All about Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi City and their Fees

Ms. Teena Chabbra
Oct 27, 2021

Abu Dhabi is the centre of trade and Politics for the United Arab Emirates. It is now home to international and local private schools and universities, including government-sponsored INSEAD,  Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, New York University, New York Institute of Technology, Higher Colleges of Technology, New York Film Academy, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi University and many more.

Notably, in the past decade, there has been a surge of Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi City.

After 2009 the city has witnessed impeccable growth in the private school sector. This is largely credited to the policies of Abu Dhabi Education Council uniforming education standards across the schools, making it easy for schools to follow the tried and tested ways that work for the city population.

International schools in this sector have also seen an optimistic uptick in numbers and for good reasons. Parents in the city want the best for their children. A system of education that ensures that their kids would be on par with the kids in the developed countries is something that the parents in the city say yes to, quickly.

Education has always been a changing landscape in the city. Every year there is an exhibition in the admission season that is launched in Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center under government supervision.

Universities from many corners of the world exhibit their career programs and scholarship programs. University of Bolton, Heriot-Watt University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, the Petroleum Institute, Khalifa University, and Abu Dhabi University attend.

In recent years the city is becoming home to an increasing number of Indian International schools. Some are subpar in their methodology of teaching and some are excellent.

There is a trend from the upper-middle class Indian population of the city to opt for an Indian International school. But that’s not the only reason that these schools are popping up in different parts of the city. Here are some factors contributing to that number:

City’s Indian Population

Indians in the (UAE), United Arab Emirates constitute the largest part of the population of the country. Over 3,420,000 Indians are estimated to be living in the UAE, which is around 38 per cent of the total population of the UAE. Most of them migrated there to work in the petroleum industry.

Abu Dhabi holds around the same proportion of the Indian population in the city. Call it homesickness but people tend to trust their own kind in a foreign land. Especially when it comes to trusting people with the future of their kids. Nothing like familiarity in values and manner to build this foundation of trust.

Things like good parent-teacher rapport goes a long way in parents decision making for a school. A tightly knitted community such as Indians encourages every member to make the same decisions too from word of mouth.

Having someone similar in making school-related parental choices, arranging playdates with someone back home helps the nuclear families to feel a sense of belonging in the foreign city. Considering this it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Indian parents are selecting Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi city.

Indian International Schools’ Fees Structure

Indian International schools’ fee structure is one of the most competitive fees structure available in the city to parents seeking admission to an International school.

With the existence of many international schools in the city, the likes of New York University, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Paris- Sorbonne University, the tuition fees of the international schools in the city has been expected to be high for the longest time.

However, the transparent and competitive tuition fee of most Indian international schools has brought a positive change in the education landscape. Today Indian International Schools charge the most affordable tuition fees among all the other International schools and Universities.

Curriculum in Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi City

Indian International schools in Abu Dhabi have managed to offer a wide range of curriculum originating from different parts of the world.

From the country's own homespun CBSE, IGCSE to international curriculum like IB and more. Among these, the most common curriculum in the Indian international schools, the CBSE curriculum, gives emphasis on the assimilation of knowledge, especially in the fields of Mathematics and Sciences, and has a more practical approach that helps students build good skills like analytic, communication and cognitive skills, problem-solving ability and personality development.

CBSE leverages students' future in terms of selection of colleges/higher education and career choices subsequently.

Top Indian International Schools have special programmes for pre-primary classes like the famous Global Montessori Programme which focuses on the development of exceptional skills like literacy, language, numerical and writing. Teachers help students to build their fluency through reading, listening, and speaking activities.

Through individual attention, exciting activities, and Montessori labs, schools aim at creating an enthusiastic learning environment.

Today, Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi are offering some of the most diverse curricula to their students. This is also accentuated by the fact that the top schools have special faculties, experienced in those curriculum teaching.

School Campus

The kind of facilities that the school offers would directly affect the learning experience of the student.

It is true that big campuses don’t necessarily guarantee a good education. However, schools with shoddy campuses and no facilities would result in your kids getting the bare minimum in a place where they would be spending a large chunk of their childhood. There has been a particular emphasis by Indian international schools on infrastructure that has made a mark.

Top Indian International schools in Abu Dhabi now are offering some of the best campuses in the city. Facilities like a Tennis court, Swimming pool, Playground, Digital classrooms ultimately add up to the holistic growth of a child and open up more avenues of possibilities.

Exposure to modern technology and state of the art equipment in the lab makes the child ready and a contributing member of the present society.

Many variables take responsibility in the rise of the number of Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi from Indian International schools’ fee structure to the adaptation of strategies that have guaranteed growth of schools like the emphasis on providing a state of the art campus to the students. And even though the city’s Indian population is a major factor in this general and possibly temporary trend, it would be a false assumption that it has everything to do with it.

A city like Abu Dhabi is largely considered as one of the most wealthy cities in the world and is brimming with the most sophisticated schools on the planet.

These Indian International Schools with their own ideologies, ethos and teaching methodologies have found their own unique space in this saturated and complex educational landscape.


Abu Dhabi is also one of the most exciting grounds for schools to experiment in their strategies and teaching methodologies as the parents in this rapidly growing city have not accepted a default way of teaching and are open to new ideas of learning.

The increasing number of Indian International Schools In Abu Dhabi City is a sign of the city’s accepting stand on the ever-evolving education system.

Ms. Teena Chabbra

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