Principal’s Message

Dr. Heena Rachh
Principal, GIIS Abu Dhabi

At GIIS Abu Dhabi, we follow a delightful learning environment where each child is valued and respected. We believe that every child has unique talents, skills and interests which should be nurtured and developed. The curriculum is planned so as to provide children with opportunities for active learning through exploration, experimentation, problem solving and creative expression.

In our classroom we strive for a balance of structure and freedom so that each child has the opportunity to explore their own interests while still being guided by their teachers. We have a curriculum which focuses on all aspects of development, including academic, physical and social skills. The school is headed by an experienced team of teachers who are committed to providing quality education to every student.

We value the partnership that we develop with families by encouraging them to take an active role in their child’s education through Parent Connect Programs. 

We inspire young minds to become the leaders of the future through various carefully curated lesson plans and future focused activities. Here, every child is valued for who they are and what they want to be.

This is GIIS Abu Dhabi, where learning is fun, creative and multidisciplinary.