Why is Montessori the Best for Early Education in Indian Schools?

Ms. Teena Chabbra
Oct 22, 2021
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Dr. Maria Montessori's work in India began in 1939, when she arrived. Montessori education began in India with the establishment of preschools and schools that are now connected with the Association Montessori Internationale.

Maria Montessori was responsible for the establishment of a teacher training centre in Madras' Adyar neighbourhood (present-day Chennai).

Modern Day Montessori Education in Indian Schools

Indian schools, unlike many Montessori learning centres, do not always follow the mixed-age group procedure. This strategy allows older children to help younger children in their groups by directing them and acting like responsible older peers. Groups are formed based on a student's interests and experiences rather than his or her competence or skill.

Carolyn Cottom writes in a 1996 essay that the school's goal is to prepare pupils for the complex societal concerns that arise on a worldwide scale.

In India, students are brought to numerous sites of worship. They're also taught about peace education, and they're taught that 'the Golden Rule' is a notion that's taught in almost all world religions.'

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Why Choose an Indian School?

In Bengaluru, Preeti Jain's daughter attends an Indian Montessori school. Preeti chose to continue her education at the same Montessori instead of going to a mainstream school when she reached six. 

She adds, "My daughter's Montessori also features an elementary component." “I noticed how different she was from other kids her age in terms of social connections and learning autonomy”!

Montessori preschools are quite popular in India, but many parents are unaware that Montessori doctrine and practise continue beyond the preschool years and into the upper grades as well.

Montessori education is intended for elementary pupils aged 6 to 12 years old and adolescents aged 12 to 18. Although the adolescent Montessori community is still relatively new, it is growing in popularity. 

Is a Montessori School Better Than a Traditional One?

Traditional schooling is not as good because it exploits a child's inherent inclinations, the Montessori approach differs from standard teaching methods. Montessori instils communication skills rather than requiring passive listening. Instead of rote memorising, the method integrates all of the senses to aid in comprehension.

Is Montessori Popular?

Montessori preschools are extremely popular, but many parents are unaware that Montessori doctrine and practise extend beyond the preschool years and into the upper grades as well. Many new elementary Montessori schools have opened in many nations throughout the world in the last few years.

What is the Montessori Curriculum?

All roads lead to high school exams, as every student knows, and all Montessori's that continue into the higher grades inevitably assist kids in writing these exams. Students in Montessori schools take board exams and follow the Cambridge curriculum.

The NCERT curriculum is used by Montessori's. Students had little trouble adapting to the new system. In fact, some pupils who leave elementary and primary school to attend mainstream institutions adapt relatively fast.

The Best Time to Begin

According to Montessori, the time of the absorbent mind lasts from conception until age six. Montessori instruction for young children begins between the ages of 2 and 3, depending on the child. Many Montessori Indian schools only accept children who have reached the age of three.

What are the Main Features?

Caring, compassionate community in a supportive, collaborative educational context where children develop self-awareness, self-discipline, as well as kindness and respect for others. Children's social and emotional development is just as important as their academic and cerebral development.

Holistic Montessori Program

The Montessori curriculum is an excellent educational programme that fosters pupils in a modern learning environment. This outstanding Program promotes comprehensive child development and academic performance among pupils.

A Montessori nursery in Abu Dhabi shapes the foundational years of the students' lives and fires their exceptional learning and thinking talents.

An international Montessori school's award-winning programmes build kids' confidence and prepare them to become future lifelong learners. 

Montessori nursery school programme in top schools in Abu Dhabi, offers a groundbreaking curriculum, which is built with the newest techniques and creative learning materials to provide students with unique possibilities to shape their learning years. 

Admissions to the top Pre-Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi are open to youngsters aged 3 years and 8 months as of March 31st. The outstanding Montessori curriculum has a strong emphasis to help pupils develop their overall talents.


In 1897, Maria Montessori created the Montessori method of education as a multidimensional learning experience. A Montessori classroom is a mixed-age setting, which promotes a high level of collaboration.

India, in reality, has a long history with adolescent Montessori education. Maria Montessori engaged with older children in India during her tour, and this strongly affected her method.

Ms. Teena Chabbra

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