The Role of AI in Education: Abu Dhabi's Tech-Driven Classrooms

Feb 1, 2024
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AI is an all-pervasive force that has left no aspect of our lives untouched. As a matter of fact, artificial education in education has made an emphatic appearance in Primary Schools in Abu Dhabi &  International School in Abu Dhabi. Let us see exactly how.

AI-driven education: The Learning of the Future

AI with its ability to process vast amounts of data and render deeply researched information as text, video and audio in no time is all set to revolutionise education. It is not surprising, therefore, that international schools around the world are incorporating AI in their teaching methodologies. 

The coming days will see AI pervading every aspect of our lives, and it is, therefore, very important that children get exposed to technology very early in their lives to be able to function seamlessly in the AI-dominated universe we are all headed towards. 

What is the role of AI in the Abu Dhabi schools?

Abu Dhabi was quick off the blocks when it came to adopting technology in classrooms. This has helped offer immense opportunities and benefits to their students. With the evolution of technology, the integration of AI is increasingly enhancing teaching and learning experiences in Abu Dhabi schools. 

This provides the students with a tremendous advantage over the students in other schools. Besides, it will stand them in good stead later in life with AI having become an integral part of almost every human activity ranging from high studies, research, and business to medical science, entertainment and leisure.

How technology is changing education in the UAE?

The demand for incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI in the UAE is largely driven by the students themselves. Furthermore, the UAE Ministry of Education is looking at using AI-generated tutors who would use generative AI in classrooms. It has joined hands with ASI to develop an “AI Tutor” pilot programme with the former providing access to content aligned with the national curriculum.

What are the benefits of AI in higher education?

AI is all set to metamorphose and revolutionise higher education. It will make possible the dissemination of personalized learning experiences and lead to the development of intelligent learning systems. It will also help smoothen administrative tasks and empower teachers and administrators with advanced data analysis tools.

Here is how AI is enhancing education in the classroom-

1. Personalized Learning - AI algorithms help educators to create study modules that are tailored to individual learning.

2. Creating Smart Content - AI is an integral part of smart classrooms. It can easily help create educational materials aligned with the learning objectives. These can take the shape of interactive videos, simulations and so on.

3. AI-Based Proctoring - AI-powered facial recognition, eye tracking and audio analysis can help in the proctoring of examinations far better than deploying manual means. This is certainly something that Primary Schools in Abu Dhabi & International School in Abu Dhabi would look at.

4. 24x7 assistance using conversational AI - By leveraging conversational AI, smart classrooms can provide 24x7 assistance to students.

5. Administrative task automation - Several routine tasks that would tie down the teachers and keep them away from the core task of teaching like grading assignments, creating progress reports, creating students’ schedules and so on can now be automated with the help of AI.

How do International schools (GIIS) introduce AI in the classroom in Abu Dhabi?

The Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi smart campus deploys AI by integrating it with the subjects being taught so that the students are up to speed with the trends of tomorrow. The school has been quite a pioneer in the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like AI in its teaching methodology.


AI in education may be a new phenomenon, but the day is not far when it will dominate the manner in which education is disseminated to school students in the years ahead. This is where schools like GIIS Abu Dhabi will have a first-mover advantage when it comes to reaping the benefits of this evolving technology that promises to change the course of mankind itself in the years ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI help teachers in the classroom?

AI can help teachers in several ways including assisting them in personalizing learning by creating smart content that speaks to a student’s individual needs. It also frees them from having to perform administrative tasks, thereby allowing them to focus on the core task of teaching.

How AI is helping students?

It is helping them by ensuring that their teachers provide them with learning that is tailored to their precise needs. It also allows them to clarify their doubts 24x7. Besides, they can use it to carry out deep research and find the answers to the most intricate of queries in very little time.

How good is the UAE education system?

The UAE education system is comparable to the best in the world with international schools like GIIS Abu Dhabi providing students with access to world-class pedagogy and cutting-edge infrastructure. It has also taken the lead in the deployment of AI as a means to empower its students to be ready for a world that will be way more technologically advanced than we can even begin to imagine.

The benefits of this early adoption of technology will be witnessed in the years ahead with the students going to these technologically advanced UAE educational institutions stealing a march over their contemporaries.

How to use AI effectively in the classroom?

The best way to use AI effectively in classrooms is to integrate it with the subjects. It can also be used to assist the teachers in customizing course content to individual needs. The students on their part can get answers to their queries on a 24x7 basis.

While it is all very well to put AI to use in the classroom, it is important to realise that it should be done so under a supervised manner with the teachers being in charge of how the students interact with it. The idea here is not to replace teachers but to empower them to teach better. 

Students should be encouraged to use AI as a tool to enhance their ability to learn, but only under the thoughtful supervision of a teacher who remains the person with the final word.

What is the future of AI in education?

The future of AI in education is tremendous and what we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. AI is going to redefine education in ways that we presently can’t even fathom. 

While there may be controversies galore over whether AI is a force for positive change or not, there is no doubt about the fact that the coming days will see AI play a very important role in all aspects of our lives and the sooner we accept that and try to benefit from it, the better it would be for all of us.

AI is going to make it possible to raise the bar concerning educating our children and preparing them for a world that will be reliant on technology. It is, therefore, something which should certainly be leveraged to full effect.


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