GIIS - One of The Top CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi Developing 21st-Century Skills in Students

Jul 6, 2023
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In Abu Dhabi, GIIS is the Best CBSE School with the mission of educating students for the future. They focus on developing confidence, competence, and 21st-century skills to help students succeed in a changing world. As one of the top CBSE schools in the city, GIIS values excellence in education.

Students at GIIS receive an educational experience that goes beyond textbooks and traditional classroom learning. The CBSE curriculum is known for its academic rigor and holistic development. They furnish kids with a strong starting point for their self-awareness.

It takes more than academic greatness to succeed in this day and age. Your kids should have the ability to adjust, think critically, be imaginative, communicate properly, and get along with people from all professions and backgrounds. At GIIS, they prioritize teaching these important 21st-century skills to their students. This prepares them for life beyond school, not just for exams.


Facts About CBSE Curriculum


1. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

The CBSE curriculum utilizes the CCE framework to assess student's progress through the academic year. This framework joins formative and summative assessments to promote nonstop learning and assist teachers in recognizing students' strengths and weaknesses. This approach empowers teachers to offer personalized direction to help students reach their maximum potential.


2. International Recognition

The CBSE board is well-known among universities and education boards which assists students with getting into higher education institutions anywhere in the country. It's likewise recognized by numerous international universities, which makes it simpler for students studying abroad to move flawlessly.


3. A Focus on Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

The CBSE curriculum urges students to think critically and solve issues. It focuses on understanding ideas and thoughts and applying knowledge in practical ways. Top CBSE school in Abu Dhabi also focuses on analyzing data rather than simply memorizing.

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Methodology: How Do We Choose The Best Cbse Schools In Abu Dhabi?


1. Research and Gather Information

Begin by conducting thorough research about CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi. Utilize online resources and school directories. Also, check out the educational websites to compile a list of potential schools.


2. Academic Reputation

If you have any desire to evaluate the quality of a school, you can see how well their students do in CBSE board exams and other achievements. You can track down this data on the school's site or by reaching them.


3. Infrastructure and Facilities

When settling on an International CBSE school in Abu Dhabi, thinking about the quality of its infrastructure and facilities is crucial. A decent learning climate should have classrooms, libraries, labs, sports facilities, and technology integration that are exceptional. These variables can fundamentally influence how well a student learns.


4. Faculty and Staff

The quality and mastery of a CBSE school's faculty and staff generally decide its greatness. In Abu Dhabi, a top-level school will have teachers who are highly qualified and enthusiastic about teaching. 


They are focused on assisting every student to reach their true potential and creating a positive and engaging learning climate vital for academic success.


5. Extracurricular Exercises

The Top international CBSE school in Abu Dhabi focuses on the development of its students beyond academics. They offer a scope of exercises, for example,


● Sports

● Arts

● Music

● Debate

● Drama Shows

● Robotics 

● Community service


Extracurricular exercises benefit students by assisting them with tracking down interests, learning skills, and improving teamwork and leadership abilities. Schools should promote a balance of academics and after-school exercises for well-rounded students.


Why is GIIS School in Abu Dhabi Good For CBSE Curriculum? 


1. Strong Academic Heritage

GIIS has a deep-rooted record of academic greatness and a longstanding standing for giving first-rate education. The school follows the rules and principles of the CBSE curriculum. This guarantees that students get a careful academic foundation.


2. Experienced and Qualified Faculty

The GIIS employees are capable and have a wealth of knowledge in teaching the CBSE curriculum. They are committed teachers enthusiastic about supporting every student's academic and personal improvement.


3. Good Rating by ADEK 

The GIIS school has received a "Good" rating from the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge for its overall achievements. This covers how well the school performed in six important categories, namely:


1. Teaching and assessment

2. Social and personal growth

3. Management and leadership in schools

4. Student welfare and safety

5. Curriculum

6. Success of students


4. Global Exposure

GIIS is an international school that values cultural diversity and global points of view. The school cultivates an inclusive and multicultural climate that permits students to learn about various cultures. This promotes tolerance and open-mindedness.


Get Started With The Admission Process and Eligibility Criteria At GIIS Top CBSE School in Abu Dhabi


1. Eligibility Criteria

GIIS follows age and grade-based eligibility criteria for CBSE school Admission in Abu Dhabi. Guarantee that your kid meets the age requirements for the ideal grade level.


