9 Innovative Digital Literacy Activities For Preschoolers

Jan 18, 2023
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As Technology Becomes An Increasingly Integrated Part Of Our Daily Lives, It's Never Too Early To Start Teaching Our Youngest Generation The Importance Of Digital Literacy. With So Much Information Readily Available At Their Fingertips, It's Crucial To Equip  Schools In Abu Dhabi With The Skills They Need To Navigate The Online World Safely And Effectively. 

What Is A Digital Literacy Activity For Kids?

Digital Literacy Refers To The Skills And Knowledge Required To Effectively Use Digital Technology And The Internet. This Includes Everything From Using A Mouse And Keyboard To Navigating Websites, Using Search Engines, And Understanding Online Safety. While Digital Literacy Is Important For People Of All Ages, It's Especially Important For Preschoolers Who Are Growing Up In An Increasingly Digital World.

Incorporating Digital Literacy Activities Into Preschoolers' Daily Routines Can Help Lay The Foundation For Future Tech Literacy And Provide A Fun And Engaging Way To Learn. Here Are Some Of The Most Effective Digital Literacy Activities For Preschoolers.

  1. Educational Games- Games Can Be A Great Way To Introduce Preschoolers To Basic Computer Skills And Digital Literacy Concepts. Many Educational Games Focus On Developing Skills Like Typing, Mouse Control, And Problem-Solving.
  2. Digital Storytelling- Encouraging Preschoolers To Create Their Own Digital Stories Is A Fun And Creative Way To Help Them Understand The Basics Of Using Technology. This Can Include Using Simple Software To Create Digital Stories, Taking Photos Or Videos, And Using A Keyboard To Type Captions.
  3. Online Safety- Preschoolers Need To Understand The Importance Of Online Safety From An Early Age. Activities Like Teaching Them To Use Strong Passwords, How To Identify Trustworthy Websites, And How To Avoid Online Predators Can Help Keep Them Safe As They Start To Explore The Digital World.
  4. Digital Citizenship- Understanding Digital Citizenship Is An Important Aspect Of Digital Literacy. This Includes Things Like Being Respectful To Others Online, Being Mindful Of What You Share, And Understanding The Impact Of Your Digital Footprint.
  5. Online Discussions- Participating In Online Discussions Is A Great Way For Preschoolers To Learn About Communication And Collaboration In A Digital Environment. They Can Learn How To Communicate Effectively And Engage In Respectful Online Conversations With Others.

How Do You Promote Literacy In Preschool?

It's Never Too Early To Start Teaching Children The Basics Of Digital Literacy, Especially In Preschool Where They Are At An Impressionable Age And Forming Many Of Their Habits. Here Are Some Tips And Strategies On How To Promote Digital Literacy In Preschool:

  1. Incorporate Technology Into Daily Activities: One Of The Most Effective Ways To Promote Digital Literacy Is To Incorporate Technology Into Everyday Activities. For Example, Use Educational Apps And Online Games To Teach Basic Maths And Reading Skills, Or Encourage Children To Use Digital Devices To Create Art And Tell Stories.
  2. Emphasise Online Safety: It's Important To Educate Preschoolers About Online Safety, Including The Dangers Of Sharing Personal Information And The Importance Of Privacy. Teach Them To Be Cautious About Clicking On Links And To Always Ask An Adult For Help If They Come Across Something That Makes Them Uncomfortable.
  3. Promote Digital Citizenship: Digital Citizenship Refers To The Responsible And Ethical Use Of Technology. Teach Preschoolers To Be Respectful And Considerate When Using Digital Devices And To Use Technology To Create Positive Change In The World.
  4. Use Hands-On Activities: Children Learn Best Through Hands-On Experiences, So It's Important To Provide Opportunities For Preschoolers To Use Technology In A Fun And Engaging Way. Consider Setting Up A Digital Play Area Where Children Can Experiment With Different Types Of Technology, Such As Tablets, Laptops, And Robots.
  5. Partner With Parents: It's Important To Involve Parents In Promoting Digital Literacy In Preschool. Encourage Them To Participate In Technology-Related Activities At Home, Such As Playing Educational Games Together, Or Helping Their Children Create Digital Stories.

What Is The Importance Of Digital Literacy For Preschoolers?

