Self Discipline for Students: Strategy and Tips

Feb 15, 2023
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Self-discipline is all about self regulating oneself. It involves improving one’s thoughts and the way one behaves, leading one to becoming a better person. This is true of everyone, but especially true of students who need the discipline that can help them overcome myriad distractions to stay focused on the academic goals at hand.

What Is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is essentially a means to manage one’s feelings in a manner that one overcomes one’s weaknesses and attempts to focus on what is important in one’s life. It is about exercising conscious control in a manner that leads to successful outcomes and is primarily centred on overcoming obstacles that prevent one from progressing in life. This is a quality that is greatly appreciated in Indian schools. Parents who seek CBSE admission for their children, would do well to bear that in mind.

Self-discipline means that one has the ability to persevere with the efforts required to take the necessary actions that lead to the outcomes desired. It involves exercising discipline to carry on doing what one needs to be doing, notwithstanding the impediments that one faces. One needs to exercise the will to keep doing that which is necessary for success, unaffected by the obstacles, opportunities or distractions that might come one’s way.

How to develop self-discipline in students?

Developing self discipline in students is extremely important, if they want to make something of their lives.  Here are a few things that students might do to improve self-discipline.

● Steer clear of one’s phone- Smartphones though very useful can be an immense source of distraction to students. They would be well advised to give their phones with all its apps a wide berth and focus on the more important task of completing one’s education.

● Keep a calendar to manage deadlines- It makes eminent sense for students to use a calendar to schedule their assignments and ensure that the deadlines are adhered to.

● Maintain notes- Maintaining notes about all that is important with regards to the curricula is something that stands one in good stead during one’s time as a student, ensuring that one is well informed about one’s course subjects.

● Set up a quiet study area- There is discipline required in preparing for one’s various tests and examinations and that requires one to have a dedicated area in which to study. It should be quiet, well lit and comfortable allowing one to study in an optimal manner.

● Manage your social life- While studying hard is an integral part of a student’s life, they need to make time for one’s life. But it should be done in a manner that does not interfere with one’s academic schedule. 

Why Is Self-Discipline Important For Students?

Self-discipline is important for students.not just because they need to do well academically, but also on account of the fact that young people are at a stage in life, where they have to learn to resist the plethora of distraction that people that age are subject to. While it is easy to take things easy and focus on having a good time and difficult to lead a disciplined life, students need to know that the decisions they take at this stage in their life will have a bearing on the quality of their life later on in life. They need to secure their future and for that sold-discipline is more important to them than anything else in their lives at that 

Benefits of being a self-disciplined student?

There is every benefit in being self-disciplined for students. Let us look at this one by one.

1. Helps one prioritise-Students need to navigate between studies, sports, friends, career choices, and so on, which can appear quite bewildering to them. It is only by exercising discipline that they are able to sort out their priorities in life and move ahead with some semblance of order.

2. Helps mature their mind- The discipline and academic rigour that students are sun=bject to helps them mature as individuals and start taking the right decisions in life.

3. Keeps them out of trouble- Students are subject to a host of distractions and temptations and the only way to stay clear of those is to exercise discipline and self-control.

4. Helps them discover themselves- Students learn to discover their own strengths and weaknesses when they try to follow discipline in their daily lives. They find out what comes easily to them and what requires them to make an extra effort. This whole process gives them a better idea about who they truly are and what they are capable of achieving.

5. Helps shape their future- Self-disciplined students are more likely to shape their future well and make a success out of it than those who are lax and indisciplined. 

Strategy and tips on how to become a more self-disciplined student?

Let us look at how students take certain steps to inculcate self-discipline in themselves:

● Get rid of distractions- In order for students to focus on their core interests, they need to stay away from anything that distracts from that.

● Understand your inclinations- Students should have a fair idea of their inclinations so that they accentuate what benefits them and get rid of what harms them.

● Reward yourself for working hard- Students should reward themselves for sticking to their discipline schedules. These could be in the shape of something to eat, watching a movie, meeting a friend etc. Doing so will motivate them to keep up the good work.

● Have a fair idea of your goals- Having a fair idea of your goals will help you develop the right strategy to achieve them which will put you on the path of discipline.

● Use technology- It makes great sense to use technology to streamline your schedule and perform better. Using apps, and the help available on the internet can help students approach their academic goals with a lot of focus and discipline.


Students possess the potential for great achievement within themselves, and if they self-discipline themselves to achieve their life-goals, there is nothing that will help them achieve that. The student years are make and break years and help one progress towards one’s desired objectives or forever wallow in mediocrity or even failure. Self-discipline in students or the lack of it is the difference between extreme success and abject failure in students. For those seeking a path of academic excellence, considering CBSE school admission can open doors to a world of opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Way To Discipline A Student?

The best way to discipline a student is by making them aware of the immense advantages that accrue from it and the great damage that the lack of it can cause in their lives.

What Are The Techniques For Developing Self-Discipline?

There are several ways of developing self discipline. These range from staying away from distractions and knowing one’s objectives in life to preparing a schedule of activities and knowing which activities to prioritise over the other.

What Are The Key Points Of Discipline?

The key points of discipline are-

-Knowing your objectives.

-Knowing your priorities.

-Staying away from distractions

- Drawing a schedule of activities

-A quiet, comfortable and well lit area to study.

-Leveraging technology to achieve efficiency.

How Do You Develop Self-Discipline Skills?

Self-discipline is something that you develop over time. Following the tips provided in this article consistently  and with perseverance will surely put you on the path of self- discipline.


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