1 6 - 7 years
2 7 - 8 years
3 8 - 9 years
4 9 - 10 years
5 10 - 11 years
6 11 - 12 years
7 12 - 13 years
8 13 - 14 years
9 14 - 15 years
10 15 - 16 years
11 16 - 17 years
12 17 - 18 years

2. Application Form

Get the admission application form either online or from the school's admission office. Finish up the structure with exact and relevant details.


3. Submission of Application

Submit your application and expected documents to the school's admission office within the specified time period to secure a spot. Early submission is recommended because of the high competition.


4. Interaction and Assessment

The school conducts an assessment test with students to grasp their strengths and learning requirements. This step assists the school with guaranteeing the child is ideal for the GIIS learning climate.


5. Admission Registration Fee 

Parents are expected to pay an admission enrollment fee. This charge covers administrative expenses and secures the student's spot in the admission line. The amount might differ and is typically non-refundable


6. Documents and verification  

As part of the application process, you will need to submit certain documents, including:


1. Copy of the child's birth certificate

2. Passport-size photographs of the child

3. Passport copies of both parents and the child

4. Residence visa page of the child and parents

5. Previous academic records or report cards

6. If appropriate, a transfer certificate from the prior institution


7. Payment of Tuition Fee

Upon successful document confirmation and completion of the admission process, you will get an offer letter from GIIS. To secure admission, you should pay the tuition fee per the school's fee structure.


8. ADEK Registrations

As a part of the cycle, the school will help you with ADEK registrations, which are compulsory for all students in Abu Dhabi.


Global Indian International School - An Overview of One of the Best CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the top CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi, recognized for its dedication to providing excellent academics and holistic growth opportunities.

The goal of GIIS is to build a varied and inclusive learning environment; thus, they accept students from all backgrounds. Their school follows the respected CBSE curriculum and provides a comprehensive, well-structured approach to education.

With academic knowledge and 21st-century skills, GIIS students are equipped for the future. Their facilities and extracurricular programs are on top. They are giving a proper education that assists students with developing confidence and a sense of global responsibility. The school is focused on preparing students for an ever-changing world.


Types of School: International

GIIS is a renowned international school in Abu Dhabi that accepts students from many countries. The school fosters a lively and inclusive learning community by embracing cultural variety.


Curriculum: CBSE

The highly regarded CBSE curriculum, a well-known and respected educational framework in India, is used at GIIS Abu Dhabi. This curriculum offers a thorough and organized method of learning. It guarantees that kids obtain a top-notch education.



GIIS Abu Dhabi offers education across various grade levels, catering to students from kindergarten to Grade 12. The school provides a seamless and continuous learning journey for students as they progress through different stages of their academic development.


Admission & Fee Structure

To gain admission to GIIS Abu Dhabi, parents must fill out an inquiry form on the school's website. Students may be required to attend an assessment or interview depending on eligibility and availability. The admission process is easy to navigate.

The CBSE school fee structure in Abu Dhabi is clear and includes tuition fees as well as additional charges for extracurricular activities, technology, and transportation services.

GIIS seeks to give its students a first-rate education while keeping an affordable fee structure. Students who meet the requirements might be qualified for financial assistance and scholarships. This shows the school's commitment to offering fantastic education to everybody.


Facilities & Infrastructure

GIIS Abu Dhabi boasts state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that complement its academic programs, creating a conducive learning environment. The facilities include:


● Spacious and well-equipped classrooms

● Advanced science and computer laboratories

● Extensive library with a diverse collection of books and digital resources

● Indoor Temperature controlled Swimming pool

● Sports facilities for various indoor and outdoor activities

● Performing arts and music studios

● Art and craft rooms 

● Math Lab


Address & Contact Information

Address - Street 12, Plot 17, Behind Lulu Hypermarket, Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

Pin Code: 74596, United Arab Emirates

Phone no - +971025079555


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With regards to CBSE schools, GIIS stands apart as one of the most mind-blowing spots to educate children while also promoting their overall prosperity and furnishing them with essential abilities. GIIS, the Best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi ensures students are ready to succeed academically and form confident and accountable global citizens by furnishing them with a well-rounded education.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do Parents Prefer CBSE Schools?

Parents can confidently choose this board as it is recognized by international universities worldwide. The global acceptance of their certificate provides a strong reason for this preference.


What is The Age Criteria For CBSE Admission?

The age limit set by CBSE for class 1 is six years. It is generally observed that children meet the minimum age requirement for the desired grade level.

What is The Maximum Age Limit For CBSE Board?

CBSE board does not specify a maximum age limit. However, schools may have age-limit policies.


How Can I Find A Top International CBSE School Near Me

To find a top international CBSE school near you, research online, and check school directories. You can also visit school websites for information about their location and offerings.


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