Digital Literacy Is An Essential Skill For Everyone In Today's Society, Including Preschoolers. Here Are Some Reasons Why It's Important For Preschoolers To Develop Digital Literacy Skills:

  1. Preparing For The Future: As Technology Continues To Play A Major Role In Our Lives, Having Strong Digital Literacy Skills Will Be Increasingly Important For Future Success.
  2. Developing Essential Skills: Digital Literacy Activities Help Preschoolers Develop Important Skills Such As Typing, Problem Solving, And Critical Thinking.
  3. Improving Educational Outcomes: Digital Literacy Skills Can Help Preschoolers Learn More Effectively And Retain Information Better.
  4. Fostering Creativity: Digital Literacy Activities Can Provide A Platform For Preschoolers To Express Themselves Creatively And Explore Their Imagination.
  5. Promoting Digital Safety: Digital Literacy Activities Can Help Preschoolers Learn About Online Safety And How To Protect Themselves From Potential Dangers When Using Technology.
  6. Developing Digital Citizenship: Digital Literacy Activities Can Help Preschoolers Understand The Importance Of Responsible And Respectful Behaviour Online, And How To Be Good Digital Citizens.

By Incorporating Digital Literacy Activities Into Their Daily Routine, Preschoolers Will Not Only Be Having Fun But Also Preparing Themselves For A Future In A Rapidly Evolving Digital World.

Here Are Some Innovative Examples Of Digital Literacy?

Here Are Nine Innovative Digital Literacy Activities For Preschoolers:

  1. Digital Storytelling-: Encourage Such Preschool Computer Activities: To Create Their Own Digital Stories Using Tools Like Storyboard Software Or Simple Presentation Software.
  2. Typing Games: Play Typing Games That Teach Young Children How To Type And Improve Their Keyboard Skills.
  3. Online Safety Games: Play Games That Teach Young Children About Online Safety And How To Stay Safe While Using Technology.
  4. Digital Scavenger Hunts: Create Digital Scavenger Hunts Where Preschoolers Search For Information Online Using Search Engines And Other Tools.
  5. Digital Art Projects: Use Digital Tools Such As Paint Software Or Drawing Apps To Allow Preschoolers To Create Digital Art.
  6. Coding For Kids: Introduce Technology Activities For Preschoolers Which Is The Basics Of Coding Through Fun And Interactive Games And Activities. 
  7. Digital Book Reading: Encourage Preschoolers To Read Digital Books And Learn About Technology In A Fun And Engaging Way.
  8. Virtual Field Trips: Take Virtual Field Trips To Explore Different Parts Of The World And Learn About Different Cultures And History Through Technology.
  9. Online Discussion Groups: Facilitate Online Discussion Groups Where Preschoolers Can Discuss Their Digital Experiences, Share Ideas, And Learn From One Another.

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Digital Literacy Is A Crucial Skill For All Individuals, Including India International School Fees Preschoolers. By Engaging In Innovative Digital Literacy Activities, Preschoolers Can Develop Essential Skills, Foster Creativity, Promote Digital Safety, And Become Responsible Digital Citizens. These Technology Activities For 2-3 Year Olds Provide A Fun And Meaningful Introduction To The Digital World And Set The Foundation For Future Success In A Rapidly Evolving Technological Landscape. 

Digital Literacy At The Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

Digital Literacy Is Gaining Importance In The Technology-Driven World. The Global Indian International School In Abu Dhabi Recognises This Need And Promotes Digital Literacy Among Students Of All Grades Starting From Pre School.  

The Most Effective Way To Promote Digital Literacy Is To Incorporate Digital Devices In The Classroom. Also, Students Must Be Allowed To Use Digital Tools To Get Acquainted With Technology And Develop Essential Digital Skills. Teachers Also Make Use Of Digital Devices To Teach Students. It Makes Learning More Interactive And Engaging, Ultimately Churning Out Better Learning Outcomes. 

Another Effective Method Of Promoting Digital Literacy Is By Conducting Digital Literacy Workshops And Competitions For Students. Giis Abu Dhabi Recognises This Need And Gives Students An Opportunity To Be A Part Of Such Events, Showcase Their Skills And Learn From Their Peers.

Frequently Asked Questions


        How Do We Apply Digital Literacy in The Classroom?

By Integrating Digital Literacy Into The Classroom, Teachers Can Create A Dynamic And Engaging Learning Environment That Prepares Students For Success In A Rapidly Evolving Digital World.

