Understanding Importance of High School grades and standardized test

Grades are not necessarily an indicator of someone’s intelligence. However, they are a measurement of overall academic performance and hence, it is important that students achieve standards of excellence. Higher grades and standardised tests are also a measurement of which colleges or universities will grant admission to students. 

While there is a healthy debate surrounding the need to do away with grades, teachers, educators, parents as well as students all need to understand the importance of this academic measurement. Here we are discussing a few of them:  

More Opportunities

Good grades in standardised tests in high school provide exposure to more opportunities and activities both within and outside the school. Though the bias is not often justified, teachers and other faculty usually have a positive impression of such students, as they are more likely to bring laurels for themselves and the school. Perceived as knowledgeable and scholarly, students with higher grades are chosen to represent the school to increase the school team’s chances of winning at school, national and international competitions and events. They also get more opportunities as class leaders, school leaders, or house captains for displaying an ability to work hard and bring in results. Grades reflect how much a student has understood in the classroom, and their ability to retain and use the information when required. 

Opening door for higher education

We have to remember that  grades are not the only means for measuring performance at school. The fact remains that many universities and colleges have cut-offs and only students who have achieved a minimum score or grade can apply. When good grades are clubbed extracurricular activities and co-curricular achievements, it does increase their chances of getting admission into a reputed college or university.  A student who has balanced their academic performance with skills, arts and other activities will come across as a well-rounded individual with varied interests and talents. This also boosts a student’s chance to get a seat in their choice university for a career of their dream. 


When students perform well, many schools reward their achievements and success through certificates, prizes, awards and accolades. These recognitions, in turn, help the students build an impressive portfolio which is useful for university applications. Not to mention the pride and happiness of parents and family members. It also helps improve the students’ social life. When a student does well in academics, it means they have understood the concepts and learnt the subject matter at the highest level. 


Most scholarships are merit-based, and good grades are an excellent parameter to judge a student’s commitment to their education. Students who have done exceptionally well in their studies and other activities in school are often high contenders for scholarships at schools and universities. Acceptance to a university is a matter of pride in itself; but getting a scholarship to study in a prestigious university or school or any other learning center adds value. Higher grades show an inclination towards learning and knowledge accumulation, along with tenacity and determination of the student to rise in academic pursuits. 

Boosts confidence

Good grades, even on standardised tests, are one of the biggest confidence boosters. Whether it is dealing with peers, teachers or parents, good grades help students to speak and interact with confidence. As mentioned earlier, it will provide them with more exposure and opportunities, which increases awareness and experiential learning. This helps the students become more confident in themselves and boosts their ability to interact with strangers as well as intellectuals. Confidence builds motivation to succeed and help the students challenge themselves. 

In conclusion, academics play an important part in planning for future education and career. Good results will help them get admission to very prestigious universities where thousands of students apply every year for a limited number of seats.  

Even good grades in high school and standardized tests cannot make or break the lives of the student. Good results have plenty of side benefits which prove the merit of a student. Grades and practice of standardised tests have always helped students in getting their dream turned into realities. It is vital for students as well as parents to remember that good grades are an indicative measure for a child’s intelligence and their ability to excel in college and life. 

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