Creating A Positive Study Environment At Home: Tips For Parents

Nov 14, 2023
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When it comes to their children, all parents want the very best, especially providing them with the best education. That being stated, there’s more that is required of them, in terms of them providing psychological support to their children by providing them with a congenial and nurturing environment at home. 

This is especially true, when it comes to creating a positive study environment at home, given how demanding and often stressful studies are for children these days. Here are a few tips that parents can follow to create the best possible study environment at home for their children. 

Why A Positive Study Environment is Essential For Students

Creating a positive study environment is necessary for not just children, but their parents as well. That is because it lays down the ground rules of behaviour for both, allowing the creation of a harmonious environment at home. The parents, for instance, would know when to give their children space to be with themselves and the latter too would know what time is best to engage with their parents. 

This is something that all international schools in Abu Dhabi, where parents go for nursery admission, advise them to do. Children who live in homes with a positive environment are more likely to study with more concentration and consequently learn better. It will also keep them in a better state of mind in school. 

10 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Learning Environment at Home

Given below are 10 tips that parents can implement to maintain a positive learning environment at home.

1. Designate a space for learning

It would be a good idea to keep a quiet and distraction-free space dedicated to learning - someplace a child might feel comfortable and relaxed enabling them to study with the required concentration. There should be a dedicated place to keep a desk and chair as well as books, stationery and other supplies.

2. Create a congenial and motivating environment

Children study best when there is a congenial, motivating and engaging atmosphere at home. The young ones should not be pressured to study all the time and should be given sufficient breaks to re-energise themselves. 

The children should be made to understand that their parents have their back and will support them through tough and easy times. Parental support in education is everything.

3. Have an open channel of communication

The parents should be regularly engaged with their children by maintaining open channels of communication with them. They should ask them about how their day was and share their view and insights based on their child or children’s questions and queries.

4. Keep a harmonious atmosphere at home

Nothing distracts a child more than an unhappy home. Lack of harmony at home will inevitably have a negative impact on a child’s growth and development, as well as academic progress. Creating a study-friendly home is impossible in a home that has discord and strife. It is, therefore, important that parents provide their children with a home that is a sanctuary of peace and security.

5. Establish a regime for studies

Establishing a study routine at home will instil a sense of discipline and purpose in a child. They will be able to learn in a structured and organized manner. This will allow the child to capitalize on their study time at home in the best possible manner.

6. Have adequate lighting provision

The study area should be bright and well lit allowing the child or children in question to not only feel bright and motivated but also feel no strain while studying.

7. Restrict the use of technology

While using technology by itself is not bad, and may even be helpful with studies, gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and laptops can be harmful if the child or children in question get obsessed with them. Restricting access to gadgets is advisable in that context.

8. Parents should help the students with their studies

While parents cannot certainly be expected to do their children’s homework, homework help to the extent of helping clarify concepts and doubts should certainly be extended.

9. Ensuring that children stay motivated

Modern education can be quite stressful, and children can get depressed on account of their performance and peer pressure. In such cases, the parents should counsel them and ensure that they stay focused and motivated by pointing out the bigger picture to them.

10. Take them out

As the adage goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Take the children out to play in the park or take them to a movie or restaurant from time to time. This helps break the monotony of routine and helps revive their spirits and revitalize body and mind.

Problem-Solving Strategies for Parents

Raising children is quite challenging and this is something that any parent would understand. International schools in Abu Dhabi that parents go to for nursery admission are well aware of this as well and work with them to provide the best possible education to the little ones. Let us look at a few problem-solving strategies that parents might apply.

1. Let the children know what the expectations from them are and brief them about behaviour that is acceptable and that which is not.

2. Respect the time and space of the child when they are studying.

3. Always keep the channels of communication open for your children as they are at a vulnerable age and might require guidance at any time.

3. Encourage your children as they look up to you so much and a word from you can make all the difference.

4. Be a role model that they can aspire to emulate.

GIIS Abu Dhabi's Guidance to Cultivating a Nurturing Study Environment at Home

1. GIIS Abu Dhabi regularly interacts with the parents of their students filling them in on what kind of support their children need at home.

2. They share their assessment of a child’s performance with their parents, giving them suggestions about the steps that can be taken at home to optimize it.

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School and home are the two most important factors in the growth of a child. Choosing the right kind of school and providing a warm, nurturing and encouraging environment go a very long way in ensuring a bright future for one’s child or children. The above tips can help parents with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Key Elements Of A Positive Study Environment?

1. A designated workplace

2. Well-lit-up surroundings

3. A happy and strife-free environment.

4. Open channel of communication with parents.

5. Regular studying regime.

6. Timely breaks

What Can I Do To Minimize Distractions During Study Time?

1. Study in a quiet place away from any activity going on at home.

2. Keep away from electronic gadgets unless these are required to help with studies.

3. Maintain a schedule.

4. Focus on the task at hand.

How Can I Encourage My Child To Stay Organized in Their Study Area?

1. Have them follow a routine.

2. Have them keep their books and stationery in an organized manner.

3. Ask them to keep their study and play time separate.

4. Tell them to stick to time schedules.

What Role Can Breaks And Relaxation Play in A Productive Study Environment At Home?

Breaks and relaxation play a tremendous role in creating a productive study environment at home as they help the children unwind and destress. That is extremely important for their mental and physical health.

How Can I Stay Involved In My Child's Education Without Being Too Overbearing?

You can do that by avoiding questioning their every activity, but by observing them unobtrusively and offering them counsel and guidance when they ask for it or are stuck at something and could do with some help.


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