15 Basic Etiquette for Teens Should Know

Ms. Teena Chabbra
Jan 17, 2023
Basic Etiquette For Teens

Do you ever get mad at your teen for not using the terms like “please,” “thank you,” etc.? If yes, then you are not alone.

Almost every parent across the world expects their kids, especially teenagers, to be morally righteous.

After all, to succeed in life, people need more than just attending schools in Abu Dhabi and a college degree.

Moral values that keep one away from trouble and help in tackling life are important, too.

So, here is a list of simple etiquettes you can help your teenagers to master while they still live with you to turn them into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

General Etiquettes for Teenagers

1. Being Polite

Being polite never goes out of style. Using terms like “thank you” and “please” are always appreciated by people.

Whether it is just a small gift, help from someone or something else, request your kids to be thankful for receiving it.

If they are studying in schools in Abu Dhabi, they can convey their thanks to the non-teaching staff like peons.

2. Honest Greetings

One of the most crucial traits you can teach your kids is greeting people properly.

Educate them on the importance of maintaining eye contact and shaking their head when greeting someone.

3. Ask About Other’s Wellbeing

Many times, teens in secondary school tend to lose their grip over reality by staying focused more on the virtual environment.

But, it is worthy of making them understand that humans are social beings. 

Teach them how to initiate small talks by sharing details and also being interested in what others have to say.

4. Keep Up With Basic Hygiene

Hygiene is an important etiquette for teenagers that everyone must know.

There are many habits that are considered gross when done in public, such as picking your nose, sneezing or coughing without covering the mouth, etc.

Raise a kid who knows how to make people around comfortable without being unhygienic in public.

If students use the bathroom in their schools in Abu Dhabi, they should maintain hygiene and cleanliness in these public spaces.

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5. Being Considerate About Others

It is easy to be selfish, especially when hormones are raging. So, as a parent, it is your duty to understand your teen before reinforcing a new habit in him/her.

Teach them the importance of considering others’ feelings.

Holding doors, sharing food, stepping back, carrying groceries, offering a helping hand or giving up a seat on the bus won’t make them small in someone’s eye.

Instead, such generosity will be appreciated.

6. Expressing Gratitude

It is not just about teaching your teens to be thankful for things they get; it is also about teaching them to be grateful for things they have.

Teach them how to earn things they desire to have in their life. 

7. Respecting People

Whether it is a little kid, an elderly person or just a friend, treating everyone with respect is important.

This includes the teachers of their secondary school and other staff members of the school.

And since respect is a two-way street, teach your teen how giving respect to others will help them earn respect for themselves.

8. Avoiding Phones

Technology has taken over everything, but there is a life beyond technology, too. Teach your teens when they should use and not use their phones.

Ask them to get involved in get-togethers. Encourage them to go out. Enrol them in activities. The goal is to give them a world beyond virtual reality.

9. Dress For The Occasion

Even though the dress codes have become quite relaxed in recent years, that doesn’t mean your kid must attend a job interview in wrinkled clothes, hoodies, jeans, etc.

Teach them how clothes create the first impression, but dressing to impress doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.

This also applies to colleges and schools in Abu Dhabi that follow a uniform-wearing protocol.

Online Basic Etiquette for Students

10. Being Conscious Of Things Posted

As soon as children reach secondary school, they become more frequent on social media.

But remember, it takes years of zero success to remove those online footprints.

That is why you should encourage your kids to post things consciously.

Also, encourage them to be aware of their actions and words when speaking about others.

11. Secure The Future

Nowadays, Abu Dhabi Indian school recruiters do a thorough background check to determine a student's character, reliability and genuineness before accepting the application.

Therefore, it is better to help them differentiate between what is good and bad when it comes to tainting images online.

12. Use A Positive Tone

Social media is a place to create brand value. It can be used for the greater good.

Instead of wasting energy leaving negative comments on people’s posts, encourage your kids to connect with their favourite musicians, etc.

Job Etiquettes

13. Be On Time

Accountability and punctuality is something every company is looking for in a new employee.

Encourage him/her to reach out on time, never skip work and never leave without permission.

14. Keep A Work/Life Balance

It is easy for teens to get stressed within the first few days. They may find it difficult to maintain a proper work/life balance.

As a parent, try helping your kid to schedule everything properly and abide by it. Ask them about their concerns and help them accordingly.

15. Accepting Constructive Criticism

Making mistakes is fine. But what isn’t fine is not learning from those mistakes and owning up to them.

As a parent, encourage your kids to take responsibility for errors, ask for information multiple times if things are unclear, learn from mistakes and apologise.

To Be Concluded

Keep in mind etiquettes are like a habit. One can only learn and use them instinctively if they are practised regularly.

Start your child's journey of becoming morally inclined by practising the etiquette mentioned above today.

Trust us; your teenager will transform his/her life for the better with these basic etiquettes.

Ms. Teena Chabbra

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