All-Inclusive Teaching Methods at Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi, UAE

People from many countries have been working and settling in Abu Dhabi with families. Therefore, with rising in the expat population, the demand for good nurseries for children has increased. And obviously, the city that has awe-inspiring places and infrastructures like Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands also holds the best educational facilities with a curriculum that is culturally diverse. If you are a parent hunting for a good nursery school with amazing teaching methods for your little one, we have a list of methods that best of schools amalgamate to make education fun for the child.

Read on, for five teaching methods at nursery schools in Abu Dhabi that assure good physical and emotional development of your children: 

Bank Street Method:

This method of teaching involves lots of interaction with the students. The teachers trained with the Bank Street Method recognise that children learn best through engagement and inclusiveness with a group and with materials, and ideas. This method is popular and many teachers across the globe have adopted this method of teaching. It aims at student’s overall development through hands-on experience. There is a similarity between Playway and Bank Street method, they’re closely related, but the nature of activities involved in both are different which gives them different names. For example, the materials used for activities in the Bank Street method are building blocks, clay, puzzles, etc. Whereas, in the Playway method, everyday objects are used, from a pen to a bowl, or anything you see around. This method of teaching spurs creativity in a child.

Montessori Method:

The first woman physician, Maria Montessori, designed this method of teaching which involves much more than learning by reading. She developed a way to inculcate experiential knowledge in students through sensory learning, through touch, smell, sight, and taste. This is an advanced method of teaching so teachers have to go through special coaching and be certified to be teaching children. Their teachers train students to enhance their concentration and focus on the activity at hand by making learning more work-based and less play-based. 

Also, to make the children feel comfortable the classrooms are usually designed home alike. GISS, Global Indian International School follows the Montessori method of teaching, and we also offer indoor sports rooms, craft labs, math labs, and advanced science labs. Our standard is high in values and focuses on ingraining moral values and principles in every student since their first step in school. We have pre-primary classrooms, individual practise rooms for better concentration, with choir rooms and a swimming pool too! Your child will love the time studying in GIIS!

Waldorf Method:

This method of teaching evolved from Germany. The Waldorf method makes children learn and grow through imagination. This teaching method develops the thinking and imagination ability among students. They build the foundations to become great painters, musicians, and philosophers in their early childhood. The little ones spend time listening to stories, playing games, and building toys with the material that are available at the moment. This method implies that little kids are not to be started with reading and writing, but should be introduced to oral education and imagination. This is a broad curriculum that grooms a child in art and music, with strong academics, physical, social, and emotional education. 

Playway Method:

This is a common method of teaching found in many schools. It’s widely accepted and popular. The teachers trained with the Playway method, bring lots of activities to the table for the students. From role pays, free plays to virtual games, and much more! This method doesn’t burden a child with tasks that they are not capable of performing, but it makes them capable of dealing with problems and stress at an early stage. 

There are various methods of teaching in Abu Dhabi Schools, choosing the best for your child is not difficult—but not easy either. We recommend you observe your child’s actions. Do they scribble more often and clearly? Do they enjoy running? Are they picking up talking faster? Then make your decision about the best teaching method. And if still, you’re confused, you can go with the Montessori Method as it focuses on the overall development of a child.

Remember! The world needs the next Elvis Presley and Nicolas Tesla, and your child could be the one!

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