Which is the Best Abu Dhabi International School for your child?

Which is the Best Abu Dhabi International School for your child?

Abu Dhabi is a city of wealth, development, and safety. While wealth ensures the smooth sailing of the city’s operations, the development creates better living standards inside the city for the people. For example, development in the employment sector has granted people jobs throughout the city, giving them a chance to lead a healthy, happy life. 

This development was also successful at knocking on the doors of the education department, bringing reforms and revolutionary ideas to the classrooms and corridors of schools. Abu Dhabi has an ample number of schools that follow their own norm-breaking frameworks of education. These schools challenge the pre-existing methods of teaching, hence paving a way for their students towards the future in their style. 

Being a land of opportunities, that the city of Abu Dhabi is, people and organizations from all over the world come to the city to achieve their dreams. The city has also attracted schools over the years and is now home to a number of international schools. These international schools have time and again shown us exemplary results in their academics.

Abu Dhabi International Schools are known for their comprehensive futuristic frameworks of education. Their use of unconventional teaching methods for optimum results has often left parents in awe. These schools often research their frameworks thoroughly before introducing them in the classrooms and hence are always up to date with the current atmospheres of their classes. These frameworks work towards securing the future of your loved ones by achieving holistic development for every student. 

How do International schools ensure Holistic Development?

As mentioned above, these schools follow well-researched comprehensive frameworks of education. These frameworks are meticulously crafted to best deal with the problems of the modern world. Inside the classrooms, these frameworks have been able to produce some of the best results that the city of Abu Dhabi has seen.

But the question that arises is what makes these frameworks so special? To answer that question we will first have to understand how conventional methods of teaching are not enough for your child in today’s world. 

Conventional schools and their teaching methods are known to base and focus their curriculum on learning through textbooks. Textbooks sure help students understand how the world works, however they fail to provide them all the skill-set, all the experience that major companies today demand of their employees. Unconventional frameworks not just teach students what is given in their textbooks but also give them practical knowledge and experience in particular fields, hence preparing them for a bright future. 

1. A focus on physical as well as social activities

The unconventional international schools realize the importance that physical and mental health plays in every student’s performance and proficiency. Hence these schools are often equipped with the best equipment and other resources necessary to promote physical play and social events. Large courts, well-maintained grounds, caring coaches, etc are some of the advantages that unconventional schools have over conventional schools. 

Good physical health helps them gain confidence in their endeavours. This in return is reflected in their classroom performance and other school work. Healthy people with healthy minds find it easy to avoid distractions and hence can work more efficiently. Social events organized by the schools often lead to the development of character in the child. They find it easier to express their emotions in front of others which in turn leads to the development of leadership qualities.

2. NextGen Campuses

International schools have widespread campuses. These campuses and the classrooms inside are designed to give optimum space for growth to the students. These schools also realize the importance that creativity plays in our lives. Unlike conventional schools that can limit creativity and imagination through their textbook teaching methods, these schools focus on giving the students a creative boost.

This target is achieved through the use of advanced technological equipment in classrooms. With the help of such modern devices, teachers are better able to educate the students, without having to rely just on their textbooks. As mentioned before, these campuses are also loaded with sports arenas and courtrooms that promote every student to come and play.

3. Caring, professional teachers

Any classroom is only as good as the teacher. With this belief in mind, international schools shape their frameworks to provide integral roles to the teachers. They realize that a teacher is not just someone responsible to educate students of what is given in the textbooks. Rather, to most students that visit these international schools, teachers are friends that help them in their work and guide them to a brighter tomorrow.

International schools in Abu Dhabi, pay utmost importance to ensure that only the best teachers teach inside their classrooms. Their teachers are often loving professionals that have worked in this field for years. The experience that these teachers bring to their classrooms often brings comfort and relief to the students who can depend on their teachers in times of doubt. 

4. Special programs for special results

Schools like Global Indian International School (GIIS) Abu Dhabi offer special programs to students and parents. These programs are often presented after thorough research to ensure maximum benefit to the parents. GIIS Abu Dhabi and its prestigious 9GEMS holistic framework work to provide maximum comfort to all that are a part of their family. 

International schools like GIIS often offer multiple curriculums to their students, giving them a chance to select their subjects. This proves to be very beneficial for a student since now the student can easily decide what he/she wants to study and can focus their entire time and strength in bringing their dreams to reality.


With a focus on holistic development rather than just development, these schools have again and again proved themselves to be some of the finest institutes in Abu Dhabi. They also provide a Montessori education system. As mentioned above, in a city like Abu Dhabi that provides monetary benefits, field advancements, and safety to its people, it is common to find schools that take uncommon roads to success. Parents should think about sending their loved ones to such schools to ensure optimum education.

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