Digital Literacy Can Be Applied In The Classroom In A Variety Of Ways To Enhance Learning And Engagement. Here Are A Few Examples:

  1. Integrate Technology Into Daily Activities: Technology Can Be Integrated Into Daily Activities, Such As Using Interactive Educational Games To Reinforce Learning Or Using Digital Tools To Create And Share Art Projects.
  2. Use Technology To Enhance Learning: Technology Can Be Used To Enhance Learning, Such As Taking Virtual Field Trips To Explore Different Parts Of The World, Using Educational Videos And Games, Or Using Online Discussion Groups To Facilitate Peer-To-Peer Learning.
  3. Encourage Digital Storytelling: Digital Storytelling Activities Can Encourage Preschoolers To Develop Their Creativity And Storytelling Skills, And Help Them To Express Themselves In New And Innovative Ways.
  4. Teach Online Safety: It's Important To Teach Preschoolers About Online Safety, Including The Dangers Of Giving Out Personal Information And The Importance Of Protecting Their Privacy.
  5. Foster Digital Citizenship: Teach Preschoolers About Responsible And Respectful Behaviour Online, Including Being Kind To Others, Avoiding Cyberbullying, And Respecting Others' Rights And Privacy.
  6. Use Technology To Engage With Families: Share Technology-Based Activities And Projects With Families, And Encourage Families To Participate In Digital Literacy Activities At Home.

        What Are Digital Literacy Tools?

  1. Interactive Educational Apps: There Are A Variety Of Educational Apps Available For Preschoolers That Can Help Teach Basic Skills, Such As Counting And Letters, In A Fun And Engaging Way.
  2. Simple Presentation Software: Tools Like Google Slides Or Powerpoint Can Be Used To Help Preschoolers Create And Share Digital Stories And Presentations.
  3. Painting And Drawing Apps: Apps Like Tux Paint Or Kid Pix Can Be Used To Introduce Preschoolers To Digital Art And Encourage Creativity.
  4. Typing Games: Games Like Typetastic Or Nitro Type Are Some Of The  Digital Literacy Activities For 3-5 Year Olds To Learn To Type And Improve Keyboard Skills.
  5. Online Safety Games: Games Like Webwise Kids Or Digital Passport Can Teach Preschoolers About Online Safety And How To Stay Safe While Using Technology.
  6. Coding Games: Games Like Scratchjr Or Code.Org Can Introduce Preschoolers To The Basics Of Coding In A Fun And Interactive Way.
  7. Digital Book Reading Apps: Apps Like Epic! Or Kindle Kids Edition Can Be Used To Encourage Preschoolers To Read Digital Books And Learn About Technology In A Fun And Engaging Way.

    What Are Digital Tools In The Classroom?

Digital Tools In The Classroom For Preschoolers Are Technology-Based Resources And Devices That Are Used To Enhance Learning And Engagement. Here Are Some Examples:

  1. Tablets: Tablets, Such As Ipads Or Android Devices, Are Portable And Versatile Devices That Can Be Used For A Variety Of Educational Activities, Including Reading Digital Books, Playing Educational Games, And Creating Presentations.
  2. Interactive Whiteboards: Interactive Whiteboards, Such As Smartboards, Allow Teachers To Present Information And Engage Students In Interactive Activities And Lessons.
  3. Learning Management Systems: Learning Management Systems, Such As Google Classroom Or Schoology, Provide A Platform For Teachers To Communicate With Students, Share Resources And Assignments, And Monitor Progress.
  4. Digital Cameras: Digital Cameras Can Be Used To Capture Images And Videos, Which Can Then Be Used In Presentations, Videos, And Other Digital Content Creation Projects.
  5. Robotics Kits: Robotics Kits, Such As The Lego Mindstorms Or The Dash And Dot, Can Be Used To Introduce Preschoolers To Coding And Help Them Build Problem-Solving And Critical Thinking Skills.
  6. Audio And Video Recording Equipment: Audio And Video Recording Equipment, Such As Microphones And Webcams, Can Be Used To Create Podcasts, Videos, And Other Multimedia Projects.

    What Are Basic Digital Tools For Kindergarten?


  1. Learning Management Systems: 
  2. Interactive Educational Apps: 
  3. Painting And Drawing Apps
  4. Typing Games
  5. Online Safety Games
  6. Digital Book Reading Apps

Note:- These Digital Tools In The Classroom Provide Preschoolers With Engaging And Interactive Opportunities To Improve Their Digital Literacy Skills And Enhance Their Learning Experience. It's Important To Promote Digital Literacy In School And To Ensure That All Digital Tools And Resources Used In The Classroom Are Age-Appropriate And Aligned With Educational Goals.


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