issues. 

Including these types of student development programs in the school's curriculum will make the students feel empowered to take social action. It will also enable them to work hard to create a world that is equitable and just.

What Are Some Examples of A Holistic Approach?

You will come across many types of examples that fall under holistic education, and some of them are: 

● Cooking can help children build hand-eye coordination and motor skills

● Playing with water will improve a child's social skills, and it's also a therapeutic activity.

● Playing dress-up will improve emotional development and language skills.

● Singing nursery rhymes and songs will enhance pre-reading skills.

● Taking part in musical games can develop concentration and auditory perception.

How Are International Schools Like GIIS Offering Holistic Development Through Their Curriculum?

GIIS [Global Indian International School] is well-known for identifying talents in all children, and they believe that it's crucial to mould them at a young age. 

Known as one of the reputed international schools of all time, GIIS offers holistic development through their extracurricular activities. The school provides countless outdoor and indoor activities, which will improve the sporting and various other skills of the students. 

GIIS also provides a unique Abu Dhabi education environment where students can develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork spirit effectively. They also offer co-curricular activities through which all the students can easily develop their inner skills.


Holistic development can surely help a child greatly. The approach will help your child by enabling them to take part in various activities through which he/she can develop social, physical, cognitive and emotional skills. 

Furthermore, the holistic education model will enable children to build confidence, interact with others, improve their concentration, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Role of Holistic Education For High School Students?

The main part of holistic education is to focus on the development of all the high school students. It will encourage them to become the finest or the best they can be and help them reach their objectives on time.

2. What is The Role of A Teacher in The Holistic Development Of High School Students?

Teachers are responsible for building self-confidence in all the school students. They can do so by creating various ways for all the students to interact and learn what they get to understand. 

3. What is A Holistic Curriculum?

A holistic curriculum will help students connect with their inner selves, which is known as a mysterious and important energy that will provide a purpose and meaning in their lives.

4. Are There Any Disadvantages of Holistic Approach?

In short, yes, they do. A holistic approach has the following drawbacks:

● It doesn't fit properly with the curricula of many schools

● It can understate academic learning

● It can lack an interdisciplinary practice 

● Many of the parents disagree with the holistic approach

5. Why is A Holistic Approach Important in School Counselling? 

Using a holistic approach in school counselling will help students understand themselves well and also get to see an increase in their self-confidence and self-esteem.


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