A Complete List of UAE School Holidays 2022

Ms. Teena Chabbra
Apr 11, 2022
UAE School Holidays 2022

Parents are always wondering about school holidays in the UAE. Knowing about the school holidays can help parents plan their schedules accordingly. As declared by the ministry of education, the minimum number of school days will not be less than 182 days whether it’s a private school or public.

Whether going for a trip or spending time with their kids at home, school holidays provide opportunities to have a lot of fun with kids. Acquaint yourself with UAE school holidays during the session.

School sessions in the UAE will begin on August 28, 2022. There are three main types of school holidays which are Spring Break, Summer Break and Winter Break. Along with these, there are additional holidays such as National Day, Eid Al-Fitr, etc.

UAE School Holidays 2022

Below are the UAE school holidays for the 2022-23 academic session:

School Holidays


Spring Break

27 March - 14 April 2022

Summer Break

End of June - 27 August 2022

Winter Break

11 December 2022 - 01 January 2023

How Long is Spring Break in UAE?

Spring School Holidays: Schools offer two weeks off during the spring break (international schools can extend the spring break by one week or can give a week off later in the year).

How Long is Summer Break in UAE?

Summer School Holidays: Schools provide approx of 6-8 weeks of summer break (no school offers more than 8.2 weeks of break).

How Long is Winter Break in UAE?

Winter School Holidays: Winter breaks are for 2.5-3 weeks, often New Year’s day included in the winter break.

Additional School Holidays in UAE 2022

Below are some additional school holidays in UAE for the 2022-23 academic session:

Additional School Holidays in UAE


Holiday Facts

New Year’s Day

1 January

Emperor of Rome - Julius Caesar was the first one to declare 1st January as a national holiday.


30 April to 4 May

Eid-Al-Fitr means ‘festival of breaking the fast’ and it signifies the end of Ramadan.

Arafat Day/Hajj Day

8 July

Sins of people were forgiven by God on the day of Arafah.


9-11 July

Eid al-Adha is celebrated to honor the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael on God’s order.


30 July

The day is celebrated as Islamic New Year.

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

8 October

Muhammad was one of the last prophets and it was he to whom Qur'an was revealed.

Commemoration Day

1 December

On this day, residents of the UAE pay tribute to all the martyrs by following a minute of silence.

National Day

2-3 December

On this day, all seven emirates act as a single nation to support National Day’s theme- the ‘Spirit of the Union’ theme.

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How to Spend UAE School Holidays?

After knowing about all the UAE school holidays, parents wonder how to spend them. You can spend the school holidays with your kids in the following ways:

1. Go for a Trip

School breaks are the perfect opportunity to go for that long-awaited trip. You can go to your dream destination during winter break or spring break.

Your child will be happy to explore a new place. It will also be the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your kids. The trip will also help your kids rejuvenate themselves after working hard at school.

2. Encourage Your Kid to Get a Part-time Job

UAE School holidays are also great for students to take up a part-time job and make some cash. The winter or spring break at school seems like the perfect time to take up a part-time job. They can work at the movies or an ice cream shop.

Students can also do internships or even tutor other kids during their school break. Taking up a part-time job will help your kids to become more responsible. Students will get prepared for the real world and learn the professionalism required at every step of their career.

3. Tell Your Kids to Pursue Their Hobbies

Every kid has different hobbies and interests. But academic pressure often hinders the path of pursuing their hobbies. Some free time from school should be used for doing what they love. If your kids love singing, ask them to sing all they want.

Take their videos, listen to their songs, and encourage them in every possible way. If they love playing a sport, ask them to invite their friends to play. Whether it’s a performing art, sport, or any other hobby, encourage your kids to take a break from academics to pursue them.

4. Make Your Kids Attend Fun Workshops

During UAE school holidays, workshops are the perfect way for your kids to learn something new and interesting. Many organizations offer interesting workshops during school holidays so that students can attend.

The workshops are also great for your kids to meet new people and interact with them. Make them attend workshops related to their hobbies and interests.

Some workshops are for both parents and children. You can accompany your kids to these workshops to encourage them more.

5. Ask Your Kids to Join a Book Club

If your child is into reading, they will appreciate you taking them to a book club. School holidays are the most appropriate excuse for your kids to pick up a new book and fall in love with the characters.

Joining a book club will help your kids discuss their favorite books and develop a new perspective on the story.

If not a book club, accompany your kids to the public library and get ahold of some of the best books. You can read the books at home together and hold elaborate conversations about them.

Does a Public and Private School in the UAE Have the Same Holiday List?

The UAE school holiday list of public and private sectors is almost the same. A private school will offer quite a few official holidays in the UAE along with session breaks.

You can get to know about the holiday list of the school before enrolling your kid. The school holiday list is usually available on the school website or brochure.

Final Thoughts

School holidays are great for parents to build a stronger bond with their kids. Learn about all the school holidays and choose to spend them productively.

Ms. Teena Chabbra

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