Children Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development

Feb 10, 2023
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There are a number of activities that can encourage speech and aid language development in children. These include activities like playing with building blocks, performing role plays, talking with children, making them listen to music, and introducing them to books. The idea is to stimulate their sense with regard to understanding and using speech. This is something that International Indian schools in Abu Dhabi & montessori nursery schools there do very well.

Activities to Encourage Speech-Language Development in a Child Younger Than 2-Years

There are quite a few activities that can help with speech and langauge development in children less than two years old.

● Reading to the child- Reading to children from the time that they are very young exposes them to words and vocabulary which is very useful in speech and lagauage skills development. It would be a good idea to use age appropriate board books or picture books that make reading an interesting activity for children. 

● Talk to them daily- Talking to children daily about everyday situations helps develop a child’s speeech and lagauage abilities naturally and organically.

● Lets them listed to music- Singing simple songs and nursery rhymes along with the little ones helps them learn words and expressions.

● Playing word games with them-It makes eminent sense to play word games with little children to let them get a sense of a language and the vocabulary that it contains. A good example would be- tall buildings are also skyscrapers.

● Telling jokes- Everybody likes a joke, including little children. Telling them jokes that are appropriate for their age helps them to understand wordplay and broadens their imagination, helping them improve their vocabulary.

Speech-Language Activities For Children Aged 2-5 Years

The 2 to 5 years age group is a very crucial one, in terms of speech and language skills development in children. There are a number of activities that one can undertake to help children aged 2 to 5 years to hone their speech and language skills.  That again is something that International Indian School in Abu Dhabi & Montessori nursery schools there do very well. Let us look at a few of them.

● Role play- Teaching children in that age group how to use language in real-life situations is made easy with role play. Geting  the children to try and speak like teachers, policemen, shopkeepers and so on will get them acquainted with the finer nuances of speaking.

● Encouraging them to read- Nothing enables children to understand and appreciate a language better than extensive reading. This is the right age to initiate children into the fascinating world of reading. Some help from their guardians and the teachers in the beginning especially to children who are two to three years old in the shape of reading to them would go a long way in getting them started on this path.

● Encourage them to socialise and strike friendships- The best way to learn a language is to use it with one’s friends and the people one interacts with. It is important that children that small get ample opportunities to socialise with their relatives and strike friendships with children their age in school and the neighbourhood.

● Talk to them about TV programmes- Parents can make it a point to discuss the TV programmes that the children watch on a regular basis. That will encourage them to express their opinions in an articulate manner.

● Help them create their family album- Parents can help their children create a family album with pictures helping them identify themselves and other family members and pointing out how each member of the family is related to them. That will get them to express their thoughts and feelings by speaking about them.

Speech-language Activities For Children above 5 years

Children aged 5 and above rapidly develop their speech and language abilities, though everybody does so at their own pace. However, there are quite a few speech and language related activities that can help them get better at speaking and mastering a language.

● Playing hopscotch with words

A hopscotch grid can be easily created for your children to play a game involving words, which can be written into the boxes. The players can call out the names loudly while skipping through them. This helps them improve their pronunciation of words.

● Burying objects or picture cards

This game involves burying objects or picture cards in a garden or one’s backyard for the children to find and identify. Every time they come across an object or a picture of something they have to say its name aloud. This too will help them expand their vocabulary as well as improve their pronunciation. 

● Playing the alphabet game

Take the child for a walk in the neighbourhood and make them read out all the signs that start with a particular letter. That will help them expand their vocabulary alright, 

● Reading books

Reading books is always a great way to enhance one’s speech and language skills at any age. One could read books on a diverse range of topics and end up bettering one’s understanding of a language.

● Debating a topic

Get children to debate or discuss a topic amongst themselves. This will allow them to both enhance their vocabulary and practice using it as well. 


Language and speech proficiency is fundamental to the growth and development.of a child. While it is an organic and  inevitable process, every child learns at their own pace and it makes sense to help children learn help faster and better with the help of tools. The appropriate methods should be deployed that are suitable for the age of the students in question.


What Activity Encourages Language Development in Early Childhood?

Listening to and singing also age appropriate songs and nursery rhyme recitation are the best way to aid language development in the case of early childhood. 

What Activities Help Children Speak?

Activities like reading books, playing games that involve the use of speaking, asking questions and indeed talking to children helps them speak better and better.

What Kinds of Toys Encourage Language?

There are a large number of toys that encourage children to develop their language abilities. Everything from toy vehicles to dolls, kitchen sets to interactive books can help small children learn to speak and use language effectively.

What Are The Activities of Speaking Skills?

There are any number of activities that help enhance speaking skills. These include role play, discussions, debates, storytelling, describing pictures and so on.

What Are The Types of Speech Activity?

The various types of speech activity comprise informing, instructing, entertaining and persuading. The idea is to empower children to become better and better communicators. 


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